Smoke Witch Sign to Desert Highways

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Aussie newcomers Smoke Witch released their self-titled debut EP on Jan. 1 digitally and on DIY, 100-copies-only CD and followed that with a vinyl issue on March 10. The instrumentalist heavy rock duo have been together not more than a year, but that seems to have been plenty of time for them to draw eyes and ears in their direction, and with the first release under their belt — you can see the video for opening track “Grave Diggers” below and the whole thing is streaming on their Bandcamp; I’d have posted it here but for its cartoon-titty artwork — gigs played and their very own Smoke Witch Ale, they would seem to be set to embark on the next stage, which brings us around to the news that they’ve hooked up with Desert Highways for the release and promotion of their next outing.

Hard to argue with a band who works quickly. The PR wire brings details and whatnot. I think my favorite part is “broke through with their first Instagram post.” Makes me feel old.


smoke witch


We’re very proud to announce that Geelong’s Smoke Witch have joined forces with Desert Highways!

In the winter of 2016, Smoke Witch broke through with their first Instagram post and came into being; a twin-cylinder sonic jam from Geelong.

With the band not even together for one year, they’ve already released their debut, recorded another five tracks ready to go, and are making plans to head back into the studio on their first anniversary. They’ve also created their own Smoke Witch Ale through Casati Beer Co (Melbourne) and locked in some massive gigs including Brewtality Festival (August), and signing to Desert Highways!

Members Sammy Wright (strings) and Karl Stehn (skins) have played in various bands over the years and shared stages with the likes of Spiderbait, Cosmic Psychos, Airbourne, Hard-Ons, Peeping Tom, Fauves, Testeagles and more.

Smoke Witch, “Grave Diggers” official video

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