The Heavy Crown Sign to Cursed Tongue Records for Reign On Vinyl Release

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the heavy crown (Photo by Jana Germanus)

I had a feeling it would be Cursed Tongue. I used context clues! But basically it’s not a stretch to think of The Heavy Crown putting out their second album, the impending Reign On, through the label that has shown such a penchant for taste in its choice of releases. I’m curious to hear how some of the sci-fi aspects noted below come together, as when the artwork was first posted there was little actually said about the sound of the record itself. Their debut, 2015’s Full of Haze, was and remains an organ-laced classic heavy rocker through and through. Given all they’ve been through since with the 2016 passing of drummer Jelle “Lil Bonham” Tommeleyn, it’s not a wonder their style would have shifted some, but the question of how much is an intriguing one going into the album’s release.

We won’t have to wait long to find out. As Cursed Tongue begins its preorders in a couple weeks for the vinyl due early in 2019 — I see “March” listed below, so fair enough — the band will also release the album digitally on Nov. 3, so the audio will be out. And because I have no concept of the passage of time, I’ll note that Nov. 3 is this coming Saturday.

The PR wire tells the full story:

the heavy crown cursed tongue poster


Rarely have we as a label been this psyched for an imminent Cursed Tongue Records release and even more so honored to be given the chance to work with Belgium’s own The Heeavy Crown on releasing their absolutely stunning sophomore album. Following the wake of turmoil caused by the untimely and sad passing of their previous drummer Jelle Tømmeleyn, The Heavy Crown have managed to turn something utterly devastating into a figure of immmense beauty. ‘Reign On’ is a soothing, sonic sculpture that despite projecting sheer heartache commands full attention and leaves you replenished and rejuvenated.

‘Reign On’ will be out digitally on November 3rd, 2018 in honor of the passing of ‘Lil Bonham. With the vinyl release via Cursed Tongue Records slated around March 2019. Pre-orders will be follow shortly after the digital release, more info on that in due time.


I : “FULL OF HAZE” (2014-2016)

Heavy and groovy powertrio from Bruges, with subtle psychedelic and soulful influences. And a less subtle wink to stellar bands from the late sixties and seventies era, although with a contemporary and original sound.

Instantly making sense upon the first spin, “Full of Haze” will please many young listeners in search of that epicness of before-mentioned decades, and will strike an equal amount of people with pure nostalgic joy…

Already highly praised for its originality and well-executed songwriting by many of the underground scene, but THE HEAVY CROWN was not planning on slowing down after their first record yet.

II : “LIL’ BONHAM” (2016-2018)

Nonetheless, the band took an indefinite hiatus and was forced into inactivity following the very sudden and untimely death of drummer Jelle Tommeleyn in the winter of 2016. Future plans -both musical and personal- had made way for a prolonged time of intense grief and disorientation…

When the phase of involuntary acceptance came along many months later, remaining members Tristan and Jasper decided to carry on with the THE HEAVY CROWN in honour of their deceased friend, and to preserve the love, contribution and effort he had put into the band.

III: “REIGN ON” (2018-…)

Inspired by the tragedy that took place two years earlier, THE HEAVY CROWN wrote a sophomore record entitled “Reign On”, and released it on the day the departed drummer would’ve celebrated his 27th birthday (and coincidentally, the day their new drummer Stan turned 22). The concept album tells a cosmic tale with “Lil’ Bonham” acting as the main protagonist, portraying a metaphorical astronaut trying to find a way to communicate with his loved ones from outer space, which is resembled by afterlife and death.

Escapism and the power of imagination, loss and grief, being lost in space, wandering the afterlife realms, renewal and hope, healing through love, acceptance of the impermanent,… These main themes drove the band to take a new creative path, adapting a more progressive, psychedelic, spaced-out melancholic sound influenced by sci-fi and analog synth culture. Although staying true to the roots of the catchiness in songwriting and the vintage flavour the band was originated in, these new elements almost seem synonymous with rebirth and revival…

‘Reign On’ will be out on high quality, heavy weight vinyl via Cursed Tongue Records around March 2019.

Pre-orders will be available via Cursed Tongue Records bigcartel store:

CTR-017 The Heavy Crown – ‘Reign On’, vinyl official release date: exact date TBA, Spring 2019

All music and lyrics written by THE HEAVY CROWN
Recorded by Ace Zec & Tristan Vandenbouhede
Mixed by Jasper Govaerts
Mastered by Alan Douches
Artwork by Charles Degeyter
Photography by Jana Germanus

Track listing:

Side A
1. Becoming…
2. The Escapist
3. Reign On
4. Greenish Brown
5. Venus Gold

Side B
6. Won’t You Stay
7. Three Swans
8. Wicked Lady
9. Lovers Remorse
10.Goodnight, Moon

The Heavy Crown is:
Tristan Vandenbouhede • Bass, Keys & Vocals
Jasper Govaerts • Guitars
Stan Van Acker • Drums

The Heavy Crown, Full of Haze (2015)

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The Heavy Crown Post Cover & Tracklisting for Reign On; Album out Nov. 3

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the heavy crown (Photo by Jana Germanus)

Organ-ic Belgian rockers The Heavy Crown will release their second album in just a few short weeks. Titled Reign On, the 10-song offering will be out digitally first on Nov. 3 with vinyl to follow, presumably next year through a yet-to-be-announced label. I’ve got a guess which one it’ll be, and you might too, but I’d rather wait and see if I’m right than engage in baseless or mostly-baseless speculation in that regard. Hedging my bets, maybe.

I guess the digital release is basically going to be as soon as it’s mastered, since they’re finishing up the mix currently and then will send it off to Alan Douches (rhymes with “couches”) to be finalized. Their debut release was 2015’s Full of Haze, which you can stream at the bottom of this post. Easy to hear why some (yet unnamed) label would want to pick them up.

Karate chop:

the heavy crown reign on

Mixing is almost done, so in the meanwhile feast your eyes on the amazing artwork our buddy Charles made for our second record, entitled “Reign On”.

“Reign On” will tell a semi-autobiographical tale about escapism and the power of imagination, loss and grief, being lost in space, wandering the afterlife realms, renewal and hope, healing through love, and acceptance of the impermanent among the many other difficulties of life as we know it. We guess you could call it a concept album…

Mastering will be done by Alan Douches (also mastered “Full of Haze” in 2015), known for working on world-renowned records by Motörhead, High on Fire, Baroness, Converge,… so we are beyond excited to release this one into the universe.

Reign On tracklisting:
1. Becoming…
2. The Escapist
3. Reign On
4. Greenish Brown
5. Venus Gold
6. Won’t You Stay
7. Three Swans
8. Wicked Lady
9. Lover’s Remorse
10. Goodnight, Moon

“Reign On” will be available on Spotify and other digital platforms November 3, vinyl pre-order (both regular and limited edition) launching shortly thereafter.

The Heavy Crown, Full of Haze (2015)

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