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Much I’m sure to my own loss, I haven’t actually watched the third season that began earlier this year of Twin Peaks, the rebooted-25-years-later series helmed by director/creator/noted-bringer-of-weirdness David Lynch. I probably should’ve been all about it. I’m old enough to remember when the show was on TV a quarter-century ago and how creeped-out it was, with Bob, and Laura Palmer, and all that, but I guess I just haven’t gotten on board yet with the new incarnation. I may get there eventually.

I bring it up because Azurea‘s new video for the track “Huntress” points specifically to Twin Peaks and purports to pay tribute to it, presumably in the dark and mind-creeper spirit of the thing. There’s the checkered floor and red drapes as one might expect, and if you’ve ever seen Twin Peaks at all, you probably can get a sense where vocalist/keyboardist Stella and keyboardist/vocalist/noisemaker Elias Schutzman — also drummer of The Flying Eyes and Black Lung — are coming from. Or if not, it’s dark and it’s atmospheric, so there you go.

The vibe of “Huntress” itself certainly bears that out as well, with Stella establishing an operatic presence early in the spirit of Diamanda Galás or some of Jarboe‘s statelier work. There’s an underlying tension of rhythm that comes through in the beat and pays off later, but not before the song nestles into a slow-jam electronica feel complemented by organ sounds, later sampling, and Schutzman joining in on vocals. Azurea have a few other songs posted on their Soundcloud (linked at the bottom of the post), including a cover of Velvet Underground‘s “Venus in Furs,” should you be up for further exploration.

Before you dig into the clip below, a heads up: Watch out for flashing lights. Especially in the second half. If you’re sensitive to that kind of thing or prone to seizures, you might want to avert your eyes when the track picks up. It gets pretty manic there for a bit.

Given that caveat, I hope you enjoy:

Azurea, “Huntress” official video

Our debut song and music video for “Huntress”, a tribute to the legendary Twin Peaks. Directed by us, filmed by Human Being Productions…

Stella Schutzman- Vocals
Elias Schutzman- Keyboards, Vocals, Programming

Azurea on Thee Facebooks

Azurea on Soundcloud

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