The Obelisk Presents: Crypt of the Riff Festival Vol. 3

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Between that and the kind of hunger on display from someone who might decide to put together three fest’s in a year’s time, I’m definitely stoked to be involved with  Crypt of the Riff Vol. 3 in the small way that I am. If you get to go, shoot video and send it my way.

Here’s the announcement from the fest itself:

crypt of the riff poster

Crypt of the Riff Vol. 3 – April 18 – Voodoo Belfast

Delighted to announce that Dead Witches (ENG) will headline the third edition of Crypt of the Riff.

‘Haunting vocals, heavy riffs, fuzzed bass, savage drumming, Dead Witches will take you to another world… a world of darkness. The brainchild of drummer Mark Greening (founding member of ELECTRIC WIZARD, RAMESSES and WITH THE DEAD) with bassist Carl Geary, guitarist Oliver Irongiant and vocalist Soozi Chameleone.’

Support from:
Elder Druid
So Much For The Sun
Bad Boat

Event page:

Thursday 18th April
Voodoo Belfast
7pm | £8 online/£10 on the door

Ticket link:

Massive thanks to Goatess Doomwych for the incredible poster design!

Dead Witches, “Fear the Priest”

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    Any bill with Owlcrusher, Badboat and Tome on it is gonna rule!

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