Fu Manchu, Clone of the Universe: Don’t Panic

fu manchu clone of the universe

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Cool as hell, right? Of course, but it’s the earlier songs — opener “Intelligent Worship,” “(I’ve Been) Hexed,” “Don’t Panic,” “Slower than Light,” “Nowhere Left to Hide” and “Clone of the Universe” itself — that really tell the story of the record. Side A. And side A finds the San Clemente foursome of guitarist/vocalist Custom Essay is a premium Thesis Master Of Business Administration service with over 20 years of experience providing quality essays by expert writers to satisfied clients. Scott Hill, bassist http://www.healthlink.cz/?writing-a-essay-for-colleges: Over 180,000 Helping Others Essays, Helping Others Term Papers, Helping Others Research Paper, Book Reports. 184 990 ESSAYS, term Brad Davis, guitarist Got stuck with a question: Who can help online research paper? Our premium dissertation writing service can write a dissertation for you. All custom Bob Balch and drummer http://www.encadreurbeaujolais.fr/business-plan-writer-chicago/.Buy good essays.Content Writing Services Usa.Please write my essay for me Scott Reeder in tight and top form as regards songwriting. Following suit from their last long-player,¬†2014‚Äôs¬† Custom Writing Service will help you get an "A" easily. Professional academic Buy Reasearch Paper Online specializing in more than 40 industries. Gigantoid¬†(review here), the band continue to strip out some of the thickness from their fuzz as compares to records like 2009’s¬† Signs of Infinite Power or 2007’s¬†We Must Obey¬†(discussed here), and it’s telling that even in working with¬†Jim Monroe at The Racket Room in Santa Ana, CA, they also returned to¬†Moab guitarist/vocalist¬†Andrew Giacumakis¬†— who helmed¬†Gigantoid — at SUSSTUDIO in Simi Valley for additional recording.

That moves gives a sense of continuity of approach between the two albums, despite the four years separating their release, and context to the rawness of tone coming from¬†Hill and¬†Balch‘s guitars throughout¬†Clone of the Universe, which very much plays out in two-sided fashion. The already-noted “Il Mostro Atomico” consumes all of side B in four distinct movements, and fair enough for that, but the earlier cuts running from about two to four minutes apiece make up a varied side A drawn together by the universal tightness in the band. They’re not through “Intelligent Worship” before¬†Reeder‘s on his cowbell, and neither should they be. One could easily argue¬†Fu Manchu know who they are as a band — after 12 records, they ought to, frankly — and are content to play to that in their general approach.

Fu manchu John Gilhooley

Which is to say,¬†Fu Manchu sound like¬†Fu Manchu.¬†Hill‘s core vocal style won’t really change at this point, groove always remains central, and they blend Southern Cali laid-back-itude with heavy rock shred like the best in the business in part because they helped invent that “business” in the first place. And¬†Clone of the Universe¬†doesn’t fix what wasn’t broken coming off¬†Gigantoid. Hooks abound in “Intelligent Worship,” “(I’ve Been) Hexed,” “Slower than Light” and the title-track itself very much in a milieu that¬†Fu Manchu fans will recognize as the band’s own. But on the other hand, there’s the raw drive of “Don’t Panic” — a 2:08 punker thrust with zero broach for nonsense that’s there and gone and still catchy that would be welcome to start any set I happen to be standing in front of — which, when paired with the easy-grooving start of “Slower than Light,” showcases the dynamic of tempo shifts that the band is working with across the still-quick span of the record as a whole, which even with 18 dedicated to “Il Mostro Atomico,” tops out at 38 minutes with seven songs.

Davis‘ bass signals a faster turn into the finishing movement of “Slower than Light” and with a semi-lurching rhythm, “Nowhere Left to Hide” delivers another memorable chorus in the ongoing series of them while also serving as the longest of the non-“Il Mostro Atomico” cuts at 4:27. Its vibe is foreboding but never really goes so far as to be a threat, despite the title, though the churning riff does bring to mind some unseen malevolent force. A later highlight guitar solo gives way back to the central riff that closes out and echo leads the way into the start-stop immediacy of the verse to “Clone of the Universe.”

No question why it’s the title-track; “Clone of the Universe” is quintessential, and it all the more represents the side of the album on which it appears for its ain’t-got-time-to-bleed lack of flourish and the push that emerges after the midpoint, only to slam into a wall of silence and then cut back to a slower version of the central riff to finish. From there, it’s off to “IlMostro Atomico,” which likewise wastes no time getting airborne and staying that way for the duration. There’s nod, there’s jangle, there’s tension building, and finally there’s angular space-o-prog that carries the band out, with a quick return to the first riff before a final fade.

Again, the¬†Lifeson guest appearance is notable, and no doubt it was a thrill for¬†Fu Manchu to bring him into the studio and get him on the record — mom always said there were two types of people in the world:¬†Rush fans and the rest — but the focal point as one approaches¬†Clone of the Universe¬†shouldn’t be that singular moment or any other, rather what the record as a whole does with¬†Fu Manchu‘s trademark sound and style, one part drawing it tighter than it’s ever been drawn before and the other pushing more broadly than it’s ever gone. Whichever side of the album happens to be on at any given point,¬†Fu Manchu remain recognizable as who they are, and if anything, their will to add so much to that identity some 33 years after they got their start speaks to how special a band they really are. You can clone the whole universe, there’s still only going to be one¬†Fu Manchu, and they’re in top form here.

Fu Manchu, Clone of the Universe (2018)

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  1. Seanofthedead says:

    Glad to see the band that got me into this ‚Äúscene‚ÄĚ is still going strong! First time I heard them was in the mid 90‚Äôs while doing my college radio show…..I‚Äôll be picking this record up this weekend for sure.

  2. Cloud Man says:

    Was pleased to see this was out and have it cranking away currently.. Not sure how I found out about Fu.. I think it might have been through a BMX game or something almost 20 years ago. Never seen them live before, I don’t think they come to the UK often and it appears this upcoming tour they are only stopping in London which is a bit of a shit show to get to and isn’t worth all the travelling.

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