audiObelisk Transmission 063

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We also offer dissertation editing services and online Phd Thesis Biotechnology. Being an online and best dissertation writing help service, I don’t do podcasts that often at this point. I figure between the radio stream — which runs 24/7 — and the sundry track streams and other media, video premieres, and so on, there’s not much need. But every now and then I feel completely overwhelmed by the onslaught of music and the chance to put together a compilation of tracks is just too good to pass up. Most of the time, nobody complains. It being the internet, I generally take that as a good sign. If it sucked or was a crappy idea, for sure someone would be telling me to screw off.

We offer top quality Dissertation Outline Examples to college, university students. Enter the college of your dream with our application essay writers So is there a running theme for this latest podcast transmission? Nope, not really. If you’re looking for something to tie it all together, it’s just stuff that I’ve been listening to lately. Some of it has already been covered — Low Orbit, T.G. Olson, 3rd Ear Experience — and some of it has coverage pending — Bong Wish, The Discussion, Arcadian Child, Zong, etc. — but basically this is all what that might be coming out of my speakers over the last however long. Couldn’t be any simpler than that, but for what it’s worth, I think it came together really well, whether it’s Telescope moving into Bong Wish or the transition into the second hour, which is ultra-tripped out, as usual.

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Check out Ginger's Aa Seat Assignmenting service, proofread your documents with just a click. 0:00:00 Son of the Morning, “Left Hand Path” from Son of the Morning EP
0:05:08 All Souls, “Silence” from All Souls
0:09:15 Telescope, “With Your Truth” from Telescope EP
0:13:06 Bong Wish, “My Luv” from Bong Wish EP
0:15:29 Torso, “Mirror of My Mind” from Limbs
0:20:17 The Discussion, “Surf Jesus” from European Tour EP 2017
0:24:14 Arcadian Child, “Electric Red” from Afterglow
0:27:01 Comacozer, “Nystagmus” from Kalos Eidos Scopio
0:39:23 Deadly Vipers, “Dead Summer” from Fueltronaut
0:45:20 Low Orbit, “Dead Moon” from Spacecake
0:51:31 T.G. Olson, “On a High Like a Mountain” from Searching for the Ur-Plant
0:55:28 Jesus the Snake, “Karma” from Jesus the Snake

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1:16:18 Les Lekin, “Morph” from Died with Fear
1:29:50 3rd Ear Experience, “Infinite Unmanifest (Warm-up Jam Day One)” from Stoned Gold
1:46:34 Sleeping Pandora, “Sunrizer” from Quiet Pass

Total running time: 2:02:04


Thank you for listening.

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2 Responses to “audiObelisk Transmission 063”

  1. Blake T says:

    Well I appreciate the podcasts. When you put together one it usually consists of wholly of exceptional tracks that should be heard and sometimes I stumble across something great I haven’t heard, and for that I thank you. And, if I may sort of advertise for a moment, there is a great radio show that can be streamed from CKCU Ottawa, Carleton University. It’s called Friday Morning Cartunes and it runs from 930-100. It’s curated by John Westhaver from The Band Whose Name Is a Symbol. The man has a thorough knowledge of the history of music and every week I am introduced to something I absolutely love and hadn’t heard before….check it out.

    • Adam says:

      I agree with the first part of Blake T’s post. Thank you. I know a dl podcast is a little old fashioned, but for those of us with slow/intermittent internet, a dl podcast is the only way to have a clean listening experience. It may take 2-6 hours to download, but once I’ve got it I just hit play and don’t worry about internet issues.

      As it plays and I go about my housely activities, I find myself running to the computer to see what “that cool new sound” is. For that reason, your podcasts aren’t a very efficient way to do housework, but an excellent way to hear a “mixtape” of new stuff out there I’d never find on my own. Anyways, I for one enjoy your downloadable podcasts and have dozens (hundreds?) of albums because of it. Thanks.

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