GIVEAWAY: Win Tickets to See Radio Moscow, The Freeks & More in Long Beach, CA

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Radio Moscow, The Freeks, Albatross Overdrive, The Grand Old Evils

The Federal
102 Pine Ave
Long Beach, California 90802

Radio Moscow:

The power trio led by the Stratocaster genius Parker Griggs have found THE formula: Crunching, heavy Sabbath-style chords topped with fiery solos that earn the right to be called Hendrixian. RN plants their flag firmly in the territory where psychedelic rock and cranked-up blues meet. The sound is unabashedly retro (think Cream, Blue Cheer, Led Zep or Jimi Hendrix Experience)’ so it’s easy to see how it caught the ear of the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, who produced Radio Moscow’s 2007 self-titled debut.

With Brain Cycles, their second album, Radio Moscow proved they’re not a cheap time machine but a direct descendant from the golden age of rock ‘n’ roll. In 2011, Griggs continued his psychedelic trip with The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz released by Alive Records. In June 2014, and still with Alive Records, the band released their most recent album Magical Dirt.

The Freeks:

Led by Ruben Romano (founding member of FuManchu and Nebula) and supported by Bob Lee on drums (Claw Hammer, Backbiter, Mike Watt), Tom Davies on bass (Nebula), Esteban Chavez on keys, and Jonathan Hall on guitar (Angry Samoans, Backbiter), the Freeks deliver raw, unrefined, screaming fuzzed psychedelic rock’n’roll music that is dream bent with tension and laced with Full On passion.

Albatross Overdrive:

Albatross Overdrive is a heavy rock band incorporating influences from Sabbath to James Brown. A definite bluesy undertone is present in the earthquake like songs with just a hint of funk. The diversity of melodies will keep the audience focused while the live show will demand respect.

Grand Old Evils:

The Grand Old Evils is Southern California’s newest oldest band, born to drink beer and melt your face with ear blasting dirty rock and massive sound!

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8 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: Win Tickets to See Radio Moscow, The Freeks & More in Long Beach, CA”

  1. Mattthew Hutchison says:

    Freeks rule!

  2. Max says:

    I hate driving in to LA, but this seems like a good reason to go and get some late night ramen. Sign me up!

  3. Hal Roman says:

    I’m goin! Hope I win the Givaway.

  4. Brandon T Iorlano says:

    Love me some Ruben Romano. Wish i could see him on drums again

  5. Scott Crawford says:

    Can’t wait for this all-star blistering night of smoking ROCK!

  6. Mark Duran says:

    Albatross Overdrive is the band to see that night!

  7. Ricardo Carles says:

    This is going to be a Brutal nite!
    What a great line up!

  8. Matt Nielson says:

    Is it to late to enter, Would love to see this show tonight. Freeks rule!

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