Scott Reagers to Rejoin Saint Vitus on Summer 2015 European Tour

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Some pretty surprising word from Season of Mist concerning an upcoming summer European tour for Saint Vitus brings the news that the hugely influential doom outfit will be joined by original vocalist Scott Reagers on the run, including their stop at Hellfest in France this June. I haven’t seen other dates for the tour, will post when I do, but the news of Reagers joining his fellow original members Dave Chandler (guitar) and Mark Adams (bass), as well as drummer Henry Vasquez, is striking in itself. His last recording with the band was 1995’s Die Healing, and even that was a reunion, Reagers having left the band after the release of their 1985 sophomore outing, Hallow’s Victim.

Of course, Reagers‘ taking part in the tour — and it is, at least as of now, just listed as being for this one tour — comes after the arrest of current Vitus frontman Scott “Wino” Weinrich in Norway near the end of their fall 2014 35th anniversary tour, co-headlining with Orange Goblin. What Weinrich‘s legal status might be in Europe and whether or not he’s banned from performing there, I don’t know, but it would explain why Reagers is being brought in for the tour after about 20 years absent from the band.

More as I hear it, but for now, here’s the announcement from Season of Mist with some comment from Vitus themselves:

saint vitus with reagers

Saint Vitus have announced that vocalist Scott Reagers will be joining them on their 2015 summer dates in Europe. The band comments: “We will play a special set for the fans; one comprised mostly of Reagers’ pre and post era as SAINT VITUS’ singer. We hope that the Vitus family, fans and friends, are eager to revisit the Reagers sound for this brief tour and we especially thank you for your continued support!” The doom legend has already been confirmed for Hellfest Open Air Festival and more dates will follow in due time.

Saint Vitus, Saint Vitus (1984)

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3 Responses to “Scott Reagers to Rejoin Saint Vitus on Summer 2015 European Tour”

  1. Edgehead1910 says:


    I haven’t seen a statement regarding the singer for these two shows, but Saint Vitus have been announced to play Rockavaria Festival in Munich on the 29th of May and Der Ring – Gruene Hoelle Rock at the Nuerburgring on the 30th for some months. I would be surprised to see them play with Wino and then change during the summer tour.

  2. StevhanTI says:

    Norway isn’t part of the EU, I think this makes it unlikely that a drug offender would be banned from working in EU countries based on an arrest in Norway. Drug offenders usually don’t get banned from much over here as far as I know. I suspect it will be related to Wino’s other projects and also maybe the fact that he more or less blamed touring with Vitus as the trigger for him ‘developing a dependance’ as he put it in his statement.

  3. Sigfrith Lionhart says:

    Norway isn’t part of the EU but it’s part of the Schengen area and every ban Norway would pass on a US citzen would be valid for the entire Schengen area which does include most of the EU.

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