Mr. Peter Hayden, Mansion, Renate/Cordate and More Playing Kiarama Fest Next Month in Finland

It might seem a little strange sometimes that I post the info for fests taking place halfway around the world. Truth is, it’s my version of escapism. I don’t know all the bands playing the inaugural Kiarama next month in Finland — names like SinkMansion, Acid Elephant, Abbot, Mr. Peter Hayden, Sons of Kings, Renate/Cordate, etc. are familiar enough, but there are plenty of others that would be new to me — but I think that’s awesome. I’d love to be able to get to Pori, which is a place I’ll probably never be fortunate enough to see, and go to a show like this in a foreign land among strangers. I like that kind of thing. I think it would be fun.

I won’t make it to Kiarama, but I appreciate the spirit the fest seems to be working under, and if nothing else, it’s a good list of bands to check out. The fest sent the following info down the PR wire:

KIARAMA – a DIY celebration of all things slow and low

A new DIY festival for all things low and slow in Finland In mid-September, on Friday the 13th, the two-day long Kiarama festival will open the doors of Annankatu 6 and release the doom over Pori. It’s lineup covers almost 30 names, e.g. internationally reknown Mr. Peter Hayden and Mansion, which has been scheduled to play at Roadburn 2014. Twoday tickets for these heavy bacchanalia cost 22 euros now and 25 euros from the door – that is only 95 cent per orchestra!

Offering low frequencies almost more than one can handle, Kiarama has been founded to fill in a huge, dark gap in Finland’s festival offering, that is one for a festival organized by the DIY principles and celebrating all low and slow music, the likes of stoner rock and doom, and other related forms of culture. Those who have visited Roadburn in the Netherlands or Heavy Days in Doom Town in Denmark will know the concept, and now inspired by these torchbearers a bunch of artsist from the scene are finally brought under one roof to form a mischievous psychedelic bacchanalia. In addition to mindblowing bands these orgies sport so burlesque as well as reptilians – so you don’t want to miss this!

The festival will gather up together not only a bunch of heavy domestic names, but also a few international surprises: in addition to the Roadburnvisitor Mr. Peter Hayden Friday’s line-up includes e.g. brilliant acts of Finnish post-rock, like Baulta and All Will Be Quiet, as well as the Icelandic power ambient greatness Stafrænn Hákon; Hisko Detria, the new star of Finnish kraut; Sons of Kings, the Messiah of Poseidon-hugging ambient doom; Domovoyd, who even played at Ilosaarirock festival earlier this year alongside with the likes of Witchcraft and Hexvessel; and an Estonian progressive act TNVVNüM.

On Saturday Annis will be blown away not only by Mansion, but also by Sink’s holy drone, the psychedelic acts Octopie and Astral Bazaar from Helsinki; Laserdrift, a desert rock orchestra from Tampere playing music much in the vein of the legendary Fu Manchu; Acid Elephant, the erotic desert drone orchestra from Pori as well as the Swedish guests Ponamero Sundown, who’ve entertained the audience in Desertfest London, among others.


Acid Elephant
Astral Bazaar
Blind Architect
Hisko Detria
Macchia Nera
Mansion (I Am The Mansion)
Mr. Peter Hayden
MS Hornblower
Revival Hymns
Sons of Kings
Stafrænn Hákon (ISL)
Veil of Isis

+ Lucky Star Reptiles – oriental dance show and a DJ!

Two-day Tickets 22€ – order by e-mailing – and do it now, for the price at the door is 25€!

Timetables TBA 9.9.2013 – bare with us ’til that!

Tickets to Kiarama 2013 – a DIY celebration of all things low and slow – festival can be bought by e-mailing or calling +358 50 376 4593. Look up additional information and news from the Kiarama facebook event. Keep it low and slow!

Acid Elephant, Defenestration of a Dying Mammoth (2012)

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