Kyuss Lives! Changes Name to Vista Chino; New Material in the Works

This was bound to happen, I suppose. Given all the legal drama surrounding the Kyuss Lives! 3/4 Kyuss reunion of John Garcia, Brant Bjork, Nick Oliveri (who announced that he’d returned to the band yesterday) and guitarist Bruno Fevery, a name change seems like the easiest way to solve the problem. The people who are going to see them know who they are regardless, so yeah, Vista Chino it is. Fucking a.

Now they can move forward and put out a new record. They may not have the Kyuss moniker, but it seems pretty safe to assume whatever these dudes put their minds and hearts into is going to wind up with that desert spirit. Here’s the news:

Former KYUSS Members John Garcia, Brant Bjork and Nick Oliveri Announce New Band: VISTA CHINO

Legendary Rock Musicians Announce Final Live Performances as “KYUSS LIVES!”; Detail Major Plans with Exciting New Project

Brant Bjork, John Garcia and Nick Oliveri — formerly of KYUSS — are pleased to introduce their new project: VISTA CHINO. The group, comprised of the three founding members of the legendary rock band and guitarist Bruno Fevery, are currently recording new material in anticipation of a 2013 worldwide release that will coincide with major touring plans.

The final live appearances of “KYUSS LIVES!” will take place in early 2013 as part of Australia’s Soundwave Festival. The guys are looking forward to playing their classic songs along with new material.

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  1. Andy Samford says:

    i like how in the picture Nick is the only one willing to look us in the eye. LOL

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