Visual Evidence: Dave Grohl Has Rejoined Queens of the Stone Age

The mixing board don’t lie (unless, of course, it does): Dave Grohl is back alongside Josh Homme in Queens of the Stone Age. Only took a decade. New album in 2013. Now just tell me who’s playing bass.

I shared this on Thee Facebooks as well, but figured I should probably actually mark the occasion:

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4 Responses to “Visual Evidence: Dave Grohl Has Rejoined Queens of the Stone Age”

  1. TVs Ross says:

    My excitement is equally matched by my sadness. I feel like Joey really grew into being the best drummer for Queens. Either way, Queens have got one hell of a drummer with them. I imagine they’ll stick with Mikey Shoes for this album? I don’t see any reason they’d change any other members, unless I’ve missed something. I feel like the last touring lineup Queens had was one of the strongest they’ve ever had, so I’d like to see them continue to make music together.

  2. chuck says:

    unless they got Dave Lombardo instead

  3. Eggat says:

    Awesome news! And Mikey Shoes will most likely be on bass (since he was on pics from the studio and so on).

  4. Zack says:

    You know for me QOTSA without Nick O is just way too tame and predictable. Dave Grohl is amazing. No doubt. As is Homme. But without the chaos and the bite that Nick brought to the band it’s just feels lacking. Don’t know what happened with those guys. Don’t care. Musically that’s where I net out. Get Nick back and Mark Lanegan while you are at it.

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