Song Premiere: India’s Bevar Sea Unveil “Mono Gnome” from Self-Titled Debut

Hailing from Bangalore, India, the double-guitar five-piece sludge outfit Bevar Sea will shortly issue their self-titled debut. TheĀ Iron First Records full-length CD follows a couple 2011 live demos and showcases universal elements of stoner riffing and plodding grooves, culminating in the 13:53 album closer, “Mono Gnome,” which invites us all to the mountaintop to bask in chugging guitar progressions, naked ladies, and of course, the gnome himself, who may or may not be armed.

I’m sure there are a couple here and there — in a country with 1.21 billion people, there’d almost have to be — but Bevar Sea are the first Indian band I know of to really nail down a stoner/doom aesthetic. “Mono Gnome” is formative, and it’s clear they’re still getting their bearings in terms of sound, but the shuffle they work in before the midsection break, the heady, swaying riffs that come after and the willingness to ride out the already-considerable grooves they emit speak well for their potential. I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

In the meantime, I’m glad to premiere the YouTube embed for “Mono Gnome” below. Make sure you turn on the closed captioning and check out the lyrics:

Bevar Sea is Ganesh Krishnaswamy (vocals), Srikanth Panaman (lead guitar), Rahul Chacko (guitar, art), Avinash Ramchander (bass) and Deepak Raghu (drums), and the album Bevar Sea is due before the end of the month in a CD digipak from Iron Fist Records. More info at the band’s Thee Facebooks page or through the label.

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  1. maxx says:

    HOLY FUCK YES!!!!! Damn that was good!
    Thank you come to Canada.. I will get you lots of fans here!

    hugs kisses and demonic warm wishes!
    ~ Maxx

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