Wino Wednesday: Spirit Caravan Covering Black Sabbath’s “Wicked World”

It's Wino Wednesday.This is nearly as close to “what it’s all about” as it gets. For this week’s Wino Wednesday, we find the trio Spirit Caravan absolutely nailing Black Sabbath‘s “Wicked World.” The track didn’t originally appear on the British version of the self-titled Sabbath debut, but it was on the American edition of the album, which is obviously what Wino, bassist Dave Sherman and drummer Gary Isom would’ve encountered at the time.

The track is them performing the song live, and it’s taken from the first Sucking the ’70s compilation on Small Stone Records. I humbly submit that it’s better than at least 97 percent of what appears on both Nativity in Black tribute discs, and among the most honest Sabbath covers put to tape. Considering the legacy Spirit Caravan left behind them in their too-short tenure, it’s fitting.

Although, with that solo, just about anything would be fitting.

Anyway, enjoy. Hope you have a great Wino Wednesday:

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