Wino Wednesday: Acoustic in Texas, Winter, 2011

This week’s Wino-age comes from the acoustic tour he did with Shrinebuilder bandmate Scott Kelly (also of Neurosis), supporting the similarly-minded, mostly-unplugged Adrift record. I saw this tour in New York. It was my wife’s birthday, Feb. 12. I’m a very lucky man.

I don’t think any song was as striking on Adrift as the Motörhead cover “Iron Horse,” which you’ll see below. The live rendition is pretty faithful to what you get on the album — the man and his guitar — but where a few of the songs on that record were telling stories or describing feeling a certain way, “Iron Horse” was a credo. The appreciation for the song bled through the performance, and the result was anthemic. All the more so live.

The video was recorded at Emo’s in Austin. Thanks to whoever taped it.

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