audiObelisk EXCLUSIVE: Weird Owl Premiere Track from Build Your Beast a Fire

Brooklyn psychedelicaticians Weird Owl get down with freaky heathen sun worship, organ-infused tonal bliss and a progressive spirit so serene it’ll have you at inner peace before you can even get through that mantra. To wit, the forebodingly-titled “Skin the Dawn” from their second album on Tee Pee Records, the ever-flowing Build Your Beast a Fire.

While the album itself is built as a complete idea — the songs not quite united as one large piece, but definitely copping to the same friendly ambience — “Skin the Dawn” is one of the few cuts that can be taken on its own and still give a general idea of Build Your Beast a Fire as a whole, with its synth swirl, oddity percussion, semi-chant vocals and gorgeous folk sensibility.

The full-length varies madly with acoustics, electrics, slide and some tracks that are just mood-setting noise, and if I’m honest, I had a hard time picking a single song to hopefully some it up — the wah sprawl of “Mirrors in the Mud” and the crunchier space of “Parallax Eyes” were also under consideration — but hopefully “Skin the Dawn” does it. Take a listen on the player below and let me know what you think:

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Weird Owl‘s Build Your Beast a Fire is out July 26, 2011. More info at Tee Pee Records‘ website. The band will also be playing a record release show Aug. 5 at Union Pool in Brooklyn, with Heliotropes and Blanko Noiry also on the bill. Here’s the flier for that:

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  1. Milk K. Harvey says:

    Ooooh…. I wish I was an owl, beautiful.

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