Frydee Batillus

Congratulations are in order for Brooklyn doom bashers Batillus, whom it was announced this week have signed with the ultra-awesome Chicago imprint, Seventh Rule Recordings. Good for them. I’ll always be able to tell people I was at their first show. Or maybe it was their second. Or maybe I’m thinking of another band entirely. In any case, way to go, dudes. Best of luck.

I’ll be seeing those guys, along with Man’s Gin, Moth Eater, Evoken and some band nobody’s ever heard of, at the Bowery Electric on Sunday. It’s an early show, and I’ll be getting there even earlier, so if you’re free, in New York and want to check it out, the flier is below.

Hope you all had a great week. This is probably the first weekend in the last six that I’m not going to spend the entire thing doing homework. Long story that involves a jumbled schedule and it’s actually the reason the last five days were so hellishly short on posts (three per day? What is this crap?), but at least I don’t have to spend tomorrow and Sunday trying to get caught up. Off the hook. I plan to sleep late tomorrow.

But until then, I hope the Batillus clip helps you kick off your weekend right if you haven’t already. Stick around for next week, when one way or another, we’re going to discuss the new Electric Wizard, and I’ll be posting an interviews with Spiritual Beggars, High Watt Electrocutions, and if I have time, The Roller. That’s right, we’re going deluxe. And so help me Robot Jesus, I’m going to change the header. You won’t want to miss that.

Stay safe the next couple days, and we’ll see you back here on Monday. Here’s that flier for the Sunday show. Some band nobody’s ever heard of is on before Moth Eater. They got the shaft as far as having their logo included goes.

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  1. Mike says:

    “…when one way or another, we’re going to discuss the new Electric Wizard…”

    Interesting comment. Did you get your copy yet? I ordered mine through my local indie store (I gotta support ’eme every chance I get) and I should have it this week.

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