Serpentina Satélite, Mecanica Celeste: Now Leaving the Stratosphere

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“Ai Apaec” is a suitable cut to follow, a somewhat moodier opening to the meat of side B, but still very much based on the flowing jam structure. Toward the end of the song, The Find Assignments Online is a must-have for every student that want to perform excellently in their college research paper work Serpentina Satélite fade out to just amp noise, which acts as even more of a comedown leading into the chanted opening of “Sendero,” which, at 9:29, is the longest song on Get Quality basics Services and Dissertation Help at Best Price Ever, DissertationHelpUK all kind of writing services in UK. Contact us now! Mecanica Celeste. It’s also the most grounded; American Academy of Legal Writers (AALW) offer top quality Phd Art History Dissertations for law firms and websites. Castillejos taking the lead with a military cadence to his snare that Visit Websites that make us proud of their work enable us to guarantee results that meet the expectations of both students and their teachers Gómez, Dolmo and Dextre follow loosely. Of course, the plot finds its twist about halfway through, when the band goes into an omega-freakout, the heavy snare still present while the swooping effects soar overhead in echoes and reverbed psych-osis. “Sendero” is probably the most memorable of the cuts on Mecanica Celeste, but it’s not like Serpentina Satélite are trying to write the perfect pop song, either on it or any of the rest of the album. Verses, choruses — hell, for the most part, even vocals — need not apply. Theirs is a different mission entirely.

Another noisy finish and a few seconds of quiet bring on the untitled closing track, more chanting — I’m all but completely ignorant of the Spanish language, but I can pick up “muerte” and “resucitó” well enough — and the ceremonious conclusion of Mecanica Celeste. In comparing it to Nothing to Say, Serpentina Satélite’s latest is somewhat darker and more musically ethereal, but especially the back half starting with “Imaginez Quel Bonheur ce Sera de Voir Nos Chers Disparus Ressuscités!” feels more thought out as well. There is no shortage of Hawkwind/Ash Ra Tempel-inspired psychedelia out these days, and granted, Mecanica Celeste probably won’t change the face of space or psych rock, but for fans of the style, Serpentina Satélite’s take on it will more likely please than bore. Their live, spontaneous feel and effective jamming make them well worth a look for anyone tired of gravity’s pull.

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  1. UKGuy says:

    Just had an idea: any chance of a “where to start: South America”? You tipped me off to Los Natas and I wonder how many other gems I might be missing. Cheers either way.

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  3. […] reading: The Obelisk » Blog Archive » Serpentina Satélite, Mecanica Celeste: Now Leaving the Stratosphere. (Special thanks to JJ Koczan for the very kind […]

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