Recommended Buried Treasure Pt. 2: Rotors to Rust, All That’s Heavy

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There are parts that are so late-’90s post-grunge heavy they remind me of Kilgore Smudge, and I think the vocals of guitarist Ed Gaines help in that, but Rotors to Rust were more riff-based than their New England countrymen, and never did the likes of Fear Factory‘s Burton C. Bell guest on one of their records on a song named for an obscure Star Wars reference (amazing, the shit we remember). If you consider that putting Rotors to Rust at a disadvantage, then to make up for it, consider the hefty distortion in Gaines‘ guitar tone or the thrust in the rhythm section of drummer Doug Wood and bassist Jason Grosso. They’re not doing anything too tricky or overly stylistic, but what they do, they do well, and it makes a track like side B opener “The Axis of Existence” go from “meh” to “definitely worth hearing,” which as we all know is a big difference.

If you can find a copy, All That’s Heavy is a decent bit of obscurity that’s worth breaking out at those times where you want to balance aggression with something not too intellectual, but not outright dumb either. It might not be the ultimate hidden gem of a listen, but it’s definitely of its era, and if you happen into a copy that costs less than $200, you’ll probably want to take note.

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6 Responses to “Recommended Buried Treasure Pt. 2: Rotors to Rust, All That’s Heavy

  1. Chris Wolfe says:

    i find it interesting you made a post about this band. just found this tape about a month ago for a dollar, and just popped it in knowing nothing about it. pretty good stuff so far. I was trying to find some info on this band, and took me here! lol! anyway hope all is well JJ.
    Chris – Rock & Roll Graveyard

    • JJ Koczan says:

      Thanks Chris, and likewise. This one was pretty decent as I remember. Was a good friend who put me onto it a long time ago, guess there’s not much info about them out there.

  2. Alison J LeConte says:

    I so LUV all that’s heavy…
    It f**kn IT KICKS ASS

  3. Brent says:

    “Not too intellectual “??? Although the entire album is great, maybe you listened to the wrong tracks before sharing your ‘certainly not a true fan’s opinion. Put your headphones on and listen to ‘Relentless Motor’…’Don’t You Ever ‘…’Lament’ for starters. Ed, Woody & Spyder ROCKED the early 90s Portland music scene, leaving all others wishing they had what R2R had! They fell victim to poor management, sadly, who knew nothing about getting their music into the right hands. Otherwise, stardom was imminent for this ass-kicking trio. I used to catch most of their shows around Portland…now I crank ‘All That’s Heavy’ at home and in my truck to this day (20290312). ??

    • JJ Koczan says:

      Yeah, not too intellectual. I’ll stand by that. It’s not like the record was trying to be King Crimson or Tool or something like that is what I meant. It’s not pretentious. I say right there that it’s not dumb either, and I agree with you, the album rocks. Glad you still get enjoyment out of it. I have a pretty deep attachment as well, as the friend who recommended it to me passed away a little while after this post went up. She is much missed to this day. Think I’ll put it on in her honor, so thanks for the push to do so, and thanks for reaching.

  4. Michael Martineau says:

    I have a great good condition x large T great cond, from 87 gift from one of the band members sisters

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