Is Sanford Parker the New Billy Anderson?

Hmm, needs more knobs...The contemplative Mr. Anderson.You know, that go-to producer bands work with to get a specific sound, like Steve Albini or Jack Endino? Producer/”Engine-ear” Billy Anderson has worked on some of the all-time great heavy albums (dig the list) but aside from his tenure in Buried at Sea and Minsk, Sanford Parker has done records for Pelican when they were awesome, Rwake, Debris Inc., Yakuza and a ton more.

It’s not a question of who’s better, but do you think that down the line people will hold Nachtmystium‘s Assassins: Black Meddle Pt. 1 in the same kind of esteem as High on Fire‘s The Art of Self Defense? Just a thought…

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4 Responses to “Is Sanford Parker the New Billy Anderson?”

  1. Nick A. says:

    Did you not scroll down far enough to see Billy A. did two of Jawbreaker’s albums? Not to take anything away from Mr. Parker, he reecorded Samothrace’s debut which was fanfuckingtastic, but call me when he starts recording Ted Leo or the Hold Steady. Billy has diversity on Sanford as of now.

  2. The other day I picked up a cococoma album and surprise surprise, Sanford worked on it. I interviewed both on my zine. They both have their merits, great ears, good taste and talent. Like Nick A said, that Samothrace album was fanfuckintastic. But then again So was THAT!!! Sleep album.

  3. Nick A. says:

    I’ll check Cococoma, Ignacio. I suppose I’m not as familiar with Mr Parker’s discography as I thought. It’s probably just due to experience and a longer tenure in recording, but it seems Anderson just has a bit more color on his pallette. Anyway, I too have been thinking about the new musicians turned producers. Definitely seems Kurt Ballou (sp?) is on the up and up, too. I’d argue his best would be the newest Disfear. A d-beat legacy for sure, Wolfbrigade notwithstanding.

  4. Steve Nock says:

    Hi Billy, this is your Steve ( Ron Nock’s Son) I was just flipping around the web, found your place that you have set up here. Very impressive. You have certainly put your time in and really now your stuff. Proud to have a cousin that is into so much depth in the lyrics/ music of our times, Real deep stuff. As I’ve said before, it’s to bad I couldn’t of known you better growing up. I think we are from similar molds.. Or deeper yet, ideals in a rector type method, in up beat sounds / musical realms.. Anyhow, just wanted to drop a note on ya, take care and good day to ya. Steve

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