SunnO))) to Rise Again: New Album Details Revealed

Anybody seen Max Von Sydow around here?Looks like it’s time to get the robes out. The following came in on the wire just a bit ago and is some killer news for drone heads out there:

SunnO))) is proud to present their seventh studio album, after 10 years of existence, Monoliths and Dimensions. The album showcases the core guitar duo — Stephen O?Malley and Greg Anderson –? incorporating influences from a plethora of guest musicians, bringing the SunnO))) sound to epic new levels. The band also collaborated with composer Eyvind Kang (notable for his work with John Zorn, Marc Ribot, Bill Frisell, etc.) on various acoustic ensembles, in addition to the Helios-fueled electric guitars and basses. Key players on the album include Australian guitar genius Oren Ambarchi, enigmatic Hungarian vocalist Attila Csihar (Mayhem, Tormentor, etc.) and slow music godfather Dylan Carlson (Earth), as well as Julian Priester (worked with Sun Ra in the 50s, John? Coltrane?s African Brass, and Herbie Hancock?s Sextet) and new-music horn player Stuart Dempster. There?s also an upright bass trio, French & English horns, harp & flute duo, piano, brass,? reed & strings ensembles, and a Viennese woman?s choir led by Persian vocal savant Jessika Kenney.

The album is not “SunnO))) with strings” or “metal meets orchestra” material. The band took an approach concentrating on more of allusion toward the timbre of feedback and the instruments involved, so the piece is really illusory, beautiful and not entirely linear, stating that the end product is, “The most musical piece we?ve done, and also the heaviest, powerful and most abstract set of chords we’ve laid to tape.” The album was recorded and mixed by Randall Dunn and Mell Dettmer at various points over the last two years, and will be released late May 2008. Monoliths and Dimensions is practice in density, gravity and momentum.

Monoliths & Dimensions track listing:
Aghartha (17:34)
Big Church [megszents?gtelen?thetetlens?gesked?seitek?rt] (09:43)
Hunting & Gathering (Cydonia) (10:02)
Alice (16:21)

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