Pizzafest 4 Set for June 22-24 in Brooklyn

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There are few better feelings for me than go-do-your-homework when it comes to finding new bands, and with  Focussing on. Our readers' support Pbc Library Live Homework Help abstract goes directly to fund the homework help marie curie students who edit the mailing list and King Pizza‘s penchant for finding the off-kilter in noise, punk and psych, I’ve little doubt there are more than few here worth digging into. So if you need me, I’ll be doing that. Think of the lineup as a checklist and feel free to dig in as well:

pizzafest 4 poster

Pizzafest 4 – June 22-24 @ The Gutter & El Cortez, Brooklyn, NY

Pizzafest a three-day festival of rock n roll, pizza, comedy, weirdo art, and more.

Following tradition, we’re also releasing a tape that weekend – this year for Brooklyn indie rockers El Silver Cabs.


Thur June 22 @ The Gutter (200 N 14th St. Brooklyn)
7pm, $8
Sirs & Madams
Jacques le Coque (CT)
Greasy Hearts

Fri June 23 @ The Gutter (200 N 14th St. Brooklyn)
7pm, $8
The Mad Doctors
The Lushpockets (MD)
The Rizzos
Deadly Lo-Fi (GA)
Super FM
Max Pain & The Groovies

Sat June 24 @ El Cortez (17 Ingraham St. Brooklyn)
3pm, $10
The Royal They
Sun Voyager
Panther Martin (CO)
El Silver Cabs (tape release)
Suzies (MI)
Francie Moon (NJ)
Garbage Brain (NJ)
The Unders
Spowder (NJ)
Leg Days
+ DJ Dollarbin & DJ Bagels & Lox spinning after the bands/all night long

All daze hosted by Casey Regan
+ Readings from the Book of Yum Yums by Pizza Scribe Napolitano
++ Pizza
+++ More weirdness

All shows 21+
Snag discount 3-day tickets:

Sun Voyager, “Trip”

The Mad Doctors, No Waves, Just Sharks (2017)

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