Skraeckoedlan Premiere “Universum” Video; Celebrate 10th Anniversary of Debut

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I’ll admit, I kept hoping that at some point Help me essay on how you help your parents - Top-Quality Paper Writing and Editing Service - Get Professional Help With Original Essay Papers From Scratch Top-Quality GrĂĽttner would get in a quick game of ping-pong, but alas. Can’t have everything. And does the swap from English to Swedish make the song any less catchy? Nope. Still a Rampage-worthy stomp ready to get stuck right in your brain — precisely the sort of fare that’s become a specialty of House Find out the pros of hiring the best online Research Paper Topics On Technology and how it can help you achieve your goals. Skraeckoedlan over the last decade. They kill it and don’t look back and one would expect no less. Way down at the bottom of the post, I’ve included “Universe” so you can do a compare/contrast with “Universum” if so inclined, but while you’re spending time, take the opportunity to dig into 2019’s  basicss - Instead of spending time in unproductive attempts, receive qualified help here Compose a timed custom research paper with EorĂľe (review here) again as well, if only to remind yourself how far  Skraeckoedlan‘s journey has taken them.

I wonder what they mean by, “In April it is Sunrise?”

Enjoy the clip:

Skraeckoedlan, “Universum” official video premiere

SKRAECKOEDLAN – Ă„PPELTRĂ„DET 10 year anniversary

“If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.”
– Carl Sagan

A decade has passed since we in Skraeckoedlan released our debut album.

The year before, we released two demos: Flykten från Tellus and Världarnas fall.

It was on these two demos that we built the songs for what later became the album Äppelträdet.

We were then faced with a choice: Would we continue to have all the songs in Swedish, or would we rewrite some of the songs with English lyrics. We thought that we might limit ourselves as a band, if we only had songs in Swedish.

We cowardly wrote three songs with English lyrics, because we simply did not know if it would work to play heavy, groovy rock in Swedish and still be able to get out and play around the world, something we all had as a childhood dream.

We were wrong.

It has turned out that the Swedish songs have absolutely worked even outside of Sweden.

Due to our cowardly decision, we have almost never played any of these three English songs live. We want to change that.

Now that Äppelträdet turns 10 years old, we therefore are releasing a new version of the album, entirely in Swedish. The release has been re-mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna).

In order to bake an apple pie from scratch, we have had to first invent the Universe, which will be released on February 19th.

In April it is Sunrise.

Robert Lamu – Vocals/Guitar
Henrik Grüttner – Guitar
Erik Berggren – Bass
Martin Larsson – Drums

Skraeckoedlan, “Universe” from Ă„ppelträdet (2011)

Skraeckoedlan, EorĂľe (2019)

Skraeckoedlan’s website

Skraeckoedlan on Instagram

Skraeckoedlan on Thee Facebooks

The Sign Records on Thee Facebooks

The Sign Records website

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Skraeckoedlan to Release New Single “Universum”

Posted in Whathaveyou on February 9th, 2021 by JJ Koczan

Sort of a new single, anyhow. Swedish progressive heavy fuzz rockers Skraeckoedlan have never been shy when it comes to bilingualism. Their debut album, 2011’s Ă„ppelträdet (review here), is a decade old this year, and as the band embarks on re-recording some older tracks that were originally in English in their native language, they’re beginning next Friday (Feb. 19), with “Universum,” originally known as “Universe” on that first record.

So it’s a new single from an older track. I haven’t heard “Universum” yet — the cover art for it rules and can be seen below — but being familiar with Skraeckoedlan‘s general modus, it would be a remarkable surprise if the lyrics are the only change between “Universe” and “Universum.” As 2019’s EorĂľe (review here) made plain, the band continue to develop new sonic ideas around their central heavy template, and it seems only reasonable to expect that will apply to these new recordings as well.

I don’t know how many tracks Skraeckoedlan have redone in this manner, if it’s one or two or they’ll be sprinkled throughout the year as the band presumably also eventually looks to return to the road, but this has been a group worth following for over 10 years now, and frankly, they’ve yet to steer wrong. I consider myself fortunate to have seen them live.

They announced the single thusly:

skraeckoedlan universum

We have re-recorded a couple of old tunes that was released with english lyrics, but this time in swedish.

The first one ‘Universum’ will be released 2021-02-19. Can not wait to show you, they sound massive.

Recorded and produced by Erik Berglund at Massiv Musik

Art by Johan Leion at

Out February 19 on all streaming platforms
Pre-save now:

Robert Lamu – Vocals/Guitar
Henrik Grüttner – Guitar
Erik Berggren – Bass
Martin Larsson – Drums

Skraeckoedlan, “Universum” teaser

Skraeckoedlan, “Universe” (2011)

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