A Tale of Three Tapes: Heavydeath, The Unquiet Grave and Jupiterian

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Heavydeath, Dark Phoenix Rising


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Heavydeath on Thee Facebooks

Dark Phoenix Rising at Caligari Records’ Bandcamp

The Unquiet Grave, Cosmic Dawn

Essentially a demo, but billed as an EP, The Unquiet Grave‘s Cosmic Dawn is the first release from the clean-singing raw trad doom solo-project, though its title-track traces its roots back more than a decade. The outfit is comprised of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Micael Zetterberg, whose CV boasts a wide variety of Norrköping outfits, from the black metal Aggressive Mutilator to thrashier Terrorama, among a slew of others. The Unquiet Grave is unrepentently stripped down across the three included tracks — “Cosmic Dawn,” “Mother’s Trial” and “Whispers in the Dark,” as well as the included intro and outro — but not at all void of ambience. Even as “Mother’s Trial” rolls out a highlight riff in its midsection, the lead guitar layer works to play up a sense of atmosphere. Zetterberg does well in the full-band role, and while Cosmic Dawn has an already-noted rawness to it, particularly with the compression of the tape as opposed to the digital version, that fits with the naturalism at root in the sound, something that seems counterintuitive for a solo-project invariably working in layers — I sincerely doubt Zetterberg is playing bass, guitar and drums at the same time — but across the three tracks here makes an eerie kind of sense. It seems unlikely he’ll get much more expansive with arrangements than he is here, but particularly as a first outing, Cosmic Dawn impresses with its fullness of presentation despite being the work of a solo source.

The Unquiet Grave on Thee Facebooks

Cosmic Dawn at Caligari’s Bandcamp

Jupiterian, Aphotic

The 42-minute first full-length from Sao Paolo, Brazil, four-piece Jupiterian, the five-song Aphotic isn’t quite entirely true to its name, but certainly dense and opaque enough in its execution that light has trouble getting through. A deathly lurch takes hold on opener “Permanent Grey” and doesn’t let go, the band trudging through death-doom excruciations and offering precious little hope across the tape’s span, even as “Daylight” seems to hint in that direction with its early guitar melody. Vocalist/guitarist V — the entire band is one-initial only; R on bass, A on guitar, G on drums — has a growl worthy of Swallow the Sun or any number of Scandinavian practitioners, and a raspy scream that’s well at home in the dirge of centerpiece “Proclamation,” which rounds out with some of Aphotic‘s heaviest hitting, followed by a noise barrage to start the subsequent title-track (hard to know where one ends and the other begins on the tape, but the digital version makes it clear). Rounding out in a swirl of guitar and spoken word, “Aphotic” has an almost manic feel compared to some of the album’s other fare, but its ending is also the most brazenly melodic section of the tape, leading to the shorter, closing “Drag Me to My Grave,” which was previously released as a standalone single. The bonus track would be something of a comedown after the title-cut, but it proves a surprisingly catchy finale to this cohesive, engrossingly weighted debut.

Jupiterian on Thee Facebooks

Aphotic on Caligari’s Bandcamp

Thanks for reading. For more from Caligari Records, check the links below.

Caligari Records website

Caligari Records store

Caligari Records on Thee Facebooks

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The Unquiet Grave Release Cosmic Dawn Tape

Posted in Whathaveyou on August 10th, 2015 by JJ Koczan

Swedish outfit The Unquiet Grave issued their debut release, Cosmic Dawn digitally in June, and Caligari Records has stepped in on the quick to follow that up with a physical pressing. There are 125 tapes made for the three-song offering, and the format seems like a good fit for the Norrköping-based project, reportedly helmed in its entirety by Micael Zetterberg, drummer for black metallers Aggressive Mutilator and former bassist/current drummer of death thrashers Terrorama, as well as the founder of Walking Lizzy Records, which released the 2012 Mesozoikum EP from Skraeckoedlan on vinyl.

A pretty varied background, and one that sets up The Unquiet Grave as an endeavor to be clear-headed in what it wants to accomplish. Information is minimal in terms of what’s given from Caligari or the band’s Bandcamp page — like more and more acts these days, The Unquiet Grave is reacting to the social impulse by playing it tight with the raw data of who’s involved, how, etc. — but Zetterberg keeps a near-retro vibe throughout Cosmic Dawn‘s three cuts, classic-style doom riffing meeting with a more languid impulse that the label seems to relate to folk. I’m not inclined to argue.

It’s a cool vibe either way, so while not much is really out there about the band, or where Zetterberg might ultimately be headed with it as a project, there are the songs, and they’re what matters.

The announcement from Caligari Records came down the PR wire and seemed right in line with The Unquiet Grave‘s minimalist sensibilities. It follows here:

the unquiet grave cosmic dawn

THE UNQUIET GRAVE – Cosmic Dawn – Out Now

Swedish doom rock with a folk influence. An intro, three songs and an outro. All sublime and subtle, craftily made and joyously played. First recording, 2015. Limited to 125 copies. Pro Tapes / Pro Covers.


The Unquiet Grave, Cosmic Dawn (2015)

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