The Sixth Chamber Post Lyric Video for “Walpurgis Night”

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the sixth chamber

With roots in Los Angeles that go back 20 years but just two full-lengths under their collective belt,  I Have A Lot of Write An Essay On How I Spent My Summer Vacations Assignments? We are Do sample cover letter for medical assistant job with no experience My College Algebra,. The Sixth Chamber manage to bring a storied blend of styles to the goth-horror narrative of their new single “Walpurgis Night.” And by “the goth-horror narrative,” I mean the goth-horror narrative, since the song is essentially telling the story of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Because, damn it, if you’re going to do a thing, go all-in.

And  Freelance Ghostwriting Rap at Copify. Hundreds of approved UK article writers, SEO & website friendly, 48 hour turnaround! The Sixth Chamber are nothing if not that. Their sound brings together elements of stately goth rock, classic heavy metal, and doom, and with a hearty dose of church organ to boot, “Walpurgis Night” offers a duly creepy feel to go with its rampant hook about the undead. Led as ever by guitarist/vocalist  Pay For An Essay Online And Forget About Academic Troubles! What exactly can be a reason for academic problems? Every day Edusson is helping hundreds of students who cant handle the modern curriculum. It doesnt mean that a student will be a bad specialist. Reasons to online can be different and sometimes even quite significant. It can be a part-time job or working on the Rahne Pistor, their songcraft wants nothing for structure or melody and their work weaves between influences with the organic otherness of a band working outside of time. I’m pretty sure I’ve likened them before to  Homepage Features. Every student and adult can get a professional dissertation help once ordering a paper at our website. It is easy to get a masters dissertation and a bunch of additional benefits when placing your order here. Our experienced company provides the following benefits and additional features for customers: Experienced Writers. We always assign our papers to Type O Negative or the underappreciated shelby county homework help source link business plan custom home builder a thesis for an essay should Bronx Casket Co. — and if not, shame on me — but if not, the obvious glee of their darkness comes through even or maybe especially in the animated lyric video that accompanies “Walpurgis Night” below.

For further grim treasures, I might advise digging into their Bandcamp. Personnel and styles vary, but there’s always a darker undercurrent that unites the material across the swath of releases.

But of course, this first. Enjoy:

The Sixth Chamber, “Walpurgis Night” official lyric video

New vampire-themed rock to satisfy your preternatural drive for blood! Mythical mysterians The Sixth Chamber make a foray into the darkest depths of antiquarian vampire lore with the release of the new single “Walpurgis Night”.

Lyric video artwork and direction by Marlena Sidor
End screen composite photo by Marlena Sidor, Constantin Werner and Matthew Fields

The Sixth Chamber:
Rahne Pistor ~ Vocals, Guitar
Alan St Jon ~ Keyboards
Bobby Parker ~ Bass
Erik Peterson ~ Drums
Lillian Liu ~ Violin

The Sixth Chamber on Thee Facebooks

The Sixth Chamber on Instagram

The Sixth Chamber on Bandcamp

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The Sixth Chamber to Release New Single “Blood of the Prophet” July 31

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Usually when I post about a song or an album or whatever it is that’s not out yet I’ll play coy. Not this time. No way, I’ve heard this thing, and I wish, I wish, I wish you could hear it too.  why should i do my homework yahoo answers High School Research Paper Ideas ielts essay booster online buy writing a successful essay The Sixth Chamber have a new keyboardist in  Outstanding Key Financial Indicators Business Plan writing company that provide exclusive academic assistance to students all around the globe! Professional writers and experienced Alan St. Jon, who plays with  Critical Thinking Scenarios For Nurses - top-ranked and cheap report to ease your education Forget about those sleepless nights writing your coursework with our Billy Squier and has done time with an impressive list of others in the studio and on stage — my understanding is that if you’re insanely talented and not a prick, being a session musician is a really good gig to get — and they bid him welcome with due theatricality on “Blood of the Prophet,” their new single. Somewhere between goth and classic prog, the song resides in a dark and dramatic expanse and the keys play a huge role in making it all come together.

I don’t know what the release plan is — I assume it’ll be on Bandcamp, and that’s linked below — but it’s out July 31, and it’s delightfully, delightfully weird. Fun in an apocalyptic Los Angeles kind of way.

The PR wire tells the tale:

the sixth chamber

THE SIXTH CHAMBER – Blood of the Prophet

Los Angeles-based mythical mysterians The Sixth Chamber are set to release the new single “Blood of the Prophet” on July 31st, which we are calling the soundtrack to the end of the world. The new track is a dark, surreal lyrical foray into timeless dreamlands and forgotten aeons.

This is the the debut recording with legendary classic rock synth master Alan St Jon in the lineup. St Jon is an original and current member of classic rock act Billy Squier. He was also keyboardist for Alice Cooper during the late ‘80s ‘Trash’ era and toured and recorded with Iggy Pop, John Entwistle, Leslie West, Twisted Sister and others. St Jon has 14 Gold and Platinum album awards to his credit and was the go-to guy for studio sessions for famed producer Desmond Child for many years.

The Sixth Chamber was founded in 2001 by songwriter and lead vocalist/guitarist Rahne Pistor and has left a 19-year triumphant legacy of gothic, doom, psychedelic rock and proto-metal tinged releases. Throughout its unyielding musical voyage The Sixth Chamber has shared management with Type O Negative, Mountain and Megadeth; played at the funeral of Jimi Hendrix/Band of Gypsys drummer Buddy Miles as invited guests; and provided music on the soundtrack of the Lions Gate distributed film Dance of the Dead.

Rahne Pistor – Vocals, Guitar
Alan St Jon – Keyboards
Bobby Parker – Bass
Erik Peterson – Drums

The Sixth Chamber, “Entrance to the Cold Waste” official video

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The Sixth Chamber Premiere “Entrance to the Cold Waste” Video; Single Available Now

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the sixth chamber entrance to the cold waste video

If you find yourself wondering what’s going on with the new video from Los Angeles-based goth-tinged doom rockers Purchase Order System Thesis - Proofreading and editing aid from best specialists. Put aside your worries, place your task here and receive your professional The Sixth Chamber, that’s okay. Between the desert and the bellydancing and the demon sultan, there are a fair amount of references to various mythological concepts, and bellies, and yeah, it’s all pretty wild. Not the least counterintuitive is the fact that the song is called “Entrance to the Cold Waste” and the clip was filmed in Death Valley on what looks like a stinking-hot kind of afternoon. Whatever else you listen to today, it’s not gonna sound like this.

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But “Entrance to the Cold Waste” isn’t at all so easy to pin down as just that. Rather, its theatricality comes coupled with an underlying course of classically doomed grooving and fuzzed-out tones. It’s a rare balance of stylistic elements, and the visuals to which they’re set — from the swordfight to the actual eating of a heart — tell a story that’s as entrancing as it is obscure. I’m not sure you’ll want to look away, but even if you did, you probably wouldn’t be able to do so.

“Entrace to the Cold Waste” is available as a single now, and the video was directed by Constantin Werner. It’s my pleasure to host the premiere below.

Please enjoy:

The Sixth Chamber, “Entrance to the Cold Waste” official video premiere

An entheogenic seeker and sorcerer (Rahne Pistor) stalks an irresistible will-o’-the-wisp sorceress (Mahafsoun) through the vast tortured waste far beyond the waking world toward the marvelous sunset city. En route of his dream quest he encounters the creeper from the great beyond and other grim perils. What unspeakable horrors lie at the prehistoric stone monastery in the dominion of the crude and mischievous demon sultan Azathoth (Stanton Lavey), that evil devil? Who is left to trust? Do the seeker’s true enemies lie within? Is reaching the wondrous Kadath in all its glory worth the wholesale scourging of his soul?

Directed by Constantin Werner.

Rahne Pistor
Stanton Lavey
Brian Bodt

Other notable facts about the production:
*It features a cameo by the grandson of Satanic Bible author and Church of Satan Founder Anton Lavey, who plays a crude heathen elder god of a guttural devil sect too awful to mention.
*It was shot in the scorching heat and otherworldly wastelands of Death Valley, CA this past summer
*The video stars the illustrious gothic metal belly dancer Mahafsoun, a well-known YouTube personality and early adopter of this dance sub-genre.
*The song includes lead guitarist Steve Jansson of Crypt Sermon and bassist Bobby Parker of Salem’s Bend

Rahne Pistor – Vocals, Guitar
Steve Jansson – Guitar
Bobby Parker – Bass
Jameson Cluchey – Drums
Adam Thompson – Keyboards

The Sixth Chamber on Thee Facebooks

The Sixth Chamber on Instagram

The Sixth Chamber on Bandcamp

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