Friday Full-Length: Internal Void, Standing on the Sun

Posted in Bootleg Theater on June 17th, 2016 by JJ Koczan

Internal Void, Standing on the Sun (1993)

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In addition to¬†Little on drums,¬†the band at the time was comprised of vocalist¬†J.D. Williams, guitarist¬†Kelly Carmichael and bassist¬†Adam Heinzmann.¬†Williams also fronts¬†War Injun, and¬†Carmichael and¬†Heinzmann have done the requisite stints in¬†Pentagram, but¬†Internal Void remains a standout from their contemporaries. After¬†Standing on the Sun, it would be seven years before their second album,¬†Unearthed, arrived in 2000, and four after that for the follow-up,¬†Matricide. They reissued their 1991¬†Voyages demo in time to sell copies at¬†Roadburn¬†2012, which was where I last saw them¬†—¬†by coincidence,¬†The Obsessed also played and will be at¬†Maryland Doom Fest 2016 as well — and I’ve seen no indication of future plans past this one-off appearance. The basic operating rule seems to be that if you can see¬†Internal Void, see them, because you never know when the chance will come again.

Hope you enjoy¬†Standing on the Sun. For more on¬†Maryland Doom Fest 2016, click here for the Thee Facebooks page. If you’re going, I’ll look forward to seeing you there.

Getting there will require a bit of travel on my part, but next week is also the Quarterly Review, so keep an eye out for that. 50 reviews between next Monday and Friday. I expect by the end of it I’ll be very much ready to get out and see a show. We start Monday. Have I started putting any of it together yet? No I have not. As I’m also going to New York tomorrow and New Jersey on Sunday, I expect it’s going to be quite a weekend.

I want to thank Diane Farris aka Diane Kamikaze for having me down to WFMU once again for an appearance on her show, The Kamikaze Fun Machine. It was a pleasure and an honor to share the airwaves with her once again for two hours, and thank you as well if you had the chance to tune in. If not, the show is archived and available to check out here:

Of course, the focus next week is the Quarterly Review and travel to Maryland, but also look out for new videos from¬†Mars Red Sky (along with a cool announcement),¬†Kadavar,¬†Telstar Sound Drone and¬†Soon A.D., and a bunch of other news as well that I’m already behind on. This was my second week of unemployment before I start my new job at Hasbro, and it was fantastic. Really, this entire period has just completely underscored how ready I am to retire. I mean that. I’m not even kidding.

Gonna go head to the farmer’s market in a bit and get my hair cut, then enjoy a quiet evening with¬†The Patient Mrs. before tomorrow brings its own brand of chaos. I hope you have a great and safe weekend, and thank you for reading.

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