Outer Battery Records to Release Shark Move & Mooner LPs Dec. 8; Preorders up Now

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Something old and something new from Indonesian heavy psych via Outer Battery Records this December. The label has opened preorders now for Tabiat, the latest LP from Mooner originally released via Bhang Records, and Ghede Chokra’s, a 1970 private press recording by Shark Move. The intention is obviously to connect modern and classic heavy psych from Indonesia’s scene, and I think if you take a listen to the streaming tracks below — “Lancang” by Mooner and “Evil War” by Shark Move — you can hear that it’s progressive elements in both doing the bulk of that work. Also dig that classic fuzz in Shark Move. Cool finds for those who might dig.

The PR wire brings all the info and preorder links. Check it:

Outer Battery confirm double whammy of Indonesian psych; MOONER and SHARK MOVE albums released this December

Outer Battery Records have confirmed details of the upcoming album, Tabiat, by Indonesian psychedelic rock band, MOONER. Alongside this, the label will also release cult classic, Ghede Chokra’s by SHARK MOVE. The two releases go perfectly hand in hand, representing the roots of Indonesian psych and a new-school offering at the same time. Both albums will be released on December 8, 2017.


Although they’re relatively unknown outside of their native Indonesia, MOONER are something of a supergroup on home soil. The band feature members of The Slave, The SIGIT, Sigmun, and Sarasvati – all well established acts, commanding huge audiences. These four musicians have carried some of that winsome magic over onto this MOONER release.

Recorded at Red Studio, Bandung, mixed at Rebuilt Studio and then mastered by James Plotkin, Tabiat was originally released in Indonesia earlier this year via Bhang Records. The record is pure heavy psych with strong influences of Indian Raga and Middle Eastern touches thrown into a stoner rock stew. Tabiat is an update to the sounds found in early 70’s Indonesia while staying true to the roots of the original scene.

1) Buruh
2) Fana
3) Takana 1
4) Hei
5) Ingkar
6) Lancang
7) Takana 2
8) Serikat
9) Gelar
10) Seruh
11) Takana 3
12) Ternganga

M. Absar Lebeh (The Slave) – Guitar, Vocal
Rekti Yoewono (The S.I.G.I.T) – Bass
Pratama Kusuma (Sigmun) – Drums, Vocal
Marshella Safira (Sarasvati) – Vocal

Tabiat will be released on ivory coloured vinyl via Outer Battery on December 8. It is available to pre-order HERE.


When the Suharto regime seized power in the late 60’s in Indonesia they immediately began to crack down on the alternative culture, with only a brave few willing to rebel, and the leaders of this musical rebellion were SHARK MOVE.

Recording Ghede Chokra’s (translated from the Sanskrit as The Great Session) in 1970, Shark Move unleashed their psych masterpiece on the world on their own tiny label. From these small beginnings the SHARK MOVE legacy grew exponentially, first within the Indonesian scene, and then around the world with the classic Evil War featured on Now Again’s seminal Those Shocking Shaking Days compilation. Recognizing a killer riff when he hears one, hip hop producer, Madlib, lifted the track wholesale for his City single in 2013. With original copies of Ghede Chokra’s now trading hands for obscene money, and even the extremely limited Indonesian repress from a few years ago impossible to find, Outer Battery decided it was time to step in and reissue this monster!

Pressed on blue vinyl with white splatter, and housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve, this special release will finally be more readily available to eager listeners.

1) My Life
2) Butterfly
3) Harga
4) Evil War
5) Bingung
6) Insan
7) Madat

Benny Soebardja
Bhagu Ramchand
Sammy Zakaria
Janto Diablo
Soman Loebis

Ghede Chokra’s will be released via Outer Battery on December 8. It is available to pre-order HERE.


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