R.I.P. to Release In the Wind on RidingEasy Records Dec. 9

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From the PR wire:


R.I.P. sign to RidingEasy Records, share first track from forthcoming debut album

dissertation proposal defense presentationss can be an excellent addition to a sales team that has been disappointed with their success in winning government contracts. Speedy gutter-metal group kicks off tour of Western U.S.

Portland, OR quartet R.I.P. announce their signing to L.A. label RidingEasy Records to release their debut album In The Wind later this year.

Operating on the belief that heavy metal didn’t come from the forest or beam down from outer space, but rather that it crawled up out of the sewer and writhed to life in the grit and grime of the streets, the four rock ‘n’ roll freaks of R.I.P. call their sound “Street Doom” and spread the message with heavy touring across the United States. Obsessed with death and disgusted with the scene, they dragged their knuckles into the studio in 2016 and excavated a debut LP dedicated to fear and trembling, calling it In The Wind.

R.I.P. is defined by fast, regressive riffs, terrified vocals, live shows akin to near-death experiences, and steadfast adherence to the notion that doom isn’t how slow or de-tuned you can play, but the combination of fear, death, and leather. In The Wind is just the right level of down ‘n’ dirty guttural rock that cuts and chews with raw fury.

In The Wind will be available everywhere on LP, CD and download on December 9th, 2016 via RidingEasy Records.

09/13 San Diego, CA @ Till 2 Club
09/14 Encinitas, CA @ The Saloon
09/15 Flagstaff, AZ @ Flag Brew
09/16 Santa Fe, NM @ The Cave
09/17 Denver, CO @ The Squire
09/19 Reno, NV @ @ Shea’s Tavern
09/20 San Fransisco, CA @ the Knockout

Artist: R.I.P.
Album: In The Wind
Record label: RidingEasy Records
Release date: December 9th, 2016

01) The Scythe
02) In The Wind pt.1
03) Tremble
04) Black Leather
05) Smoke & Lightning
06) In The Wind pt. 2
07) The Tombstone
08) Bereaved
09) Brave In the Grave
10) In The Wind pt. 3


R.I.P., “Black Leather”

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R.I.P. Premiere “Tremble” from Debut Album In the Wind

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rip in the windWorth acknowledging that for heavy rockers to be mining the tropes of ’80s metal is nothing new. Early Man released their first demo circa 2004 — and they weren’t the first — and while not nearly as indebted to thrash, R.I.P. share some stylistic tendencies on In the Wind, which outwardly proselytizes the righteousness of its aesthetic in the lyrics to “Black Leather” and “Smoke and Lightning,” a self-awareness that, while clearly enjoying itself, avoids an ironic sneer.

With sonic methods drawn from Pentagram, Sabbath, Vitus, Trouble, and so on, R.I.P. are playing to the familiar, but they’re not doing so in a mocking manner so much as in celebration, ready to surprise the crap out of some mostly-empty bar that didn’t know it was about to have its ass kicked like it’s 32 years ago. The element of surprise isn’t necessarily a factor by the time intro “The Scythe” and “In the Wind Part 1” give way to “Brave in the Grave” and “In the Wind Part 3,” but by then the doom has hit the bloodstream and In the Wind‘s headbanger’s ball has either drawn you in or cast you out.

It’s the kind of metal that shows up in grainy big-but-not-glam-hair photos and the kind of metal that you could probably get away with playing in Manowar‘s proverbial hall after a few adult beverages. Across its span, In the Wind isn’t exactly raw and it isn’t exactly retro, but it’s definitely taking the bulk of its influence from a bygone age of demo-tape trading and wearing band t-shirts as a social statement.

Blending those elements with a decidedly heavy rock shuffle in the second half of “Tremble” and slide guitar in the interlude “The Tombstone” (which may or may not be an intro for the second LP) adds complexity to the experience overall, but by no means are R.I.P. aiming for pick-it-apart nuance. They call it “West Coast street doom,” and that’s about as fair as anything I could come up with. Whatever niche genre one might one to invent for R.I.P., like their moniker, their first full-length gets right to the point and leaves little question as to its deathly intent.

Below, you can hear the premiere of “Tremble” ahead of the album’s release on March 14. Please enjoy:

After several years of hammering the west coast with the blunt scythe of street-doom, R.I.P. finally committed to tape an introductory will and testament for the rest of the world to tremble to. “In the Wind” closes the casket on the trends and exhumes the notion that doom isn’t about how slow and de-tuned you can play, but about fear, death, leather and playing as heavy as possible.

A full US tour in the spring follows this Totem Cat Records release, where the band plans to drag the rest of the country down with them. Doom is dead: R.I.P. doom.

ARTWORK: Adam Burke

R.I.P. on Thee Facebooks

R.I.P. on Bandcamp

Totem Cat Records BigCartel store

Totem Cat on Thee Facebooks

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R.I.P. to Release In the Wind in March on Totem Cat

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“My brain is full of powder/My veins are full of doom, yeah.” Fair enough. Since the label executive/producer/whoever it was referred to Pentagram as a “more ‘street’ Black Sabbath” in the Last Days Here documentary, it seemed only a matter of time before a band picked up the term and applied it to themselves. Portland’s R.I.P., working under the banner of “street doom,” will release their debut album, In the Wind, in March via Totem Cat Records. The race is over.

The band have a preview trailer for the release that includes what I assume is a goodly portion of every finishing move the Undertaker ever pulled off, and you can find it under the PR wire info below:

r.i.p. in the wind

Portland’s street doomers R.I.P. announce debut album “In The Wind”, dropping this March on Totem Cat Records

If there’s one thing you didn’t see coming for 2016, it’s a radical heavy metal assault by Oregon’s self-proclaimed “street doomers” R.I.P.. Their rousing debut album “In The Wind” – due out this March on Totem Cat Records and illustrated by US painter Adam Burke – will make all metalheads’ hearts leap with joy. Get in the wind or get out the way…

In a heavy metal wasteland littered with cookie cutter snooze-button doom bands rocking $10,000 rigs and $1 riffs, its a huff of fresh air straight out of the glue bottle to hear R.I.P. – four cretins from the Pacific Northwest who play knuckle dragging death obsessed metal at the speed of the streets. After several years of hammering the west coast with the blunt scythe of street-doom, they finally committed to tape an introductory will and testament for the rest of the world to tremble to. “In the Wind” closes the casket on the trends and exhumes the notion that doom isn’t about how slow and de-tuned you can play, but about fear, death, leather and playing as heavy as possible. A full US tour in the spring follows this Totem Cat Records release, where the band plans to drag the rest of the country down with them. Doom is dead: R.I.P. doom.

R.I.P. – Debut album “In The Wind”
Out on 2xLP and digital this March on Totem Cat Records

1. The Scythe
2. In The wind Part 1
3. Tremble
4. Black Leather
5. Smoke and Lightning
6. In The Wind Part 2
7. The Tombstone
8. Bereaved
9. Brave In The Grave
10. In The wind Part 3

ARTWORK: Adam Burke

Fuzz – Vocals
Angel Martinez – Guitar
Jon Mullett – Bass
Willie D – Drums


R.I.P., In the Wind trailer

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