Demon Lung Post “How the Gods Kill” Lyric Video

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Tomorrow night, Las Vegas doomers Demon Lung will share the stage at Beauty Bar with The Atlas Moth and Mustard Gas and Roses. The Chicago post-metallers and the after-Isis project of guitarist Mike Gallagher are but the latest to hit the desert outpost with support from Demon Lung, who’ve made themselves regulars on bills alongside the likes of Saint VitusPentagram, Royal Thunder and Candlemass, among others and and appearances at Southwest Terror Fest in 2015 and at Psycho Las Vegas in 2016. Fronted by vocalist Shanda Fredrick, they’ve become a staple of Vegas’ heavy underground.

In February, the band oversaw a reissue of their 2012 debut EP, Pareidolia (review here), released on vinyl by M-Theory Audio. The limited platter features and original bonus track and three covers: one by Wounded Giant, with whom Demon Lung previously toured; one by Twisted Sister; and one by Danzig. It’s the latter for which they’ve newly posted a lyric video.

If that seems odd — a lyric video for a cover of one of the greatest metal songs of all time; surely if you’re still reading this, you already know the words, right? — just go with it. It’s basically a way for Demon Lung to feature the track from their reissue, and as you can hear making your way through, their version of the classic title-track from Danzig III: How the Gods Kill is well worth featuring. And by pleasant coincidence, it just so happens to be the record that Danzig will play in full at Psycho this August. I doubt Demon Lung knew that when they recorded the cover, but hey, sometimes serendipity happens, even in doom.

So as they’ve made it easy to dig into “How the Gods Kill” — just in case it isn’t already stuck in your head, which there’s about a 43 percent chance it is no matter what else is happening at any given moment — I’d suggest you do just that. If you can make it to the Beauty Bar gig tomorrow, tell them I said hi.

PR wire info follows the clip below.

Please enjoy:

Demon Lung, “How the Gods Kill” official lyric video

“Those early Danzig albums are obviously a major influence on us. ‘How the Gods Kill’ has a certain evilness to it that always set it apart, and we tried our best to do it justice,” explains drummer Jeremy Brenton. “We spent a lot of time recording the song because it means so much and we wanted to pay tribute respectfully. Hopefully everyone can hear the love that we put into it!”

“How The Gods Kill” appears on the recently-released expanded vinyl and digital reissues of DEMON LUNG’s 2012 debut EP, Pareidolia. Initially released as a four-track CD, Pareidolia now features an additional three songs on top of the Danzig cover – the original song “Pray For Rain,” which dates back to the original Pareidolia recording sessions, as well as covers of Wounded Giant’s “The Road To Middian” and Twisted Sister’s “Captain Howdy.”

The limited-edition vinyl edition (only 300 copies) of Pareidolia is available in green-and-black marbled wax and includes a color lyric sheet and a download card. It can be ordered at

Demon Lung on Thee Facebooks

Demon Lung website

M-Theory Audio website

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Demon Lung to Reissue Debut EP Pareidolia Feb. 23

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In the what-will-be six years since they first released their debut EP, Pareidolia (review here), in 2012, and in addition to the accomplishments the PR wire lays out below with their two albums and stage pedigree, doomers Demon Lung have made themselves at home at festivals like Psycho Las Vegas, Doom in June and Southwest Terror Fest. I guess the point is their list of accomplishments is not minor. Only fitting then to go back these years later and reexamine how they got started, and as Pareidolia emerges in this new incarnation via M-Theory Audio on preorder-available LP, it comes with four bonus tracks — the original “Pray for Rain” and covers of Wounded Giant, Danzig and Twisted Sister.

I’ve been fortunate enough to see Demon Lung play in their hometown (review here), and though it was a while ago now, I still feel like I’d be very much interested in hearing what they could do with both “How the Gods Kill” and “Captain Howdy.” Remember when Drain STH covered that on the Strangeland soundtrack? I do, because I’m old as dirt.

On that note, here’s the PR wire with more relevant info:

Demon Lung pareidolia



Las Vegas female-fronted Doom Metal band DEMON LUNG have built quite a reputation for themselves via 2 critically acclaimed albums on Candlelight and live appearances all over the west coast with bands like Candlemass, Crowbar, Venom Inc., High On Fire, Eyehategod, Today Is the Day, Saint Vitus, Pentagram and more.

On February 23rd, DEMON LUNG will reissue their previously self-released 2012 CD EP, Pareidolia, onto Vinyl for the first time. Limited to 500 copies on Black & Green Marble, Pareidolia will include 4 bonus tracks, including covers of Twisted Sister’s “Captain Howdy” and Danzig’s “How the Gods Kill”.

“With every studio session we’ve ever done, we always throw down on some of our favorite covers at the end of live tracking,” explains drummer Jeremy Brenton. “This was just the perfect time to open the vault and pull out our favorites.”

In addition, DEMON LUNG have included an old, original track. “’Pray For Rain’ is a song that we recorded around the same time as the original Pareidolia EP. We wanted to keep it to 4 songs so we dropped it before finishing the solo section”, clarifies Jeremy.

Finally, the reissue includes a surprise cut, a cover of Seattle friends and frequent touring partners Wounded Giant’s “The Road to Middian.”

“We jammed the song with Wounded Giant at the end of their set on tour every night,” clarifies Jeremy. “[Wounded Giant singer/guitarist] Bobby James came down to hang out with us and we figured we should try to record it for posterity.”

“We are still very proud of the original EP and are stoked to have it finally issued on vinyl through M-Theory! Why now? I don’t really have a good answer for that. We wanted to put it on Vinyl and we had enough to fill up the other side. Lol.”

Preorder DEMON LUNG’s Pareidolia now at

Demon Lung, Pareidolia (2012)

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