GIVEAWAY: Enter to Win a Copy of Ogre’s The Last Neanderthal!

Posted in Features on March 24th, 2014 by JJ Koczan

Well, this one pretty much sells itself. Leave a comment on this post to enter to win a copy of Portland, Maine, trio Ogre‘s new CD, The Last Neanderthal, from Minotauro Records. I’ve got one copy of the album to give away (plus some nifty buttons), and as long as you enter with your email address in the appropriate box in the comment form, you’re eligible to make it yours.

Two things to note: First, I don’t keep email addresses and I wouldn’t know what to do with them if I did, so if privacy is your concern, I have neither the time nor the inclination to violate it perhaps other than with a note to let you know you’ve won the CD. Second, the album (review here) smokes and is well worth your time. Presented with weathered-looking art from drummer Will Broadbent in a sturdy gatefold-style digipak, it’s a doomer’s delight of underground riff worship and heavy groove, up to and including the cover “Soulless Woman,” originally performed by ’70s heavy rockers Ogre. Yup, Ogre covers Ogre. The concept alone should be enough to blow your mind.

If not, be sure to check out the most excellent Lego video for The Last Neanderthal highlight “Nine Princes in Amber,” posted for a refresher of the album’s righteousness and will to not take itself too seriously. Ogre —¬†Broadbent, guitarist Ross Markonish and bassist/vocalist¬†Ed Cunningham — have also just been added to the bill of The Eye of the Stoned Goat 4, which is set to take place May 3 and 4 at Ralph’s Rock Diner in Worcester, Massachusetts. They’ll be in good company alongside the reunited Sixty Watt Shaman, Kings Destroy, Beelzefuzz and many others.

CD winner is chosen at random. Good luck to everyone who enters and thanks for your continued support of this site.

Leave a comment on this post to win! Don’t forget to include your email address in the contact form!

Ogre, “Nine Princes in Amber” Lego video

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Ogre Pick up the Pieces in “Nine Princes in Amber” Lego Video

Posted in Bootleg Theater on February 11th, 2014 by JJ Koczan

Portland, Maine, doom rockers Ogre have booked a release party for their forthcoming fourth full-length and first in six years, The Last Neanderthal. The show is set to take place March 14 at Geno’s in the trio’s hometown, and the recently reactivated Eldemur Krimm, as well as Sunrunner, share the bill. Minotauro Records has the release of the album, as previously reported, and the first new Ogre audio since 2008’s Plague of the Planet has surfaced in the form of a stop-motion video for the song “Nine Princes in Amber.”

A catchy, upbeat rocker of a track, set to be the second on the record, “Nine Princes in Amber” finds Lego visual accompaniment. We get to see all nine princes, we get to see sword and gunfights, and if I’m not mistaken, there are even a few ogres in there as well (at very least orcs). The clip is good fun and the song itself rips, so it seems only appropriate to share. Let’s hope this sets off a spate of Lego stop-motion doom clips, soon enough to be compiled onto a DVD and sold until either a lawsuit or broken legs at the hand of a Lego goon squad occurs. A goon squad easily disassembled into their component parts and rearranged into mutants with extra torsos where their legs should be, of course.

Video and show info follow. Right on:

Ogre, “Nine Princes in Amber” official video

Little Will C. has completed the first official video from “The Last Neanderthal!”

OGRE is now ready to unveil our new disc to the world, “The Last Neanderthal.” We’re happy to announce that we will be appearing with our old friends ELDEMUR KRIMM, who have recently reemerged, and prog rock superstars Sunrunner, who just came out with a whopper of a new disc, as well!

Ogre CD release event page

Ogre on Thee Facebooks

Minotauro Records

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