Oui Oui Fest 2015: Ararat, Metamorfica, Acorazado Potemkin and More to Play

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Argentina’s Oui Oui Records has announced the lineup for the 2015 Oui Oui Fest, which is set for Sept. 19 at the Niceto Club in Buenos Aires. Headlining will be Ararat, and they’re joined on the bill by Acorazado PotemkinFutbolEl PerrodiabloLas Diferencias and Metamorfica for a varied evening of heaviness and rock. Oui Oui has been going for more than a decade now, and they’ll use both stages at the Niceto Club to further celebrate their commitment to Argentinian bands at what will no doubt be a killer time for those who get to check it out.

Before we get to the lineup preliminaries, links and the audio of Metamorfica‘s recently-issued Cisma, which is well worth your ears, I want to say a special thanks to Félix Bunge for taking the time to translate the info for posting here. Very much appreciated.

Here’s that info:

oui oui fest 2015

Oui Oui Fest 2015

Bring together in an evening to the emerging bands more thriving seal will be the Oui Oui Fest 2015, the event will be on Saturday, September 19, and the venue is Niceto Club. (Niceto Vega 5510, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina) The event will be held in the entire complex, i.e. side A and B, using both scenarios in turn giving continuity to the shows.

The event will start at 19:30 hours with Dj Cobra Rod (Poseidotica) and Dj Satanchuk (Oui Oui Records) through music to the beginning of the first band.

The bands that play on the B side will be the EL PERRODIABLO – LAS DIFERENCIAS – METAMORFICA


There will be Merchandising position where you can get all the catalog of the label. The tickets can be obtained by system Ticketek (http://www.ticketek.com.ar/oui-oui-fest/niceto-club) at the box office of Niceto Club (Niceto Vega 5510, Palermo) or the Office of Oui Oui Records (Soler 6090 (, Palermo)

Listen to all the bands participating at the label’s Bandcamp: http://ouiouirecords.bandcamp.com/

Keep Rocking, Stay Free


Metamorfica, Cisma (2015)

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Monday Morning Full Show: Ararat Live at Niceto Club, Buenos Aires, 2012

Posted in Bootleg Theater on December 17th, 2012 by JJ Koczan

Of all the ways to possibly start off this week, somehow a full set makes the most sense, and the way this this pro-shot 49-minute Ararat gig from earlier this year lurches to life only reminds me of the slow ascent into consciousness I made not so terribly long ago, pulled ahead as I tried to resist by the digitized chime of the alarm clock. They do four songs in their allotted time: “Caballos,” “Lobos de Guerra y Cazadores de Elefantes,” “La Ira del Dragon (Parte 1),” and the new cut “Nicotina y Destruccion” that will presumably be out on their third album next year.

Actually, if you want to dig into that song further — and why not? — there’s a demo the band posted on Sergio Chotsourian‘s often and quietly updated Soundcloud page:

One more thing to look forward to in 2013. At some point I’ll get a list of those up before the New Year. I’ve got my notes in progress right here on my desk next to my Top 20 of 2012 list, which currently has 26 acts on it. I’ll work on whittling that down and hope to post it sometime before this week is out. I’m thinking tomorrow, but don’t want to lock myself into anything since time’s short these days however quiet things are supposed to be in the music industry around the holidays. Doom never sleeps.

In the meantime, I’ve got a new column from Chris “Woody” MacDermott that will be posted shortly, and a review of the Serpent Throne, EYE and Randall of Nazareth gig I saw Friday night in Philly. If you’ve sent me an email in the last week or so, I apologize for the delay in getting back. And that’s not just “hey here’s my Bandcamp it took me 30 seconds to write this email now go spend seven hours reviewing it”-type emails either. It’s friends. I hope to catch up on that today as well and spend some time preparing for an interview tomorrow with guitarist Arthur Seay of Unida/House of Broken Promises about what’s going on with his bands, Unida headlining both Desertfests, and so on. Dude seems to pretty much have life figured out. Maybe I’ll ask him what that feels like.

Oh, the drama.

If you’ve been keeping up with The Obelisk Radio, then you probably already saw that in the last week or so, another 200-plus albums have gone up. There’s some genuine classics in there, from C.O.C. to Earthride to Neurosis, and I’ve tried to mix in some new bands and obscure stuff as well to keep in the original K666 spirit. I hope you’ve had the chance to listen and if you have, hope you’ve dug it. Like everything else around here, that’s a work in progress, but it’s getting there.

Time to buckle down and start the week. Whatever you’ve got on your to-do list, I hope you complete it quickly and can move about as you will for the remainder of the day, and while doing so, I hope you’ll keep things in mind like the forum and the radio station as effective and enjoyable ways to pass the time. For the time being, I’m gonna finish out watching this Ararat set, grab a second cup of coffee and see if I can’t trick my brain into starting up. Here we go.

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