Magnetic Eye Records Completes Backing for Vol. 4 Redux & The Best of Black Sabbath Tributes

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Interested to see how¬† best online resume writing service Need A Business Plan Written powerpoint on resume writing for high school students doctor faustus essay secondrate magician The Best of Black Sabbath pans out as well, with Year of the Cobra,¬†Elephant Tree and¬†Earthless¬†and a host of others confirmed. I saw Elephant Tree do a killer version of “Paranoid” live this past Fall. Wouldn’t mind a studio take on that from them as well.

But really, there’s no way to lose here.

Word from Magnetic Eye follows:

vol 4 redux

If you told us even as recently as six weeks ago that we’d be working on a Redux version of Black Sabbath’s Volume 4 and, before the end of March, artists including The Obsessed, Whores, Zakk Wylde, and Matt goddamn Pike would have all committed to be part of the project, we would’ve probably answered, “Wow.”

And if you’d then said, “Oh yeah, you’ll also assemble a Best of Black Sabbath companion LP featuring Earthless, Elephant Tree, Year of the Cobra, and tons of other great artists including a whole crop of brand-new Magnetic Eye roster bands, who by the way you’ll find time to sign during all the madness of your Vol. 4 Kickstarter,” we’d have most likely said, “piss off.”

And yet, here we are, and all of the above has come to pass.

We are indeed reduxing Volume 4 and offering up a Best of Sabbath companion record, we do have some of the greatest heavy artists in the world committed to be part of this project, and we did somehow find time to sign three new bands during all of this, each of whom we’ll have a new record coming from later this year, and all of whom we’re inviting to be part of the project.

So, yeah. Wow.




Elephant Tree
Scott Reeder
Chris Wyse
Year of the Cobra
Leather Lung
Caustic Casanova
Dead Witches

Black Sabbath, “Snowblind”

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Matt Pike Selling Signed Limited Edition ‘Rabid Mammal’ Guitar Pedals

Posted in Whathaveyou on March 15th, 2017 by JJ Koczan

I’m just going to assume that if you’ve ever seen¬†Matt Pike tear into a shred-your-skin-from-your-bones solo either on stage with¬†High on Fire or in any of the infinite number of live clips of him with that band or with¬†Sleep on YouTube, you probably don’t need to be told why his signature guitar pedal from¬†Black Arts Toneworks is called the ‘Rabid Mammal.’ As a player, he’s rightly earned a reputation for the kind of I-just-make-this-happen abandon that has typified guitar greats for generations, and the unhinged sensibility of his style is just one aspect of his accomplishments with his weapon of choice.

Pike and the Chattanooga, Tennessee-based pedal maker first released the ‘Rabid Mammal’ late last year. It’s a limited edition creation, featuring art by¬†Alyssa Maucere and the guitarist himself — begging the question why he’s never done a cover for¬†High on Fire, though that’s not to take anything away from the gorgeousness that adorned the front of 2015’s¬†Luminiferous (review here)¬†— and though it’s been out for a while,¬†Pike has put a batch of 18 up for sale at the link below, signed and everything. If you ever wanted to directly support the guy, this would seem to be the opportunity to do exactly that.

Next month,¬†Sleep have a couple US shows ahead of heading abroad for a headlining spot at¬†Desertfest London 2017. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for a new recording of some sort this year, but I’ve yet to hear solid word of such a thing materializing. Doesn’t mean it can’t happen though. They’ll of course be at Psycho Las Vegas in August as well.

Pedal info and live dates follow:

matt pike black arts toneworks rabid mammal

Introducing the Rabid Mammal

Working in tandem with Matt Pike ( Sleep/High on Fire) Black Arts Toneworks are excited to announce this new Boost/Fuzz.

The Rabid Mammal consists of two separate circuits which compliment and push your tone in two different directions.

The Boost function will add a searing amount of treble and upper mids. Controls are: Treble and Volume

The Fuzz function will add a thunderous amount of low mids and and a foggy lowend with a somewhat loose sludgy feel. Controls are : Volume, Fuzz, Tone, High, Pre, and a toggle for Led or Mosfet clipping.

Switching is independent and true bypass.

Artwork by Matt Pike and Alyssa Maucere. Graphic layout by Jason @ Gr8Scott Graphics.

Sleep live:
APR 19 First Avenue Minneapolis MN
APR 20 Majestic Theater Madison, WI
APR 22 White Oak Music Hall Houston, TX
APR 23 Decibel Metal and Beer Festival The Fillmore Philadelphia, PA
APR 30 Desertfest London 2017 Camden Roundhouse London
JUN 3 Primavera Sound 2017 Barcelona, Spain
AUG 12 Alcatraz Festival Kortrijk, Belgium
AUG 18-20 Psycho Las Vegas Hard Rock Las Vegas, NV

Matt Pike Rabid Mammal pedal demo

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Friday Full-Length: Kalas, Kalas

Posted in Bootleg Theater on August 12th, 2016 by JJ Koczan

Kalas, Kalas (2006)

Kalas was a short-lived five-piece fronted by Matt Pike of High on Fire and Sleep. During their time together, which reportedly started in 2003, they released one full-length, self-titled, on Tee Pee Records. They did not tour extensively. I remember seeing them at SXSW 2006 in Austin, Texas, at a day party sponsored by Vice — at the time I had no idea what Vice was, but Witch were also playing, so I wasn’t missing it either way — and watching as Pike rushed through the crowd to get on stage because the band’s set was about to start. It was that kind of thing. Someone would tell me later that Kalas essentially came out of his desire to practice his vocals and expand his range for High on Fire — which the album Kalas most definitely does on songs like “Frozen Sun” and “Mother’s Tears” — but I think the appeal of the record goes further than that.

Consider that in 2006, Sleep were still broken up, seemingly permanently. With High on Fire, Pike released Blessed Black Wings in 2005 and would follow it up with Death is this Communion in 2007, indeed having greatly expanded his vocal range. Kalas‘ self-titled is not only a bridge between those two albums, but also a tie to the more purely stonerized riffing of Sleep — or at very least is less maniacally metal than High on Fire were at the time and have only grown to be more so. By stepping back and not playing guitar, Pike gave crucial ground to six-stringers Andy Christ (ex-Eldopa) and Paul Kott (ex-High Tone Son of a Bitch) and led the band, which also included bassist Brad Reynolds and drummer Scott Plumb, in a different way than he ever had before or than he has since. He only played guitar in Sleep, but in Kalas, he only sang (minus a solo on “Frozen Sun”), and that became a defining feature of the group and the album.

Honestly, that would probably be enough to pique interest, but the album continues to deliver quality in the performance of the entire band and the songwriting. It’s not as rampage-prone as High on Fire, but Kalas grooves fluidly across its nine tracks, and the lyrics tackle issues of addiction and the resulting effects on life in a more direct way than Pike ever had before. It became a vibe that, on subsequent releases, might’ve come to develop along a path separate from anything else Pike was involved in, but instead it kind of languished behind the booming popularity of High on Fire — who were in the midst of doing some of their best work to-date — and the reunion of Sleep, which began in 2009. The self-titled would be the only thing they ever put out. Copies still float around, and if you’re lucky you might be able to find one in a used rack somewhere, but it continues to surprise me how little mention Kalas get in the Matt Pike discography, since they were unlike anything he’d done before or would do again. And, again, the songs hold up even a decade later.

More pre-social media heavy seemingly given up to the ages, awaiting reissue. Hope you enjoy.

I lost a little weight recently and so have been digging out some old t-shirts from boxes in the basement in hopes that they might fit. I chose the¬†Kalas record because apparently at some point I purchased a¬†Kalas t-shirt with the album cover on it. Must have been at that¬†SXSW show, though I couldn’t say for sure — it was a long decade ago and I never went to Austin that I didn’t spend the entire half-week bordering on blackout drunk. Or my 20s. Ha.

Anyway, I think I might wear that¬†Kalas shirt to¬†The Obelisk All-Dayer, which is only eight days away. It’s pretty new looking. I might’ve never worn it before.

If you don’t have your tickets yet for¬†The Obelisk All-Dayer, which is Aug. 20 at¬†Saint Vitus Bar, get them here:¬†

Next week the countdown to that show will continue. Look for exclusive and awesome stuff from¬†Funeral Horse,¬†King Buffalo and¬†Heavy Temple, and maybe a special writeup for the afterparty as well, because I’m really stoked on bringing¬†Walter Roadburn and¬†Adam¬†from¬†The Golden Grass on board to DJ after¬†Mars Red Sky plays. It’s going to be such an awesome day. Please come. Please show up.

Also next week, look out for a review and some kind of audio premiere for the new¬†Second Grave album,¬†Blacken the Sky.¬†To be followed Tuesday (I think) by¬†Wretch and¬†Wednesday by¬†Blues Funeral. There’s more for later in the week, I’m just not sure what it is yet. Doing the¬†All-Dayer countdown has put me way behind on videos as well. Might take a day to get caught up. We’ll see how it goes.

I hope you have a great and safe weekend. Please get your The Obelisk All-Dayer tickets, and please check out the forum and radio stream.

The Obelisk All-Dayer

The Obelisk Forum

The Obelisk Radio

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Here’s Some Sleep Rehearsal Footage from 2009

Posted in Bootleg Theater on September 4th, 2013 by JJ Koczan

I don’t need an excuse to post this Sleep rehearsal footage from 2009, so I’m not going to give one. It’s just awesome, and of all the poorly lit rehearsal room videos I’ve seen, this one for “Evil Gypsy/Solomon’s Theme” from the singularly righteous Sleep’s Holy Mountain makes a case for the top spot. Presumably at this point they were preparing for their reunion appearances at All Tomorrow’s Parties, though I don’t know that for a fact. Aside from being generally killer, the clip earns extra notoriety for featuring the original trio lineup — Al Cisneros on bass/vocals, Matt Pike on guitar and Chris Hakius on drums. Of course as time went on and Sleep continued to play shows, Hakius would be replaced by Jason Roeder of Neurosis, who’s more than ably filled that role since.

It would be more than a year’s time before¬†Sleep¬†came east at all, so it’s cool to see an intimate glimpse at the band as they were just getting going again. You can see Hakius rubbing his right knee in the break between the song’s two parts. I guess maybe he was still getting used to playing the songs after a long absence of doing so. He retired from Sleep (and Om) after All Tomorrow’s Parties, so it’s somewhat rare to see him at all at this point in comparison to all the videos of¬†Sleepplaying live since. Again, not that I need an excuse to post, but there’s one if you want it.


Sleep, “Evil Gypsy/Solomon’s Theme” (2009 Rehearsal)

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2012 Comeback of the Year: High on Fire, De Vermis Mysteriis

Posted in Features on December 18th, 2012 by JJ Koczan

I guess the first question here is, “Did High on Fire actually ever need to make a comeback?” Here’s how I see it: After signing with E1 in 2009 following a long tenure on Relapse Records, the Oakland, CA, trio released Snakes for the Divine (review here) in 2010. Song-wise, you could hardly call the album a dip in quality from what Matt Pike (guitar/vocals), Des Kensell (drums) and Jeff Matz (bass) brought to bear on 2007’s thunderous Death is this Communion, but the difference was in the production and presentation of the album. The songs were as thrashing as ever, but all of a sudden, they were also irrevocably, undeniably clean. And if there’s one thing High on Fire had never sounded before, it’s clean.

During the album cycle for Snakes for the Divine, I recall catching a High on Fire show in NYC and thinking that the band were done with the underground entirely, and that in time, strong>Snakes would be the turning point when they went from a visceral experience, influential even as they were still driving towards some yet-unknown creative apex, to a watered down and more accessible version of what they once were. Doubtless they could pull off such a transition and grow a wider audience for themselves, but for the fans who’d been with them since their earlier days when Pike, began to feel out this brash new musical direction after ending his time in Sabbathian legends Sleep, it wouldn’t ever be the same again.

That’s just not the way it turned out. At all.

With this year’s De Vermis Mysteriis (review here), High on Fire didn’t so much return to form as they did break the mold, smashing it on a sharply executed bed of thickened thrash extremity. The songs managed to capture every potential appeal of Snakes for the Divine — whether it was the opening catchiness of “Serums of Laio,” the rhythmic intensity of “Madness of an Architect,” searing turns of “Spiritual Rites” or the epic storytelling of powerful closing duo “Romulus and Remus” and “Warhorn” — and coupled with the production of¬†Converge¬†guitarist Kurt Ballou at his Godcity Studios in Salem, Massachusetts, they brimmed with tonal largesse and a sense of danger that hinted at a method behind High on Fire’s madness that had never been there before. To put a point on it, De Vermis Mysteriis didn’t just happen by mistake.

Somewhere along the line, the band decided that their sixth album was indeed going to be a turn, not to a more commercial direction but instead away from it, and while the rough edges and post-stonerisms of early records The Art of Self-Defense (2000) and Surrounded by Thieves (2002) were gone, the progression came across naturally, not contrived. High on Fire were tighter, meaner than ever, and the songs the wrote, the presentation and the vague-but-characteristic narrative showed that. In the best case scenario of any long-running outfit’s latest album, everything they’d done before felt like it was leading up to the newest triumph.

All wasn’t well in the band, and dropping off the touring Mayhem festival this summer, Pike entered rehab. It was a move that significantly derailed their momentum, given the breadth of new audience they would’ve reached on the road alongside the likes of Slipknot and Slayer, but when High on Fire returned to the road for a headlining tour this fall alongside extreme metal stalwarts Goatwhore as well as Primate and Lo-Pan (review here) just wrapping up this week, the difference in the band was readily apparent. This too was a kind of comeback, even if the span of time was relatively short. They were focused, driven and delivering a performance that matched the severity of the album while also showcasing a conscious mastery of their environment — i.e. the stage — that even at their most crazed, they’d never had before.

Where High on Fire go from here is anyone’s best guess. European headlining dates set for February 2013 will lead into festival spots at Roadburn and doubtless others, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them get another shot at Mayhem next summer — but what matters is that whatever heights High on Fire reach in the next several years, they will have done so on their own terms and by continuing to push themselves forward creatively. They will arrive not bowing to pressure to be something they’ve never been, but as the conquering marauders, axes in hand and blood dripping from their mouths. Nothing could be truer to their spirit.

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High on Fire Unveil Video for “Fertile Green”

Posted in Bootleg Theater on August 16th, 2012 by JJ Koczan

If the awesomeness of that Sleep promo shot yesterday wasn’t enough for you as regards Matt Pike visuals, I humbly submit the following video for High on Fire‘s “Fertile Green” from De Vermis Mysteriis, followed by the latest news on Pike‘s condition post-rehab.

Dig it:

HIGH ON FIRE Debuts “Over the Top” New Music Video “FERTILE GREEN”

HIGH ON FIRE is back! ¬†The world famous California metal band has announced that superstar front man and guitarist Matt Pike has emerged from his recent treatment for alcohol rehabilitation¬†and is ready to conquer the world! ¬†HIGH ON FIRE celebrates by releasing the first music video from its new album De Vermis Mysteriis, for the potent track “Fertile Green“. ¬†Described as the “wildest video in heavy metal history”, “Fertile Green” was directed, animated and edited by Phil Mucci for Doomsday Entertainment (Passion Pit, Islands) and is a “frantic psychedelic experience” that expands on De Vermis Mysteriis‘¬†deeply mystical undercurrent and story of “the Christ Twin”,¬†combining scenes of the past and future with “the story of Balteazeen’s sacrifice to the Oracle of Green.”

With a healthy Pike back at the helm, HIGH ON FIRE now prepares to bring De Vermis Mysteriis to stages across the planet and will kick off its global domination with a string of Australian tour dates in September. ¬†When asked for comment on how he’s feeling, Pike proclaims, “As I acclimate back to society, I realize the beast within is even sharper and stronger!”

HIGH ON FIRE tour dates:
September 28 Melbourne, AUS Gershwin Room (
September 29 Sydney, AUS Manning Bar (
September 30 Brisbane, AUS The Zoo (


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