Martyrdoom Festival to Make Brooklyn Debut in June

Posted in Whathaveyou on January 6th, 2012 by JJ Koczan

You know what’s more fun than adding the word “doom” to parts of other words? Nothing, that’s what. So when I saw the news that good people at BrooklynVegan, Catharsis PR and elsewhere are behind a new fest — and that they decided to call it Martyrdoom — well, the wordplay was just the icing on the extreme metal cake. Doomcake. There — I told you it was fun.

Here’s the info and poster for the fest, ripped from the headlines over at BrooklynVegan:

Signature Riff, BrooklynVegan, Order of the Serpent, and Catharsis PR are proud to announce the inaugural Martyrdoom fest! The two-stage Brooklyn metal extravaganza will feature exclusive area performances from Dead Congregation (Greece), Grave Miasma (United Kingdom) and Cruciamentum (United Kingdom), along with rare appearances from names like Sanguis Imperem (California), Kommandant (Illinois), Prosanctus Inferi (Ohio), Anu (North Carolina), Encoffination (Georgia/California), Father Befouled (Georgia/California), Perdition Temple (Florida), and Evoken (New Jersey), and will go down across two stages at Public Assembly on June 30th. Tickets are on sale NOW and will set you back $20 in advance and $27 at the door.

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