audiObelisk: Stream Lamprey’s The Burden of Beasts EP in its Entirety

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As the centerpiece, longest and arguably most complex track, “Celestial Stag” is an immediate focal point, but really, the whole EP shows that Lamprey have set to work crafting songs that are more than just low end stoner riffs and shouting. Just to turn the formula on its head, “Sceptre of Sorado” has Floydian psychedelic swirl and a shredding guitar solo — take that, expectation — as well as Moog-ified sprawl, and closer “Lord Fire Giant” bursts out with a thicker (obviously), more aggressive take on “Hole in the Sky,” leaving no question on where Lamprey‘s roots lie, in whatever direction they might grow now and in the future.

To find out for yourself just how heavy the Burden is, check it out on the player below, followed by a few words from the band:

Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!

“Portland, Oregon’s Lamprey humbly offers to the heavy-music community The Burden of Beasts, our new EP of dual-bass riff worship and dark lore. Engineered and mixed by Adam Pike at Toadhouse Studios and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege with artwork by Noelle Barce at Epochal Void, The Burden of Beasts is a bigger, badder monster because of the many talented people who helped us make it, and we are grateful. We encourage you to download it for free from our Bandcamp page, and please — let’s all do our part to support heavy music by going to shows, hitting the merch booths, sharing/liking/reviewing bands on the interwebs, and of course rocking the fuck out. Thank you all for the leg up… now turn it up and release the beast!” — Justin Brown

Lamprey will mark the official release of The Burden of Beasts with a show this Saturday at The Tonic Lounge in Portland. Also performing will be Mane of the Cur, Doomsower and charm specialists Witchasaurus Hex. Click the poster to enlarge.

For those not in the immediate vicinity of Portland (and I guess for those who are, too), Lamprey‘s The Burden of Beasts will be available shortly for purchase and download via their Bandcamp page. You can also hit them up on Thee Facebooks here.

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