Libido Fuzz Post New Video for “Redemption of the Bison”

Posted in Bootleg Theater on October 7th, 2014 by JJ Koczan

libido fuzz (Photo by Rui Manuel Fonseca)

Sometimes a laid-back fuzz jam feels just right, and that’s where Libido Fuzz‘s “Redemption of the Bison” finds me this afternoon. The Bordeaux trio are on the road now having just played the Blizzard Mountain fest alongside Mars Red Sky and Naam, among others, and they’re gearing up for the release of their debut full-length, Kaleido Lumo Age, for which they’ll celebrate the release in their hometown with Doctor Cyclops on Oct. 21 as part of the Mars Red Sky-associated “Make it Sabbathy” series of shows.

There seems to be some measure of debate as to when the record is actually out, the band saying this month and the info for the video — which is by MrStonebeliever and compiled from manipulated and psyched-out stock footage of, among other things, bisons — says 2015, but whenever it shows up, Kaleido Lumo Age will be released by Pink Tank Records and no doubt “Redemption of the Bison” only tells part of the story in terms of its warmly-fuzzed boogie. Still, at just about nine minutes long, it’s nothing to scoff at as far as samples go.

Cool stuff, and it manages a ’70s vibe without coming across like flat-out Graveyard worship, so all the better. Clip is below, followed by some background on the band, if you’d like to familiarize:

Libido Fuzz, “Redemption of the Bison” official video

Libido Fuzz is a heavy tuned hard rocking psychedelic boogie band.The three piece out of Bordeaux/France, Nick Blazy (Bass), Thibault Guezennec (Drums) and Pierre-Alexis Mengual (Vocals/Guitar), started up in 2012 with their mind blowing and unique sound. Libido Fuzz combines classic elements of finest 70’s psychedelic music and mixes it up with tasty hard driven Blues stuff. In 2013 Libido Fuzz was on tour, sharing the stages in southern Europe with acts like Kadavar, The Machine, Sungrazer and Mars Red Sky and built up a huge fan base, that shows how energetic and intensive the bands’ style is. European tour is in the pipeline for October this year, also the first longplayer will be released via Pink Tank Records

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