Kanaan and Ævestaden Release Collaborative Single “Habbor og Signe”

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Yeah, this came out a bit ago at this point, a week or two, fine. It’s been kind of a busy time, so maybe a bit of slack could be cut. And I know the nature of the internet and music right now is a thing exists for about a week before it’s released and maybe three days thereafter before the next whatever comes along, but this collaborative track between Norwegian trio Kanaan and countrymen neofolk troupe Ævestaden, a take on the traditional song “Habbor og Signe,” is vibrant enough that I wanted to put it here regardless of time, if only to say I hope they do a full record together.

It wouldn’t be the first time Kanaan as a whole turned into another entire band — see also Full Earth — but either way, the way they give a sense of classic shuffle, Nordic folk, and tight progressive turns is engrossing for only being a five-minute jaunt. Maybe it’s a one-off thing, and if so, fine, but it’s vibrant enough that I don’t imagine you’ll have any trouble hearing what I mean about the potential. You’ll find the stream under the links.

The info came from Bandcamp, I’m pretty sure:

kanaan and aevestaden habbor og signe

Here’s a new collaboration that should arouse attention and excite music lovers with open ears. The psychedelic power trio Kanaan and the neo-folk innovators Ævestaden are both among Norway’s busiest and most critically lauded bands. Now, the two powerful young bands combine musical forces, with an altogether unique outcome.

The medieval ballad “Habbor og Signe” has been updated and showcases new musical sides of both Kanaan and Ævestaden.

Produced by Kanaan and Ævestaden. All arrangements by Kanaan and Ævestaden.
Mix and master by Hans Martin Rundberg Austestad.
Rose painting by Eir Vatn Strøm and layout by Jakob Skøtt.
This release was supported by Norsk kulturråd.

Ask Vatn Strøm – guitar, vocals
Eir Vatn Strøm – vocals, kravik lyre
Eskild Myrvoll – bass, vocals
Ingvald André Vassbø – drums, vocals
Kenneth Lien – vocals, electric guitar
Levina Storåkern – vocals, fiddle, octave fiddle




Kanaan & Ævestaden, “Habbor og Signe”

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