10 Days of SHoD XIII, Pt. 8: Gritter Welcome You to the Sinkhole

Posted in Features on November 4th, 2013 by JJ Koczan

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I have yet to post something about this band — Kent on vocals, Adam Kravitz on guitar, Justin Wolz on bass and Kevin White on drums — and not have someone they’ve rubbed the wrong way chime in about it (you can check the comments on past reviews for proof if you’d like), but I think there’s something to be said for an act who elicit a strong response one way or another, and it’s hard not to have an opinion listening to Welcome to the Sinkhole. Superficially, the elements at work are familiar, but to dig below the surface of a song like “Sayonara” is to reveal something not only ably structured in terms of its verse and chorus progression, but a thick, professionally-presented groove. Kent‘s balance of screams and cleaner singing adds drive to the arrangements throughout, whether it’s propelling the adrenaline of “Bowie” or adding just a touch of melody to the early verses in “Sayonara,” and the music behind him is no less thoughtfully constructed. I’m not sure where the animosity comes from, but there are a whole lot of bands out there working from a similar base of influence as Gritter on Welcome to the Sinkhole who don’t put as much of themselves into their songs as these guys seem to do.

The penultimate instrumental “Sea of Trees” makes a well-placed change of pace after four pummelers in a row, and a linear build not only showcases the foursome’s ability to work in more than verse/chorus songwriting, but provides a lead-in to the resurgent aggression of closer “Drunk Tank,” also the longest song on Welcome to the Sinkhole at 5:51, the extra time dedicated to a stretch of this-is-the-mosh-part riffing and a final slowdown that only makes the chugging more vicious and which Kent can’t seem to help himself from topping with like-minded screams and venomous spitting. Can’t say I blame him. Gritter‘s sound is less burly than some, but lacks nothing for chestbeating, and with the crisp production and clear intent toward Southern metal brutality, they’re just about asking for every scream they get. After three years since their last release, they’re almost frighteningly mature on Welcome to the Sinkhole, and whatever attention they’re able to glean from it is attention earned more or less by a punch in the face. Something tells me these guys are alright with pissing people off.

Gritter play Stoner Hands of Doom XIII on Thursday, Nov. 7, at Strange Matter in Richmond, Virginia, sharing the bill that night with Clamfight, Druglord, Compel, Pillbuster and more. Welcome to the Sinkhole was released in July in a variety of vinyl editions — black and red swirl, white with black swirl, lavender with black swirl — as well as on CD and download, all of which (except for some of the vinyl, which is sold out) are available from the band via Bandcamp, from whence I also nabbed the player with the album below:

Gritter, Welcome to the Sinkhole (2013)

Gritter on Thee Facebooks

Gritter on Bandcamp

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Gritter: What a Bunch of Rubes

Posted in Reviews on July 5th, 2010 by JJ Koczan

One of the most scathing comments I ever received to a review I wrote came in response to Rube’s Angry at the Missus EP. I don’t know what the Richmond, Virginia-based act did to piss off said commenter so much, but wow, ouch. I can only assume it was an accumulation of that kind of vitriol that led Rube to change their name to the somehow-even-more-Southern-sounding Gritter, which is the moniker they’re using to present their latest work, the self-released full-length Sour Mash and Spanish Moss.

Anyone who caught wind of the EP will be surprised at the upswing in production value on the long player. Gritter reportedly doubled their recording budget and it shows (as much as my liberal sensibilities are loath to equate money spent with quality attained, it makes a difference). The eight tracks total about 40 minutes, and everything on Sour Mash and Spanish Moss seems to be set for loud as possible Southern sludge. Of course, Eyehategod is a comparison point, but as voice-slinger Ryan Kent offers some clean vocals on “Deep Roller” and the band goes über-South rock behind him, it becomes clear Gritter have more to them than mere mimicry and genre adherence.

Still, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out just how much Kent, in voice, phrasing, rhythm, meter and scream, sounds like Phil Anselmo. It’s distracting, and much more so here than on the EP. Listening to the way his vocals are layered toward the end of “Thick as Thieves,” it’s so The Great Southern Trendkill that this review would be a farce if I didn’t make note of it. I like Anselmo’s style as much as the next guy, but Kent needs to inject more of his own personality into his work or Gritter is going to be held back by it in the long run. Listening, it pulls me out of the groove of Sour Mash and Spanish Moss, and that’s never a good thing.

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