Here are 40+ New Releases to Look for in the Next Three Weeks

Posted in Features on September 21st, 2017 by JJ Koczan

Starting tomorrow, the next three weeks are absolutely stupid with new albums. Over-the-top, ridiculous. An immediately-go-broke amount of music. Nothing less than an onslaught. We’re under attack.

Far be it from me to tell you how to spend your money — also far be it from me not to — but there’s some really killer stuff in here. As to why it’s all landing now? Some of it of course has to do with the timing of when it was recorded, bands hitting the studio in Spring before heading out on the road over the summer, but Fall releases also line up nicely for tours in October and November, heading into the holiday season, when the music industry basically shuts down. This is the last chance for releases to come out in 2017 and be considered for best-of-year lists.

I doubt the likes of┬áChelsea Wolfe or Godspeed You! Black Emperor or even Kadavar would cop to that as a motivating factor, instead pointing to the timing of Fall touring and so on, but these things are rarely coincidental. You know how there aren’t any blockbusters in January but every movie feels like it’s trying to win an Oscar? Same kind of deal.

Nonetheless, 2017 is laying it on particularly thick these next couple weeks, and as you can see in the lists below, if you’ve got cash to spend, you can pretty much choose your rock and roll adventure. I’ll add to this as need be as well, so keep an eye for changes:

Sept. 22:

Alcest, Souveinirs d’un Autre Monde (10th Anniversary Edition)
Brant Bjork, Europe ’16
Chelsea Wolfe, Hiss Spunthe-flying-eyes-burning-of-the-season
Epitaph, Claws
Faces of the Bog, Ego Death
The Flying Eyes, Burning of the Season
Fvzz Popvli, Fvzz Dei
Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Luciferian Towers
Jarboe & Father Murphy, Jarboe & Father Murphy
Monarch, Never Forever
Nibiru, Qaal Babalon
Process of Guilt, Black Earth
Satyricon, Deep Calleth Upon Deep
Spelljammer, Inches from the Sun (Reissue)
Thonian Horde, Inconnu
Trash Titan, Welcome to the Banana Party
Ufomammut, 8
With the Dead, Love from With the Dead
Wolves in the Throne Room, Thrice Woven

Sept. 29:

monolord rust
Cities of Mars, Temporal Rifts
Deadsmoke, Mountain Legacy
A Devil’s Din, One Hallucination Under God
Disastroid, Missiles
Jim Healey, Just a Minute More (Sept. 26)
Idylls, The Barn
Kadavar, Rough Times
Lucifer’s Chalice, The Pact
Monolord, Rust
Outsideinside, Sniff a Hot Rock
Radio Moscow, New Beginnings
Scream of the Butterfly, Ignition
Tronald, Tronald (Sept. 30)
Unsane, Sterilize
Wucan, Reap the Storm

Oct. 6:

fireball-ministry-remember-the-storyElder Druid, Carmina Satanae
Fireball Ministry, Remember the Story
Frank Sabbath, Are You Waiting? (Oct. 2)
Himmellegeme, Myth of Earth
House of Broken Promises, Twisted EP
O.R.B., Naturality
Primitive Man, Caustic
Spirit Adrift, Curse of Conception
Spotlights, Seismic
Sumokem, The Guardian of Yosemite
Torso, Limbs
White Manna, Bleeding Eyes


Oct. 13: Enslaved, Firebreather, I Klatus, R.I.P., Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats (reissue), Weird Owl, etc.

Oct. 20: Iron Monkey, Spectral Haze, Bell Witch, The Spacelords, etc.

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Invariably, right? If you know of something not seen above that should be, then by all means, please leave a comment letting me know. My only ask is that you keep it civil and not call me a fucking idiot or anything like that. I write these posts very early in the day, and if something has been neglected, I assure you it’s not on purpose and I’m happy to correct any and all oversights.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping. Support local record stores.

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Fvzz Popvli Announce European Tour; Fvzz Dei out Sept. 22

Posted in Whathaveyou on August 22nd, 2017 by JJ Koczan


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Anyhoozle, a week after they play the release show in their native Roma, Research Proposal Engineering online? Sometimes there just isn't enough time to properly get all of your essay work done. When that happens, you can turn to Ox Fvzz Popvli head off on a lengthy European run that will consume the bulk of October, which was also newly announced by their label. The following came down the PR wire:


Fvzz Popvli ON TOUR!!!

Heavy Psych Sounds Records & Booking is proud to announce the tour dates of FVZZ POPVLI

Magical Mistery Van & Heavy Psych Sounds are proud to announce the first leg of the “Fvzz Dei European Tour” from October the 5th to 22th in Italy, Germany, Swtizerland, Austria and France. Ready to catch FVZZ POPVLI around the EU? Here, their routing!

05.10.2017 – PARMA (IT) – TITTY TWISTER
07.10.2017 – GRAZ (A) – MUSICHOUSE
08.10.2017 – MUNCHEN (D) – GARAGE DELUXE
09.10.2017 – SALZBURG (A) – SECRET SHOW
10.10.2017 – MANNHEIM (D) – KURZBAR
12.10.2017 – POTSDAM (D) – BLECK FLECK
16.10.2017 – TBA
17.10.2017 – NANCY (F) – LA MACHINE A VAPEUR
19.10.2017 – PARIS (F) – OLYMPIC W/ NAXATRAS(GR)
20.10.2017 – ROUEN (F) – LES 3 P
21.10.2017 – LYON (F) – JACK JACK W/ MONKEY 3(CH) & LIBIDO FUZZ(F)
22.10.2017 – CECINA (IT) – TBA
27.10.2017 – PALESTRINA (IT) – MENTELOCALE 2.0
28.10.2017 – LATINA (IT) – TBA

The mighties Fvzz Popvli will present their debut album Fvzz Dei, that will be released on September 22nd !!!

“Fvzz Dei” wich in latin means “The Fuzz Of The Gods”, it’s the debut album of the roman Fuzz Rock trio named “Fvzz Popvli”. Datio on bass, Doncalisto on drums and Pootchie already guitar player from “The Wisdoom” and “Beesus” are ready for introduce you tribute to the Fuzzy sounds from the “Proto-Punk” till the modern “Heavy Psych”. “Fvzz Dei” will bring you into a rough and bluesy fuzzed-out universe. The album is produced mixed and mastered in Murduck Productions studio based in Rome, recorded with the warm sound of an analog mixer from italian 80’s tv shows, and mastered with a real tape analog support! The songwriting it’s a compromise between instrumental jammed songs and the “classic tune format”. The artwork conceived and maked by Rise Above, it’s a illustration about an ancient roman teathral mask, the first example amplification in the world. Just three words: FUZZ, ATTITUDE and ROCK’N’ROLL!

FRANCESCO “POOTCHIE” PUCCI – Guitar and Voice (BEESUS,The Wisdoom)
DATIO PALATIO – Bass (The Anthony’s Vinyls)
Doncalisto – Drums

Fvzz Popvli, Fvzz Popvli EP (2017)

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Fvzz Popvli Release Debut Single; Euro Tour Set for May

Posted in Whathaveyou on February 16th, 2017 by JJ Koczan

The fuzz of the people! History counsels healthy skepticism when it comes to anything taking on the tag ‘populi,’ but to say the least, the newcomer Roman trio seem to have brought enough fuzz for everybody. Their debut single, “Lost in Time” — for which you can see the lyrics below, sent as they were down the PR wire — is up now as a name-your-price download through Bandcamp, and both a first EP and a 10-date first European tour seem set to arrive in May, and the three-piece features guitarist/vocalist Pootchie (not to be confused, or maybe to be confused, I don’t really know, with the Simpsons character), who also made a full-length debut last year as a member of Beesus (review here).

In any case, “Lost in Time” gives Queens of the Stone Age-style riffing a garage-minded kick in the pants, and if you’ve got a couple minutes, you can get a sampling of it below. Social media presence is nil, but I also included the link to their Bandcamp, in case you’d like to read all the same stuff there as well.

Like thus:

fvzz popvli

FVZZ POPVLI – Lost in Time

Established in Rome under the will of three potheads… FvzzPopvli: a brand new trio with musicians coming from different experiences, with an addiction for heavy fuzzy riffs from the Black Sabbath era till the Palm Desert Scene, playing with a garage attitude in a heavy psych mood! The band is ready to promote their first single “Lost In TIme”, wich is actually an exclusive for Bandcamp with an up to you download. The upcoming “EP” is composed of five roaring songs, to quench your thirst of fuzzy and fat sounds!

Lost In Time, by FVZZ POPVLI

Lost In Time by FVZZ POPVLI, released 09 February 2017 Lets get high in the sky, no more sight to try, when you’re in the sky everything will be alright, high in the sky you’re not gonna die, when you feel alright, can you? let’s ride! Are you ready ready to take the flight? Are you ready, ready for the sky? Are you ready? I’m lost in time, are you ready… I, im gonna fly, i fly so high, i bet the skyyyy. Are you lost in time? Now you see me blind! Are you lost at home! And you feel it before! Are you ready, you’re not gonna die! Are you ready, you gonna ride!

POOTCHIE – Guitar and Voice (BEESUS,The Wisdoom)
DATIO PALATIO – Bass (The Anthony’s Vinyls)


EUROPEAN TOUR FROM 04.05.2017 TO 14.05.2017

Fvzz Popvli, “Lost in Time”

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