From Beyond Premiere “The Fall to Earth” from The Band From Beyond

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from beyond

Safe to say that the debut full-length from Austin, Texas, heavy rockers So next time you get the urge to say to someone else ďChocolate Business PlansĒ, contact us and say what you really mean Ė ďmake my essay rock!Ē. Get a price. I'm looking for. To complete my. Academic level. Number of pages. Number of words, or pages. Select level. Urgency. Your price: CONTINUE TO ORDER . On-time delivery. Every deadline is met. Our team knows and understands the importance From Beyond has been a while in the making. Six years at least. The four-piece, who signed to Kinds Of Nursing Research - Proposals and resumes at most attractive prices. No more Fs with our top essay services. begin working on your Candlelight/ Learn Successful Techniques from A Top Writing And Creativity. Transform your research and ideas into a powerful dissertation that will deliver a Spinefarm last summer with word of getting the album out in the Fall, have set an April 20 release for what’s been dubbed Home Ľ Accounting Assignment Help Online. Accounting Assignment Help Online. The moment you think who would Create A Business Plan Step By Step, The Band From Beyond with a clever sense of deceptiveness in that they are both actually called; it sounds both strange and like a life saver all thrown into one. So how can college papers be for sale? Itís not like something you can just pop down to your local Walmart and pick up with a carton of milk is it? Well no, itís not, but itís about as easy to do as that is. Maybe you could say itís even easier. After all, itís done online so you donít even From Beyond and throughout the album they show an affinity for classic horror and sci-fi, and so the title works on that level as well, like some grainy black and white horror flick you end up watching in the middle of the night on a tube television during your formative years after everyone else has gone to bed, forever warping your young mind and REM patterns as you fall asleep on the couch with the flashing lights and screams peppering their way into your subconscious.

By the way, any band that starts calling out Coffin Joe titles — see “At Midnght” — is cool by me.

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Though arrangements prove complex and diverse throughout as From Beyond work in a range of moods, styles and tempos, ultimately their debut album holds itself together with a surprising fluidity considering the amount of ground actually being covered. It’s hard to get a full sense of that in one track, whether it’s the melancholy heft that emerges in “Lost Way” or the pure thrust of “Machine Gun” or the flourish that the interludes bring to the surrounding material. I’m thrilled today to be able to host the premiere of “The Fall to Earth” ahead of the album’s release in April, and you’ll find the track below, followed by a quote from the band and more info from the PR wire.

Please enjoy:

From Beyond on “The Fall to Earth”:

I wrote “The Fall to Earth” on keys, with what was originally just the progression, and then the melody. I loved the way it felt to play, but when I plugged it into my Juno-106, it turned into something more than I could have expected. I wanted this song to be heavier than gravity. I think we achieved that in spades.

From Beyond are otherworldly and ominous. The music on their Candlelight debut lives up to the implications of the Texas band’s moniker. Sonically, the quartet-Rob [guitars, vocals, synthesizers], Dave [guitar, effects], Brooks [bass, synthesizers, vocals], and Anthony [drums, vocals]-gracefully resemble an orchestra of Kyuss, Soundgarden, and Rush, as if they were conducted by John Carpenter.

The band will release its full-length debut The Band From Beyond on April 20 via Candlelight Records.

On their debut, From Beyond wanted to do something that was steeped in psychedelic horror. They did so by fusing movie elements from the late ’60s and early ’70s. “Films like Simon King of the Witches, Psychomania, and the work of Coffin Joe come to mind. At the same time, I love the scores for Escape from New York and Halloween. I got really into that sparse and minimal approach to synthesis. I wanted to bring those elements to music inspired by Queens of the Stone Age, Sleep, and the writing of H.P. Lovecraft,” frontman Rob McCarthy explains.

In order to capture that combination, the band hunkered down in an Austin, Texas studio with The Sword bassist Bryan Richie in the producer’s chair. Over the course of seven days, they tracked the 14 songs comprising The Band From Beyond, utilizing everything from guitars to vintage analog synths and mellotron.

1. Invocation
2. The Fall to Earth
3. Blooming Sun
4. The Slip
5. Lost Way
6. The Color Into Space
7. The Color Out of Space
8. 11:59
9. At Midnight
10. Laura
11. Machine Gun
12. White Marble
13. Black Mirror
14. Synthetic Skin Pt. 1

The Band From Beyond preorders

From Beyond on Thee Faceboks

From Beyond on Bandcamp

Spinefarm Records on The Facebooks

Spinefarm Records on Twitter

Spinefarm Records website

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From Beyond Sign to Candlelight/Spinefarm; Debut Album Coming Soon

Posted in Whathaveyou on June 13th, 2017 by JJ Koczan

Been a minute since last we heard from Austin four-piece From Beyond, and by that I mean three years since they release their split single with ASG (premiered here) as a free download via Scion A/V. Remember those? Alas, the Scion era may be over, but From Beyond have apparently been working toward a bright future all the while, as the news arrives they’ve inked a deal to put out what will be their debut long-player this Fall via the combined efforts of Candlelight Records and Spinefarm Records. Not too shabby.

As it has been so long, I’m going to make the narrow-minded assumption the record — whatever it winds up being called — is already in the can and that it was duly shopped before being picked up, in part causing a delay. I don’t know any of that, of course, but it’s a narrative that fits. Could just be From Beyond took their time writing, or it’s still in progress. I know nothing about nothing.

Either way, it’s great news for the band, whose grim, suitably candlelit visages you can peep below, courtesy of the PR wire:

from beyond

Austin’s From Beyond have signed to Candlelight/Spinefarm.

With several EPs, including a split with ASG in their repertoire, the band is ready to take things to the next level by linking up with the label and releasing their debut album this fall.

With a tour history that includes gigs with The Sword, Purson, Truckfighters, and Saint Vitus, From Beyond make new fans and believers the minute they step on any stage.

Blending thundering amplifier stacks and massive drums with synthesizers and effects, the band create something hauntingly familiar in unexplored sonic territory.

Everything you love about horror and all things strange, dark, and heavy find their way into their music in a something-for-everyone approach that leaves no stone unturned ‚ÄĒ no matter how heavy.

From Beyond is:
Rob McCarthy – Guitar, Vocals, Synthesizers
Dave Grooman – Guitars
Anthony Vallejo – Drums
Brooks Willhoite- Bass

From Beyond, “The Fall to Earth”

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Heavy Metal Parking Lot 3: Two-Day SXSW Event Lineup Announced

Posted in Whathaveyou on January 14th, 2016 by JJ Koczan

The formidable likes of¬†Pentagram,¬†Weedeater,¬†Bongzilla,¬†Black Cobra,¬†Kings Destroy,¬†Lo-Pan, Mondo Drag,¬†Venomous Maximus,¬†Today is the Day and many more will take part in¬†Heavy Metal Parking Lot 3 this March in Austin, Texas, as part of¬†SXSW. A two-day event clustered in the madness that is the Texan capitol that week,¬†Heavy Metal Parking Lot 3 is set for March 18 and 19 at¬†The Lost Well, just north of 7th St., and far enough off 6th that if you happen to be in town for¬†SXSW, it’s an easily-enough justified walk (stumble) by the righteousness of those on the bill. You might as well just camp outside the venue to be sure you get back there on the second day.

Or, you know, fall asleep in the gutter, because that’s kind of how it goes at¬†SXSW, or at least it was the last time I was there. Though you can’t deny the wide reach of¬†Heavy Metal Parking Lot 3 in bringing in its headliners from around the Midwest and East and West Coasts, it’s worth pointing out the particular attention paid to supporting local acts, among them Texan outfits like¬†Venomous Maximus — who reportedly have a new album coming this year — as well as¬†Banquet,¬†Sweat Lodge,¬†Destroyer of Light,¬†From Beyond and so on. Cheers to¬†American Icon Presents for making sure all sides are represented.

Lineup follows here, in case you’d like to drool or book a flight or book me a flight, you know, whatever:

heavy metal parking lot 3 poster


Day 1 -Fri Mar 18
WEEDEATER ( Exclusive Performance )
Kings Destroy
Black Cobra
Author and Punisher
Today is the Day
Lord Dying
Lo Pan
Against the Grain

Day 2 – Sat Mar 19
PENTAGRAM ( Exclusive Performance)
Mondo Drag
Venomous Maximus
Sweat Lodge
The Blood Royale
Sabbath Crow

Destroyer of Light
From Beyond

Day 1 and Day 2 tickets Purchased Separately
Sponsored by American Icon Records (A.I.R)

Pentagram, “When the Screams Come” live at A.I.R. Expo

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From Beyond Premiere “The Fall to Earth” from Scion A/V Split with ASG

Posted in audiObelisk on March 18th, 2014 by JJ Koczan

Once, a very, very long time ago — okay, it was last December — thoroughly-synthed doom rockers From Beyond traveled from their native Houston to a much different land, Los Angeles. There, they met head to head in riffy combat with North Carolina’s ASG. Alright, so maybe it was less “riffy combat” and more of a Scion Rock Show, but either way, it happened. The date was Dec. 4, the show was free with an RSVP, and to continue their Rock Show series of releases that’s already resulted in the pairings of Fu Manchu/Moab and The Dirty Streets/Indian Handcrafts, Scion A/V is set to issue a split between ASG and From Beyond, and I’m happy to be able to present the latter’s “The Fall to Earth” as a streaming debut to mark the occasion.

That gig, held at the Satellite, was From Beyond‘s first in L.A. and their first as a four-piece. When they put out their 2012 The Color out of Space EP (track stream here), they were a trio, but it was the lineup of Robert McCarthy (guitar/vocals/synth), David Grooman (guitar), Dick Beeman (drums/vocals) and Stephen Finley (bass, Moog Taurus) that landed in Silver Lake, and their Moogery and theatrical atmospherics obviously made an impression. “The Fall to Earth” makes the most of both of these, but that doesn’t take away from the crunching largesse of the rolling riff itself once it gets going. Shades of Electric Wizard give way to spaced-out vocal harmonies, creating a strong hook and a rare balance of emotional resonance, lyrical narrative and doomly engagement.

Structurally, “The Fall to Earth” is pretty simple, setting an ambient bed with its intro before launching into verse/chorus tradeoffs and finally marching out on its fuzzy central figure, but From Beyond remain cohesive in the atmosphere and make the track more than just a meandering freakout while also keeping a decidedly open feel. The Color out of Space was an impressive release from a band who knew where they wanted to be in terms of aesthetic, but we may have only seen the beginnings of From Beyond.

Please find “The Fall to Earth” on the player below, courtesy of Scion A/V, and please enjoy:

The ASG track is set to release March 25. Scion A/V announced yesterday that this year’s Scion Rock Fest will take place in Pomona, CA, on May 17. More info at the links.

Scion A/V Releases

From Beyond on Thee Facebooks


ASG on Thee Facebooks

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audiObelisk: Stream From Beyond’s “The Dead Still Ride” from the The Color Out of Space EP

Posted in audiObelisk on October 16th, 2012 by JJ Koczan

Houston-based doom classicists From Beyond will start taking orders for their new The Color Out of Space EP on Halloween. When could be better? The newcomer trio have a pretty strong sense of their aesthetic, blending the brash swagger of the heavy ’70s with American doom’s longstanding horror fetish. Their One Year EP was a solid introductory collection, and it’s no surprise they’re in a hurry to follow it up with The Color Out of Space. Momentum is as momentum does.

The track “The Dead Still Ride” leans more toward heavy biker rock than some of their slower, more atmospheric material, but From Beyond — who seem to have recorded The Color Out of Space with just the duo lineup of guitarist/vocalist Robert McCarthy and drummer/vocalist Richard Beeman, adding bassist/vocalist Tony Kaelin at some point afterwards — remain cohesive in their approach and it’s a fine enough line stylistically that, if you’ve never encountered the band before, you should still be able to get some sense of what they’re about sound-wise.

The band took it upon themselves to release the track yesterday via their Bandcamp, where it follows the previously-unveiled “Hexagram” in advancing The Color Out of Space, but as we had talked about streaming the track over the last week, I’m happy to feature it below, followed by a history contributed by the trio themselves. Please enjoy:

Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!

From Beyond was started in Houston, TX, about a year ago.

Our debut EP, One Year, was released in May of 2012. We played a show with Saint Vitus to celebrate the release of the EP. Saint Vitus loved the EP. Dave and Wino both said that One Year was “killer, man”. We loved hearing that, since One Year wouldn’t have happened without their influence.

We are very much a D.I.Y. band, and this upcoming EP is no exception. We have pulled together all of our resources to produce and release The Color Out of Space EP on 12″ vinyl. Due to the fact that we are putting all of this together without the help of a label or even a Kickstarter, we are only able to release 300 copies of the 12″ EP, but we have made certain that these will be very special editions, with high emphasis on artwork and packaging.

We will have a preorder for The Color Out of Space EP starting on Halloween. The preorder will include some gifts from us, but will be extremely limited.

‚ÄúThe Dead Still Ride‚ÄĚ is a pre-release to The Color Out of Space EP. The song is available now to stream or purchase online for only one dollar from our Bandcamp. ‚ÄúThe Dead Still Ride‚ÄĚ is a departure from some of the music we have made in the past, but showcases our love for biker metal, vocal harmonies, the movie Psychomania, and fits in well with the themes of the upcoming EP.

The artwork for ‚ÄúThe Dead Still Ride‚ÄĚ was designed by Goatess Dommwych, who also designed the artwork for ‚ÄúHexagram.‚ÄĚ

The record was recorded in a cavernous, dark warehouse, and we put all the songs on tape. In our opinion, tape brings out the warmth of our instruments, and will sound even better once it gets on your turntable.

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