TC and the Seaside Assembly Release Fly Like a Seagull

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Check out the list of names. My goodness. Given the context of the times we’re in, one can easily imagine the devil’s-workshop idleness of hands that led Tim Catz, known for his work in Roadsaw and White Dynomite, to walk by a dead bird and think to himself, “I’m gonna write an album about that.” But to do so with the assemblage he’s got here, with Roadsaw bandmates Ian Ross and Craig Riggs, White Dynomite‘s Dave Unger, as well as Andrea Gillis of Other Girls, Neil Collins of Murcielago, Marc Gaffney of Gozu, Darryl Sheppard of Kind, Janet Egan and Justine Covalt of Justine and the Unclean, and Mad Oak Studios‘ own Benny Grotto on percussion, feels all the more significant.

I’ve barely, barely, barely begun to scratch the surface of the eight-tracker but wanted to get a post up just the same to note the release and the significant logistics that would’ve been involved, especially with the pandemic. That must’ve been some bird.

Here’s the info, and the stream is at the bottom of the post. Fly Like a Seagull — get it? — is five bucks on Bandcamp, which is about 35 cents per performer included:

tim catz

So last summer I managed to write and record this record called “Fly Like A Seagull”. It’s a 28 minute rock opera about the short life and gruesome death of a seagull.

I was incredibly fortunate to have Dave Unger, Craig Riggs and Benny Grotto help lay the foundation at the luxurious Mad Oak Studios in the heart of Allston. I was also lucky enough to have some incredibly gifted friends to sing and play on different tracks. Thank you from the depths of my boozey heart.

I hope you all dig it. It was certainly fun to do. Cheers!

1. Get Born 04:19
2. Ain’t No Swan 03:20
3. Eat 02:28
4. The Ships Are Coming In 02:09
5. Mine 02:40
6. Bombs Away 01:44
7. Alka Seltzer Revenge Killing 01:38
8. Ascension/Fly Like A Seagull 05:18

Tc- Guitar, Bass, Keys, Vocals

Craig Riggs- Drums, Vocals on 1 and 8
David Unger – Fender Rhodes, Mellotron, Moog, Vocals on 2 and 6
Benjamin Grotto – Triangle, Egg Shakers, Tambourine
Andrea Gillis- Vocals on “Swan”
Marc Pinansky – Back Up Vox on “Swan
Darryl Sheppard – Lead Guitar on “Mine”
Ian Ross- Lead Guitar on 1 and 8
Sean Drinkwater – Synthesizers on “Ascension ”
Justine Covault – Vocals on “Ships”
Janet Egan – Additional Vocals on “Ships”
Neil Collins – Vocals on “Mine”
Marc Gaffney- Vocals on “Eat”
James Rohr – Piano Solo on “Ain’t No Swan”

Recorded and Mixed by Benjamin Grotto At Mad Oak Studios, Allston
All Songs and Lyrics by Tim Catz Except “Ascension” by Sean Drinkwater

TC and the Seaside Assembly, Fly Like a Seagull (2021)

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