Filthy Hippies to Release Departures April 23

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Shoegazer vibes set to psychedelic expanse with flourishes of freakout heft and fuzz to spare, there’s plenty of room for Cape Town’s Filthy Hippies to sprawl out on their fourth long-player in four years — the upcoming Departures clocking in at a willfully unmanageable 15 tracks and 77 minutes — but one could hardly say they don’t make the most of it. Departures is out April 23 on Mongrel Records, and as it’s my first exposure to the three-piece, who formed in 2018, it makes for an immersive introduction. Howl resonate from the hills and anti-genre distinctions like “Sweet Dreams and Nicotine” tap cooler-than-cool sunglasses-all-the-time cynicism even as it blends with classic pop sensibilities. If this was the ’90s — and who says it isn’t? — Filthy Hippies would be the band who told you ’80s Madonna was cool, and they’d probably be right.

Video for “Buggin’ Out” at the bottom of the post. Album info follows here courtesy of the PR wire. Just one to keep watch for if you’re feeling like you’ve heard everything:

Filthy Hippes Departures


Established in 2018 Filthy Hippies is a South African Alternative trio with a strong undercurrent of Shoegaze influences. The band quickly established themselves as solid contenders in the explosive, burgeoning South African psych scene and list supporting Post-punk band Dangerfield’s album launch, and 2019’s Endless Daze Festival as current highlights.

Filthy Hippies create a sound that is best described as a Phil Spector’esque wall of sound hitched to deep routed pop inflections.

With four albums and three EP’s under their belt, Filthy Hippies feel that the imminent release of the new album ‘Departures showcases some of their best work.

Track Listing:
1. Spirit
2. Mystified
3. You Are The Sun
4. The Recipe
5. The Air Is Poison
6. Otherside
7. Among The Wire
8. Dumb
9. Sweet Dreams and Nicotine
10. Never Without You
11. Dethroned
12. Like A Halo
13. Promise
14. I’m Bugging Out
15. Empty Spaces

Line Up:
Mark Van Zyl – Guitar / Vocals
Andrew Paine – Vocals / Bass
Mandy Backstrom – Drums / Vocals

Filthy Hippies, “Buggin’ Out” official video

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