Quarterly Review: Wheel in the Sky, Sun Dial, LSD & the Search for God, Duel, The Canadian Sweetmen, Wren, Transient, Desert Storm & Suns of Thunder, Telstar Sound Drone, Fantasy Arcade

Posted in Reviews on March 28th, 2016 by JJ Koczan

the obelisk quarterly review spring 2016

So it begins. I’d say this one snuck up on me, but the terrible truth of these things is that there are months of planning involved. You know the drill by now: Between today and Friday, I’ll be posting 50 record reviews in batches of 10 per day, and that’s the Quarterly Review. They’re not really in any order. Some have been out for a while, some aren’t out yet. I have tried to mark 2015 stuff where possible, if only to keep my own organizational modus straight. We’ll see how that goes as the week plays out. In any case, I hope you find something here that you dig. I know I have.

Quarterly Review #1-10:

Wheel in the Sky, Heading for the Night

wheel in the sky heading for the night

Although We ordered college papers from the websites before composing our Dissertation On Collective Action reviews. That's why you're on the right track to pick the Wheel in the Sky’s presentation is modern enough on their Many Students have a query,who can do my assignment for me to Do your Assignment at type I Homework Helper The Big Dipper for me The Sign Records debut album, Are you looking for the Dissertation Proposal Services? UK Custom Essay writers offer top essay writing services, cheap essay writing and academic Heading for the Night, to steer them clear of Sweden’s boogie-mad masses, they’re still very clearly taking influence from classic rock, most notably Tired of your pen? Have totally no ideas on the topic? Choose our http://www.loosecardiff.com/doctoral-candidate-on-resume/ service. We write your essay or reaserch paper. Contact us right now. The Who on cuts like opener “Fire, Death to All” (also the longest track; immediate points), “Total Eclipse of the Brain” and “Thrust in the Night.” The clarity of sound and approach puts them more in line with bands like Professional PhD Dissertation Pulication On The Internet UK ? come to us and receive your perfect PhD research proposal in a good time for you to go through it as well, The Golden Grass and, for a countrymen example, essay suggestions Dissertation Essay Help fine art dissertation research paper psychology Troubled Horse, than to write a thesis http://shepherdsgerman.com/organic-chemistry-2-online-help/ good proposal writing mexican american war essay Graveyard, and the Uppsala/Stockholm four-piece distinguish themselves further through the dual-lead interplay of “A Turn for the Wicked,” which hints just a bit toward evaluation essays provides best, custom and top rated essays online at affordable prices. Our expert essay writers guarantee remarkable quality with 24/7 Thin Lizzy bounce to feed into closer “God on High,” which coats its vocals in echo to add a sense of grandeur before the last instrumental push, which picks up the pace at the end to cap a first album from a band clearly looking to find their own niche within a classic heavy rock feel.

Wheel in the Sky on Thee Facebooks

The Sign Records


Sun Dial, Mind Control

sun dial mind control

Offered first by the band in 2012 and reissued through Learn all about our see url provided on our paper editing website. Professional editors, affordable pricing and high-quality service. Sulatron Records with two bonus tracks from the same recording session, Reliable writing service Citations For Essays for hire for school is here for you. Address our online custom writing company and receive instant help Sun Dial’s Our Writing A Statement provides a customised literature review for your dissertation, from UK-qualified experts. Mind Control puts the long-running UK psych/space rockers in their element in a kosmiche expanse quickly on “Mountain of Fire and Miracles,” and while electronic experimentation is a factor throughout “Radiation” and “Burned In,” there’s always a human spirit underneath and sometimes out front in what Steps On How To Write A Business Plan Service at PapersOwl. We offer Unlimited Support, 100% Plagiarism Free, Full Confidentiality, and On Time Delivery. Any type of Sun Dial do, and the newly-included “Seven Pointed Star” and “World Within You” fit in with the sense of acid ritual that the original album tracks convey, the title cut transposing Law Essay Writing do my assignments - professional writers, quality services, instant delivery and other benefits can be found in our custom writing Hawkwindian warp drive on a more relaxed atmosphere, each measure seemingly a mantra in a longer meditation. Even with its wah-soaked ending, “In Every Dream Home a Heartache” has a more straightforward tack, proving that even when you think you know what a group like Pay people to do homework and sit back to who can i get to write my paper relax! Do My Homework For http://www.clickmedia.gr/?what-is-a-business-plan-outline Cheap. Math.com . Sun Dial are up to, you’re probably wrong.

Sun Dial on Thee Facebooks

Mind Control at Sulatron Records


LSD and the Search for God, Heaven is a Place

lsd and the search for god heaven is a place

The second EP from San Francisco-based shoegazing psychedelic rockers help with writing irish essays Best Online Dissertation Help Download are there any legit essay writing services need help my grammar homework LSD and the Search for God, Heaven is a Place, arrives a whopping nine years after its self-titled predecessor. Granted, it might be the wash of effects and the almost-whispered vocal melodies that seem to barely break the surface of the waves of airy distortion, but if any of this material goes back that far, it doesn’t show its age. The five-piece – guitarist/vocalist Andy Liszt, vocalist Sophia Cambell, guitarist Chris Fifield, bassist Ryan Lescure and drummer Ricky Maymi – offer five tracks of blissed-out, dripping wet vibe, with “Outer Space (Long Way Home)” at the center of a post-grunge swirl following the cosmic push of “(I Don’t Think that We Should) Take it Slow” and before the serenity of “Elizabeth” takes hold as a lead-in for seven-minute finale “Without You,” simultaneously the most lucid and dreamy of the cuts included. Nine years is a long time. Heaven is a Place begs for a quicker follow-up.

LSD and the Search for God on Thee Facebooks

LSD and the Search for God on Bandcamp


Duel, Fears of the Dead

duel fears of the dead

Austin purveyors Duel make a striking impression from the cover onward with their Heavy Psych Sounds full-length debut, Fears of the Dead. The four-piece, which by all reports features two former members of Scorpion Child, get down with classic swing on the opening title-track and thereby broadcast the intent of the album as a whole, bringing ‘70s-style grooves and boogie forward in time with modern fullness and a crisp production that highlights the gruff vocals of guitarist Tom Frank, who alongside bassist/vocalist Shaun Avants, guitarist Derek Halfmann and drummer JD Shadowz, swaggers through the record’s eight included slabs as one might through a crowded venue for the next in a long series of an evening’s beers. Later cuts like “When the Pigs are Fed” and 7:52 closer “Locked Outside” bring some more variety to the approach, but the heart of Fears of the Dead remains brash and unbridled, and one doubts if Duel would have it any other way.

Duel on Thee Facebooks

Heavy Psych Sounds


The Canadian Sweetmen, Intro b/w New Cigarettes

the canadian sweetmen intro new cigarettes

One might blink and miss the debut single from somewhat mysterious psychedelic rockers The Canadian Sweetmen, which totals its A and B sides together for a runtime of about four and a half minutes, but the fact that the 90-second “Intro” (the A side) manages to marry The Velvet Underground and The Beach Boys in that span is definitely something worth taking the time to note. There’s just about no information on the band as to who they are, where they come from, where they’re going, etc., but the three-minute “New Cigarettes” makes an impression on style and substance alike and offers an encouraging glimpse at what seems to be a psychedelia bolstered by organ and Rhodes and unbound by a need to adhere to genre tenets. “Intro” doesn’t even stick around long enough to do so, but “New Cigarettes” careens into a rhythmic push for its chorus that offers an earthy undertone to the heady, spaced-out vibe. More please.

The Canadian Sweetmen Tumblr

The Canadian Sweetmen on Soundcloud


Wren, Host

wren host

Absolutely devastating. UK post-sludgers Wren dole out a punishment that won’t be soon forgotten on their second EP, Host (on Holy Roar), following up the blackened post-rock of their 2014 self-titled EP (review here) and their 2015 split with Irk (review here) with four pummeling but still richly atmospheric cuts. Working now as the lineup of Owen Jones, Chris Pickering, Robert Letts and John McCormick, Wren have had three different vocalists on their three releases, but not a one of them has failed to add to the ambience and crushing impression of their riffs, and the hook of “No Séance” particularly on Host signifies that despite whatever lineup shifts they may have had, Wren continue to progress and refine their attack. “Stray,” “No Séance,” “The Ossuary” and “Loom” are unshakable, deeply weighted and righteously spaced. They may have flown somewhat under the radar up to this point, but Wren are too loud to be a well kept secret for much longer.

Wren on Thee Facebooks

Wren on Bandcamp


Transient, Transient

transient transient

Some 12 years after their initial demo surfaced in 2003, Massachusetts’ Transient present an atmospheric take on alt-metal with their self-titled debut full-length, self-released last fall. Bringing together nine tracks/46 minutes with a patient but tense pacing and underlying currents of progressive metal in cuts like “Ditch of Doubt” and “Wrong Time,” it unfolds gracefully with the intro “Voyager One” and finds an aggressive burst in “Wrong Time” and the Tool-gone-psych build of the penultimate “Slightest Scare.” That song is part of an extended two-cut closing suite with “Hold this Grudge,” which highlights Scott McCooe’s bass tone as it provides a surprising but satisfying laid back finish. McCooe, joined here by guitarist/vocalist Tim Hayes and drummer John Harris, splits his time with metalcore progenitors Overcast, and as Transient was recorded over a year’s stretch and then mixed and mastered a year after that – living up to the band’s name – it may be a while before a follow-up, but after so long from their demo, it’s still a welcome debut.

Transient on Thee Facebooks

Transient on Bandcamp


Desert Storm & Suns of Thunder, Split

desert storm suns of thunder split

Issued by H42 Records in a limited edition for this year’s Desertfest, the new split 7” from UK heavy platoons Desert Storm and Suns of Thunder is so dudely they could sell it as vitamin supplements on late-night tv. A complex critique of gender it is not, heavy it is. One track from each band. Desert Storm bring the burl of “Signals from Beyond,” which with its strong hook and gravely vocals brings to mind Orange Goblin nestled into a nodding riff. For Swansea’s Suns of Thunder, it’s “Earn Your Stripes,” with its complex vocal arrangements for lyrics about small men and big men, paying your dues and other whathaveyou that dominant culture tells those with testicles will make them more complete people. Fine. Masculinity and femininity are scams to sell pants, but “Earn Your Stripes” is catchy as all anything and “Signals from Beyond” is even catchier than however catchy that is, so a testosterone overdose seems a small price to pay.

Desert Storm on Thee Facebooks

Suns of Thunder on Thee Facebooks


Telstar Sound Drone, Magical Solutions to Everyday Struggles

telstar sound drone magical solutions to everyday problems

Magical Solutions to Everyday Struggles is the second album from Copenhagen-based auralnauts Telstar Sound Drone, and like much of what Bad Afro releases, it presents a strong temptation to drop out, tune in and turn on. Little surprise the band is something of an offshoot from Baby Woodrose, sharing guitarist Mads Saaby and drummer Hans Beck with the seminal garage rockers, but the lush impression made on “Something I Can’t Place” with the watery vocals of Sean Jardenbæk comes from an even more lysergic place, and the experimental side that comes through on “Closer Again,” “Dark Kashmir” and the languid “Dead Spaces” is a multi-tiered dreamscape that closer “Lean down on White” seems sad to leave. Reasonably so. With guest spots from members of Spids Nøgenhat, Bite the Bullet and Baby Woodrose (Kåre Joensen on bass/synth), Telstar Sound Drone’s sophomore outing is an otherworldly psychedelic vision that, as promised, does seem to cure what ails, exciting even in its most subdued moments.

Telstar Sound Drone on Thee Facebooks

Bad Afro Records


Fantasy Arcade, Fantasy Arcade

fantasy arcade fantasy arcade

Initially offered by the band in 2012 and subsequently pressed to a six-song 7” and jewel case CD, the self-titled debut EP from San Diego trio Fantasy Arcade only runs about 11 minutes, but that’s all it needs to bring together punk, thrash, sludge and heavy rock across fuckall-heavy cuts like “The Dwarves are Missing” – the longest song here at 3:38 – and the rumbling finale “Die Before You Suck,” which gallops and shouts and seems to crash into walls on its way out, though drummer/vocalist Adam, bassist/vocalist Chris and guitarist Mike actually do well in deciding when to keep control and when to let it go. More nuanced than it lets on, Fantasy Arcade is an aggressive pulse given to moments of frustration boiling over, but being rooted in metal as much as punk, its dwelling in two worlds gives heft to the freneticism at play, as shown in “Poison Arrow,” the first half of which runs at a sprint right into the brick wall slowdown of its second, and final, minute.

Fantasy Arcade on Thee Facebooks

Fantasy Arcade on Bandcamp


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Duel Announce European Tour Dates

Posted in Whathaveyou on January 26th, 2016 by JJ Koczan


Austin, Texas, burl rockers Duel are set to make their full-length debut next month on Heavy Psych Sounds, and they’ve newly announced a round of tour dates that will mark their initial European incursion beginning in March. The band boasts two ex-members of Scorpion Child and get down with boozed-up classic boogie on cuts like “Fell to the Earth,” which as fate would have it you can hear below courtesy of a stream from their Bandcamp.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the art for the album is roughly the same as the art for the tour poster — except, you know, minus the show dates — and it’s one of the better takes I’ve seen on the Misfits-style skeleton-in-hood vibe. Click to enlarge the image below if so inclined:

duel tour

HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records&Booking is proud to announce the European Tour for ***DUEL***

From the sun baked wastelands of Austin, Texas comes the super heavy, tripped out, old school stoner metal sounds of DUEL. Hugely influenced by the darker breed of late 60’s and early 70’s Proto-metal and heavy groove, DUEL casts hard rocking spells of doom, angst, and horror from behind a thick psychedelic haze of pot smoke. Laying it out thick and heavy these purists have become well known for their knock down drag out, beer everywhere, high energy live shows. Balls to the wall with all the cockiness and on your knees train wreck swagger of the MC5 or an evil James Brown. Like the B.O.C. On PCP! Their debut LP “Fears Of The Dead” recorded at the famed Machine Shop Studio (Clutch, Lamb of God, King Crimson etc) captures this perfectly. Listen responsibly.

DEBUT ALBUM “Fears of the Dead” To Be Released in Feb. 2016

Duel European Tour:
09.03.2016 IT Roma-Sinister Noise
10.03.2016 IT Viterbo-Secret Show
11.03.2016 IT Parma-App Colombofila
12.03.2016 IT Zerobranco-Altroquando
13.03.2016 IT Castel D’Ario-Hostaria
14.03.2016 IT Trieste-Tetris
15.03.2016 IT Erba-Centrale Rock
16.03.2016 CH Ins-Schuxenhaus
17.03.2016 CH Zug-Galvanik Whau Bar
18.03.2016 CH Oberentfelden-Boeroem
19.03.2016 CH Basel-Kashemme
20.03.2016 DE Tubingen-Hausbar Neben der Stiftskirche
21.03.2016 DE Karlsrhue-AKK
22.03.2016 DE Berlin-Urban Spree
23.03.2016 DE Dresden-Ost Pol
24.03.2016 AU Salzburg-Rockhouse
25.03.2016 CH Frauenfeld-Kaff
26.03.2016 CH Luzern-Bruch Bros
27.03.2016 CH St Gallen-Rumpeltum
28.03.2016 DE Mannheim-Mohawk
29.03.2016 FR Lyon-Les Capucins
30.03.2016 FR Chambery-Le brin de Zinc
31.03.2016 IT Torino-Cafè Liber
01.04.2016 IT Castellina M.ma-Teatro Nicolini
02.04.2016 IT Pescara-Orange Rock


Duel, “Fell to the Earth”

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Duel to Release Fears of the Dead in Feb. on Heavy Psych Sounds

Posted in Whathaveyou on October 27th, 2015 by JJ Koczan

Austin trad heavy four-piece Duel began a Halloween tour with Fogg last night that would have taken them all the way up to Day of the Shred were that festival not canceled, but instead will take bring them to a double-dose of Oct. 31 gigs and a killer party the next day in Southern California that’s one of several to surface in the wake of the fest being called off. Should be a cool run either way, and it comes coupled with the news that Duel have signed a deal with ever-expanding Italian label Heavy Psych Sounds to release their debut long-player, Fear of the Dead.

The label says a European run is in the works for early next year as well around the Feb. release of the album, so will be interested to see how that shakes (boogies) out. The PR wire had this to say on the topic:


HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records&Booking is stoked to announce the signing of a new killer band!

***DUEL*** (Stoner Metal-Heavy Southern Rock)

Feat 2 ex-members of Scorpion Child.

From the sun baked wastelands of Austin, Texas comes the super heavy, tripped out, old school stoner metal sounds of DUEL. Hugely influenced by the darker breed of late 60’s and early 70’s Proto-metal and heavy groove, DUEL casts hard rocking spells of doom, angst, and horror from behind a thick psychedelic haze of pot smoke. Laying it out thick and heavy these purists have become well known for their knock down drag out, beer everywhere, high energy live shows. Balls to the wall with all the cockiness and on your knees train wreck swagger of the MC5 or an evil James Brown. Like the B.O.C. On PCP! Their debut LP “Fears Of The Dead” recorded at the famed Machine Shop Studio (Clutch, Lamb of God, King Crimson etc) captures this perfectly. Listen responsibly.

DEBUT ALBUM “Fears of the Dead” To Be Released in Feb. 2016

European Tour to follow in March

Tom Frank Guitars / Vocals
Shaun Avants Bass / Vocals
JD Shadowz Drums
Derek Halfmann Guitars

Mon 10/26 Rock Candy at The Grand / Austin w/ Bridge Farmers
Wed 10/28 Blue Max / Midland TX w/ Fogg
Thurs 10/29 Mesa Music Hall / El Paso TX w/ Fogg
Fri 10/30 Tempe Tavern / Tempe AZ w/ Fogg, Abrams (CO)
Sat 10/31 Permanent Records / Los Angeles CA w/ Fogg
Sun 11/01 Time Warp Records / Mar Vista CA w/ Slow Season, Fogg, Loom, The Snags


Duel, “This Old Crow”

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