DoomFarmFest 2021 Set for Aug. 27-29; Earthbong, Confusion Master, Deadly Moussaka & More to Play

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The sadly-usual caveats that apply to everything circa 2021 — announcements, life, etc. — are of course in play here. Is DoomFarmFest 2021 going to happen? Well, I’m no viral expert — and that should probably be the end of the sentence, but it’s not — but it seems to me the fact that it’s in a barn, which is presumably a pretty well ventilated area, plus the fact that it’s in a kind of remote locale, means that you’ve got a likelier chance than something in a major urban center that’s perhaps about to come under lockdown scrutiny again. That doesn’t mean DoomFarmFest will, or can, or should be anything less than diligent in observing any and all local, national, international and — let’s face it — reasonable restrictions, I’m just saying we don’t know what those might be by the time the end of next month comes. Or next week, for that matter.

And anyway, if you’re getting either your information or your opinions on such things from my ass, shame on you.

But as I’ve said once or twice at this point, I’m choosing to err on the side of positivity. If that makes dumb in the face of cynicism-as-intelligence, then fine. I’ll be dumb.

Here’s event info:

doomfarmfest 2021 poster

Welcome to DoomfarmFest 2021! 27-29 August

2 days packed with concerts from dusk till dawn. Come join the harvest of the DOOMFARM in the wastelands of Brandenburg. The stage is in a huge barn on a ancient farm outside of Putlitz, Brandenburg.

After a season of enjoying riffs with our online events on DoomFarmTV, the time of harvest has come to the farm of doom. 12 bands bringing you doom, psychedelic, black metal funeral doom, post-metal, stoner, sludge, bloodthirsty metal, dope doom bong metal, that will be a feast to your ears.

Fuzzy fields and distorted cows roam stoned through the meadows. After months of silence, our Post quarantined needy ears will rejoice to the drone of heavy riffs and growls through the night.

++ EARTHBONG (Kiel, Germany)
++ CONFUSION MASTER (Rostock, Germany)
++ DEADLY MOUSSAKA (Berlin, Germany)
++ AUFHEBUNG (Brussels, Belgium)
++ PIECE (Berlin, Germany)
++ LARES (Berlin, Germany)
++ TEARS OF FIRE ((Berlin, Germany)
++ HOMECOMING (Paris, France)
++ CANNABINEROS (Berlin, Germany)
++ HEXKEY (Berlin, Germany)
++ HONEY BADGER (Berlin, Germany)

More bands to be announced!


Free camping & shower. Food and bar will be there! We will be following all current and local hygiene requirements. To ensure the health of our crew and guests Everyone MUST bring a Negative test result or proof of vaccination, or convalescence. Stay doomed! Stay healthy!

See you there!

Earthbong, Bong Rites (2020)

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DoomFarmFest 3 Virtual Festival Lineup Announced for May 8

Posted in Whathaveyou on April 27th, 2021 by JJ Koczan

Once upon a whenever it was, I said of Swedish doomers Malsten‘s 2020 debut album, The Haunting of Silvåkra Mill, “I’d watch this band do a live stream playing this record front-to-back. Just saying.” Well, turns out that very opportunity will present itself as the band will take part in Electric Sabbath‘s virtual DoomFarmFest 3, which as you might guess is the third ‘online festival’ — of 2021, no less — to come from the booking concern. Malsten are one of two Swedish-native acts, the other is the sludgier Kråkslott, and because why the hell wouldn’t it, the lineup goes from Bulgaria’s Obsidian Sea to New Zealand’s Nameless Grave to Paraguay’ Mudum and the multinational Inkarnation, as well as several others throughout continental Europe.

And indeed, Malsten will perform the entirety of The Haunting of Silvåkra Mill live. They hit me up to tell me so themselves, so I know it’s true. No clue what anyone else is doing, but the streaming event is set for May 8. I have no idea how long it’s running, but there are nine bands involved, so it might just be your evening spoken for. If it was in-person, it would be two days’ worth, but if it was in-person, you probably wouldn’t have a band from New Zealand playing, so take what you can get.

Info follows here as per the PR wire, and

doomfarmfest 3

Electric Sabbath presents DoomFarmFest Online Edition #3 of 2021

9 bands from all over the globe, bringing that heavy riffage to your screen.
Join us once again as we indulge in some dirty distorted riffs to ease our isolated earlobes.

Follow us on Electric Sabbath and hit that like button!

Subscribe to DoomfarmTV and check out all our shows!

DoomFarm Artwork by @hawkwind_hopi aka Hazard Hope
Teaser Production: Electric Sabbath
Music: Chasms by Aufhebung

+++ NAMELESS GRAVE (New Zealand)
+++ KRÅKSLOTT (Sweden)
+++ HOMECOMING (France)
+++ OBSIDIAN SEA (Bulgaria)
+++ AUFHEBUNG (Belgium)
+++ INKARNATION (Syria/Brazil/Spain/Holland)
+++ MALSTEN (Sweden)
+++ MUDUM (Paraguay)

08.05.2021 – 21:00 (CET)


DoomfarmFest 3 Teaser

Malsten, The Haunting of Silvåkra Mill (2020)

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