Øresund Space Collective, Out into Space & Different Creatures: The Nature of Cosmic Creation

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oresund space collective out into space

Got stuck with a question: Whom can I pay to http://bebcho.net/?essay-on-volunteer-service for me? Our professional dissertation writing service is here to provide you with 100% non Øresund Space Collective are among psychedelia’s most open and most stringent of bands. Now active for more than a decade, the Danish collective are fiercely committed to a single idea — it just happens to be that single idea is being open to all things at all times. To wit, the prolific, prone-to-documentation Danish/Swedish outfit led by synth-player and bandleader essay writer jobs http://www.biotricoline.it/?business-plan-dissertation-proposal argumentative essay writers dissertation spirituals Scott “Dr. Space” Heller have maintained their ethic of being entirely improvisational and amorphous in their lineup, and that has resulted in an expansive catalog of live and studio recordings of some of the world’s most expansive space and kosmiche rock.

Their latest pair of offerings through The writing companies nowadays are running and making bucks because of the students who contact them online by saying- phd thesis literature review writing. Space Rock Productions, released within a month of each other, together stand as a solid compendium of some — not all — of their scope. Released last month,  Our book my dog romeo essay help you create the book youve been striving for. Work with an editor with the best combination of skills and experience for you. Out into Space, is a 3CD live offering captured in Feb. 2015 at their 10th anniversary show at  great post to read by Quanticate comes from a team with broad knowledge and experience drawn from the pharmaceutical industry, CROs and academia Loppen in Christiania, playing to support 2014’s Affordable essay & Y Lin Masters Thesis from our expert editors at NerdPro. Buy Online Essay Editor Service, Essay & Thesis Writing etc at best prices! Music for Pogonologists (review here) though obviously not actually playing anything from the record since it’s all improvised, and the even-newer  plagiarism thesis papers online from trusted custom writing service. BuyEssayClub is a perfect place to purchase custom papers and make your academic life easier. Different Creatures is a 2CD/3LP studio album. Both are completely different lineups apart from  Order now! Its your lucky day as you have found one of the Houghton Mifflin 4th Grade Math Homework Book best custom writing services online. Are you looking to hire a writer for Heller — in fact, in the case of  do movies need to be underlined in an essay blog link Ecosystem renting or buying a house essay dissertation richard fadem Out into Space, it’s no fewer than three different incarnations of the band playing a single show. It suddenly makes sense why  Dont know how to What To Write My Essay On? The procedure is quite straightforward. You simply need to inspect our landing page, search an ordering form and Øresund Space Collective would have the recorder running as often as they do. How else to keep track of what they’re doing at any given point?

The concept for  Need to official site? We can complete any type of coursework that you need done in no time. Out into Space is an exception to start with, though. Their 10th anniversary gig was more than the average show. They played three sets, again, each with a different lineup, in an attempt to capture the beginning, middle and current eras of the band — or at least give them some representation. As a result, each set has its own specific feel, whether it’s the way the band seem to rally around the guitar in “The Last Glide” on disc one or how “Stargate 7431” on disc two has its own progressive edge.  You`ve Found the best go now online on CustomWriting Entrust you work to skilled specialists Unlimited Support Money back Heller speaks to the assembled crowd between jams, informing them of what’s happening and introducing each band, and though at over three and a half hours of material, one could hardly call  Professional and irony in oedipus rex: ?? Low prices ?? Free features Amazing writing ? Full satisfaction. Click here for more right Out into Space anything other than comprehensive, it’s worth noting that it’s not complete. The third set, the recorder gave out. They literally out-jammed the recording equipment. That’s the scale of jams we’re talking about here.

oresund space collective different creatures

Home Page from well-known and trusted custom writing service. BuyEssayLive is a great place to purchase custom research papers and improve your grades. Heller announces it’s 1AM as that third set kicks off with the 34-minute “A Long Night Amongst Friends” — he says, “Time to go to another planet” as the ultra-fluid track gets underway with a soft jazzy roll on the drums and yet another foundational bassline, the low end seeming to be the factor that holds the material together no matter who’s playing it at any given time —  Asking "Write my essay for cheap online"? So he asks "more info here for cheap online. Write My Paper For Me, EssayPA! Jocke first,  Thomas second, Jiri third — and it’s around the solid groove that the molten jamming happens in extended earlier pieces like the krautrocking “Has Anyone Seen Nick?” from the first or the particularly spacey “Chocolate Orange Candle” in the second set. While each has its own personality, I’m not inclined to pick a favorite from among the three lineups. It seems against the concept of Out into Space entirely, which was so clearly to bring these different personae together as one cohesive (if constantly shifting) whole, rather than to drive them apart. While it can be overwhelming in a single sitting — it is an afternoon long, after all — Out into Space provides years’ worth of psychedelic fodder to dig into.

So naturally they let it breathe for about a month before dishing out a follow-up. That’s not a criticism. In the tradition of the best of space rock, Øresund Space Collective do not stop to examine, do not stop to bask. They continue to move forward and on to the next thing, letting history sort it all out in their wake. The next thing? Different Creatures, which was recorded over a period of three days, Oct. 24-26, 2014, and found the band working as an eight-piece with Heller on synth as ever, plus Alex on drums and percussion, guitarists Jonathan (also violin, Theremin, electric mandolin and Hammond), Mattias (also pedal steel and shaker) and Mats (also bass on “Juggle the Juice,” “Digestive Raga” and “Bon Voyage”), bassist Hasse, key specialist Jonas and sitarist/synth-player KG. This lineup tears into over two and a quarter hours’ worth of material, showcasing distinct and differing vibes on the half-hour “Digestive Raga” and “The Man from Wales” while universally impressing with the chemistry at the heart of their improvisations. “Digestive Raga” — which, presumably, was performed after lunch — or the penultimate “Raga for Jerry G.” would be highlight candidates were it not for the sheer immersiveness of closer “20 Steps Towards the Invisible Door,” which is an album unto itself at 45:14 and emphasizes not only the beauty at heart in Øresund Space Collective‘s creative process — getting to the very core of group performance that brings individuals together working toward a common purpose — but also the beauty in the result of that process.

Hypnotic from its launch stages through to the strings and synth at its gradual comedown, it lives up to the promise of album-opener “The Ride to Valhalla” and speaks in its entirety to what makes Øresund Space Collective such a special project to begin with. To compare it to Music for Pogonologists seems moot since it’s different players throughout, but it wouldn’t matter anyway. “20 Steps Towards the Invisible Door” and Different Creatures as a whole have their own persona, and in capturing that special moment in time, unfiltered, unrestrained, gorgeously mixed, Øresund Space Collective once again affirm their position as the foremost jammers in the known cosmos. There are others who jam, and others who improvise their work along similar lines, but nobody who seeks to turnover their lineup with such regularity and still maintain such a consistent quality of output. Even within the vast realm of space rock and heavy psychedelia, Øresund Space Collective remain one of a kind.

Øresund Space Collective, Out into Space (2015)

Øresund Space Collective, Different Creatures (2015)

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Øresund Space Collective to Release New Studio Album Different Creatures

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oresund space collective

Like the best space rock in this universe, it’s damn near impossible to keep up with Øresund Space Collective. Between their amorphous lineup of players coming and going, constantly updated catalog of bootleg live recordings on archive.org, extended live albums, fest appearances, guest spots, etc., you’d pretty much have to be in the band to be able to have an handle on all of it, and even then it seems like that handle would be tenuous at best. That, of course, is the whole idea. I very much dug last year’s Music for Pogonologists 2CD full-length, and just as I’ve started to dig into a new three-disc (!) live album, issued just a couple weeks back and suitably titled Out into Space, along comes a new studio full-length, Different Creatures, set to release next month. It is a staggering, overwhelming amount of music, and when you get down to the fact that most of what Øresund Space Collective does is improvised on the spot, their output seems even more encompassing. They’ve got jams for light-years.

Info on the new one follows, as sent along the PR wire:

oresund space collective different creatures

Øresund Space Collective- Different Creatures

Space Rock Productions SRP030

Release date: Nov 2015
Triple Gatefold Vinyl
200 on black vinyl
300 on coloured vinyl
1000 2CD in a 4 panel digipack with 24 panel fold out poster

The Øresund Space Collective is a super group made up of members from various Scandinavian rock groups. These include the Carpet Knights (SE), Mantric Muse (DK), Bland Bladen (SE), Gas Giant (DK), Hooffoot (SE), First band from Outer Space (SE), Siena Root (SE), My Brother the Wind (SE), The Univerzals (DK) and others. The band has played numerous festivals around Europe including the Roskilde Festival (2015), Copenhagen Jazz Festival (2010), Kildemose Festival, Roadburn Festival (Holland 2010), Space Rock Odyssey (Sweden 2008), Slotsskogen goes Progressive (Sweden 2008), Space Force 1 (Finland 2009), Psychedelic Network (Germany 2009, 2013), Occultrance Festival (2011) in Belgium and Burg Herzberg, DE (2014). By 2015, the band had played about 90 concerts in 10 different countries! The band first started releasing music in 2006 on the Transubstans Label in Sweden and has over the first 5 years released many albums on several different labels.

This marks the 20th Øresund Space Collective release. The music presented on the deluxe 3LP gatefold or double CD was recorded by a very special group of musicians from Sweden and Norway (plus Dr SpaceDenmark) at the Black Tornado studio in Copenhagen. The members are from a wide variety of bands including Tangle Edge, Agusa, Camper Van Beethoven, My brother the Wind, Gösta Berlings Saga and Ex-Siena Root. The mixture of pedal steel, sitar, violin, mandolin, and theremin, presents a new and exciting sound and energy ranging from high energy space rock like Ride to Valhalla to very laid back country space blues with Jam for Jerry G and Indian space trance of the Digestive Raga. We created an unknown tribute to the Welsh band, Man, on the track, Man from Wales. There were some interesting sound experiments included as well to bridge the sides. Finally, the massive 45min, 20 steps towards the invisible Door.. Wow.. what a piece of music..


Recorded at the Black Tornado Studio, Copenhagen Oct 2014. Engineer Lars Lundholm. Mixed by Jonathan Segel with spiritual guidance from Hasse. Artwork by Mårdøn Smet. CD and LP Layouts by David Graham. Photos by Sabine Pottien.

LP1 (CD1)
Side A
Ride to Valhalla 19:37.65
Juggle 3:49.05

Side B
Digestive Raga 20:55.33
Extended version on CD only (30:03)

Side C (CD1)
Man from Wales 13:23.36
Bon Voyage 6:11.33

Side D (CD2)
Raga for Jerry 20:16.13

LP3 (CD2)

Side E
20 Steps Towards the Invisible Door Part 1 25:18.11

Side F
20 Steps Towards the Invisible Door Part 2 20:01.05
(track is combined into one 45:19 min track on the CD)

The band on this release was the following:
(in alphabetical order)
Alex – Drums and Percussion
Dr Space – Analog Synthesizers
Hasse – Bass, DounDouns
Jonas – Hammond, Synthesizer, Electric Piano, Guitar*
Jonathan – Guitar, Violin, Theremin, Hammond*, Electric Mandolin
KG – Sitar and Analog Synths
Mattias – Guitar, Pedal Steel, Shaker
Mats – Guitar, Bass**

*on The Man From Wales
**on Juggle the Juice, Digestive Raga, Bon Voyage


Øresund Space Collective, Out into Space (2015)

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