The Obelisk Presents: The Top 20 Singles, EPs, Splits and Demos of 2014

Posted in Features on December 23rd, 2014 by JJ Koczan

top-20-short-releases-of-2014-Samuel-Palmer-1805-1881-Morning-of-Life-1861 Forum. 914 likes. Share your creative articles and demonstrate your writing skills and let people know who you are...Write on any topic... Please note: These are not the results of the Readers Poll. That’s still going on. Please feel free to submit your list.

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For example, if an album is trying to tell a story or describe a central theme, either blatantly in its lyrics or atmospherically through the music itself, a demo might just be the work of a band trying to feel their way into their sound. It doesn’t strike me as fair to judge the two on the same standard. Likewise, if a band releases a single, should that really be judged alongside an hour-long release? Granted, some bands’ singles actually are an hour long, but that’s another category entirely. “The ‘Dopesmoker’ Awards” will be handed out at another date.

No, not really. At least not this year.

If you didn’t see the full-albums Top 30 of 2014, please feel free to check it out and think of this and the year-end podcast as companion pieces, albeit both a little more casual. Let’s get to it:


The Top 20 Short Releases of 2014

1. Sleep, The Clarity
2. Fatso Jetson/Herba Mate, Early Shapes
3. All Them Witches, Effervescent
4. Cortez/Borracho, Split 7″
5. Naam/White Hills/Black Rainbows/The Flying Eyes, 4-Way Split
6. Heavy Temple, Heavy Temple
7. Death Alley, Over Under/Dead Man’s Bones 7”
8. Geezer, Live! Full Tilt Boogie
9. The Sun, the Moon and the Witch’s Blues, The Sun, the Moon and the Witch’s Blues
10. Demon Head, Demo 2014
11. Gold & Silver, Azurite and Malachite
12. The Proselyte, Our Vessel’s in Need
13. Hull, Legend of the Swamp Goat
14. Lamp of the Universe/Krautzone, Split
15. The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic, Through the Dark Matter
16. The Heavy Co., Uno Dose
17. Wren, Wren
18. He Whose Ox is Gored, Rumors 7”
19. Lewis and the Strange Magics, Demo
20. Godhunter/Secrets of the Sky, Gh/0st:s
21. Lord, Alive in Golgotha

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A couple notes: The Sleep single was a given. I don’t think anything could’ve topped it one way or another, even if I hadn’t listened to it 100 times since its release in July as part of the Adult Swim Singles Series. In any case, there was no debate about where to place it. You might notice on the other end the list goes to 21. I thought that being the element of chaos suited Lord well, and since I’m not entirely sure their Alive in Golgotha EP has been officially released, they warranted inclusion just in case.

One thing that struck me in putting this list together was the amount of splits included. You’ll notice Fatso Jetson and Herba Mate‘s Early Shapes right in behind Sleep. That one was an utter joy, as far as I’m concerned, and made me wish both of them would get on putting out full-lengths as soon as possible. Not far behind is Cortez and Borracho‘s split single, which had killer tracks from both bands, and the Naam/White Hills/Black Rainbows/The Flying Eyes split from Heavy Psych Sounds that, even with four bands involved, managed to keep a flowing atmosphere front to back, which was impressive enough in and of itself, never mind the individual contributions of those four acts, which were also top quality. The Krautzone/Lamp of the Universe split also provided a considerable psych blissout, and Godhunter‘s split/collaboration with Secrets of the Sky earned extra points for its adventurous spirit and the payoff its risk-taking brought to bear.

Like their Lightning at the Door LP, All Them Witches‘ Effervescent 25-minute jam figured heavily in my 2014 listening habits, as did Heavy Temple‘s self-titled debut EP. Dutch garage/heavy punkers Death Alley earned spins with their debut 7″, a lack of pretense in melding proto-thrash and heavy rock impulses allowing them to quickly find a niche that one hopes they continue to develop. Their debut single, along with Demon Head‘s Demo 2014 (and, indeed, that band’s follow-up single) and the Lewis and the Strange Magics demo were an allay to concerns retro-minded rock might be stagnating.

Geezer featured on the Short Releases list last year as well. I wasn’t sure what to do with their Gage 12″, since it was released in 2013 as an EP and 2014 as an LP, but either way, their Live! Full Tilt Boogie tape effortlessly recalled classic blues rock performances and demonstrated the fluid chemistry at work in the New York trio, I hope it’s not the last live release they do. Along similar bluesy lines, The Heavy Co.‘s Uno Dose found the Hoosier three-piece dipping into heavy jams more than their last full-length, and if that’s the direction they’re headed, you won’t hear me argue. Hailing from Sweden and arriving as an offshoot of Asteroid, the single-song EP from The Sun, the Moon and the Witch’s Blues had more than a touch of heavy blues to it too, and made me look forward to that project’s development from here on out.

There’s little I’m going to complain about less than hearing Ed Mundell bust out Miles Davis-inspired solos, so yeah, The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic‘s Through the Dark Matter EP gets a nod. Impressive guitar work ran a current through Boston duo Gold & Silver‘s debut EP, Azurite and Malachite, but the proggy feel was what ultimately sold me on the two extended instrumentals included there, whereas with fellow Beantowners The Proselyte, it was the catchy songwriting and variety they showed in just four tracks. The He Whose Ox is Gored 7″ was likewise modern and satisfyingly weighted, though obviously shorter, and last but not at all least, the progressive sludge of Wren‘s self-titled EP seemed to fly under a lot of people’s radar but was a markedly individual take on a well established form that portended of good things to come.

As with everything, I’m sure there’s something in this mix that I forgot. If you’ve got a call you want to make on something, please let loose in the comments. Thanks for reading.

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On Wax: Death Alley, Over Under b/w Dead Man’s Bones 7″

Posted in On Wax on March 27th, 2014 by JJ Koczan

The label in the center of both sides of Death Alley‘s debut 7″, Over Under b/w Dead Man’s Bones, is grooved. It looks like if you were to put the needle there, past the songs themselves, something would play. I haven’t tried it, I guess because it seems like a stupid way to break your record player, but I take it as a sign that the Amsterdam four-piece — which features former members of Mühr and The Devil’s Blood — have more to say than they’ve seen fit to offer with the two tracks on the single itself. More to come, in other words. That may or may not be the case, but either way, the proto-punk-fueled loud rockers make a raucous entry on this debut, not even stopping for a breath along the way in either “Over Under” or “Dead Man’s Bones,” but peppering the rush with some heavy rock groove all the same. Their sound is natural, and the style is retro, though they avoid the trap of reinterpreting ’71-’74 boogie via Graveyard by going further into punk and pre-thrash, resulting in a sound that’s full of movement but less derivative than some of Death Alley‘s history-minded contemporaries.

For a relatively new band who just got their start last year, they know where they’re coming from, and their self-descriptor, “protopunk with a hint of psychedelics,” proves accurate across this single, which tops just over eight minutes. That’s not necessarily the whole story though, because while there’s an underlying swirl to “Over Under” and the song rounds out with some surprising vocal harmonies in a still-full-throttle bridge before returning to the winding style of the main riff to close, surely enough giving the impression of Death Alley aiming for more than just the place where neo-heavy fuzz and traditional punk rock meet. More than anything, “Over Under” is a feverish rush, and on the flip side, “Death Man’s Bones” takes that even further into distinct Motörheadery, capturing well that moment where gritty metal began to move away from heavy rock and punk and into something new. “Over Under”‘s parts flowed easily, but “Dead Man’s Bones” is more occupied with shred-topped chaos, though a tempo downshift in the second half brings more vocal intricacy and a swaggering guitar solo. Once again, there’s more going on with Over Under b/w Dead Man’s Bones than Death Alley are keen to show on the surface.

Ván Records has the single coupled with a Death Alley poster, and the band is set to play Roadburn‘s official pre-show, the Hard Rock Hideout, on Wednesday, April 9, in Tilburg, so it seems reasonable to expect more to come from the nascent Dutch outfit. As forewarning, their debut single rings loud and clear while hinting at future intrigue.

Death Alley, Over Under b/w Dead Man’s Bones (2014)

Death Alley on Thee Facebooks

Death Alley on Bandcamp

Death Alley at Ván Records

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