Deadsmoke, Deadsmoke: Alpine Lumber (Plus Full Album Stream)

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deadsmoke deadsmoke

[Stream Deadsmoke’s Deadsmoke by clicking play above. Album out March 25 on Heavy Psych Sounds.]

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Like the opener, the pace is slow, deliberate and punctuated by low-toned snare as the vocals swap between cleaner singing, shouts and screams, the latter of which comes most forward in the second half as the guitar, bass and drums drop out for a measure and the abrasion hits in full force. The second track is the shortest at 4:41, but leaves a memorable impression nonetheless as its finish sweeps into the opening of centerpiece “Liar Behind Me,” more chugging and rumbling taking hold, but this time pushed faster. Particularly doomed as a foreshadow of “Night of the Vipers” still to come, “Liar Behind Me” also begins to shift the focus away from the raw tonal onslaught of “Branches of Evil” and “Eyes of the Blind Man” through an ambient break about 90 seconds in, steady drums topped with a quick tripped-out solo before the thrust resumes. It’s a brief interlude, but it effectively sets the stage for “Tornado” and “Night of the Vipers” on side B, and so serves as a fitting centerpiece.

In some ways, it’s a sign of both underlying consciousness and mercy that the album is only a half-hour long. Yes, repetition is an important factor, but even on “Tornado,” which creeps out its opening and establishes a central groove from there without letting go for its seven-minute span (the longest included here), one could hardly accuse Deadsmoke of overdoing it, and that sense of balance works greatly to their benefit. That, coupled with the gallop early, experiments in vocals — vague whispers, maybe samples, etc. — and the wash of psych guitar noise that emerges late — not to mention the bassline — makes “Tornado” both the stylistically boldest and most satisfying individual cut, and it too offers plenty of stomp, particularly in its repetitively marching midsection, stomping its way toward the aforementioned guitar wash with a chugging ritualism that rounds out to let the bass open “Night of the Vipers,” also nearly seven minutes long but darker in its overall direction.

Harsher vocals return to tie the album together, and “Night of the Vipers” seems to take a cue from Pallbearer and/or Candlemass in its mournful lead at the halfway point, which tops the excruciatingly slow pacing with an unexpected sense of emotionalism before the consuming whirlpool of fuzz resumes once again to draw Deadsmoke down to the album’s finish, which comes in a few final crashes and thuds and a minute or so of residual amp noise on an extended fade. It can be difficult for a band, especially for one so new, to mark itself out from prevalent modern influences, and where some groups spend years in the rehearsal room or in tiny bars, Deadsmoke are playing out the first levels of their progression here on this debut. I won’t say they don’t have growing to do, but the way they’ve structured their first album and the surehandedness with which they guide their aesthetic speak volumes as to their potential, and when it comes to anything voluminous, clearly Deadsmoke have it covered.

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Deadsmoke Confirm March 25 Release for Self-Titled Debut

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With plans to tour Europe in May to support the album,¬†Italian sludge rollers¬†Deadsmoke unveil the cover art and the centerpiece track from their self-titled debut, due out March 25 on¬†Heavy Psych Sounds. The song, “Liar Behind Me,” can be heard below, and is plenty vicious, with echoing shouts cutting through a deeply weighted tonal heft that seems intent simply on crushing whatever might be in its path. How that plays out over the course of¬†Deadsmoke‘s¬†Deadsmoke remains to be seen, but it’s an encouraging start, and if you take a look at the artwork below, it seems doubtful things are going to get brighter from there.

Dig it:

deadsmoke deadsmoke

DEADSMOKE to release self-titled album this March on Heavy Psych Sounds

After they won their spurs at last year’s Duna Jam festival, Italian doom and gloom merchants DEADSMOKE are set to release their tenebrous, thunderous self-titled debut LP on Heavy Psych Sounds. Discover the artwork and a first song off “Deadsmoke” now.

DEADSMOKE is a newcoming yet promising Italian sludge outfit who sounds like amplifiers buried in the deep, with down-tuned monolithic guitar riff scraping the soil down to the core of the earth. Slow, hypnotic, dissonant cadences recall the eternal need for isolation and the atavistic fear of nothingness. Sub-frequencies corrode the one last trace of human cognition, apprehension and judgment. Despair has never been as compelling that now.

1. Branches Of Evil
2. Eyes Of The Blind Man
3. Liar Behind Me
4. Tornado
5. Night Of The Vipers

Deadsmoke are:
Maurice: Drums
Matteo: Guitars
Gianmaria: Bass

Released 25.03.2016 in Ltd Gold Vinyl, Black Vinyl, Cd and Digital

Deadsmoke is an Italian doom sludge band that sounds like amplifiers buried in the deep, with down-tuned monolithic guitar riff scraping the soil down to the core of the earth.
Slow, hypnotic, dissonant cadences recall the eternal need for isolation and the atavistic fear of nothingness. Sub-frequencies corrode the one last trace of human cognition, apprehension and judgment.

Your soul is already burned, smoke is what remains.

Check Deadsmoke on tour in Europe May 12-21

Deadsmoke, “Liar Behind Me” from Deadsmoke

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Deadsmoke Sign to Heavy Psych Sounds

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Italian three-piece newcomers Deadsmoke make a fitting complement to the already-announced early 2016 release list for Heavy Psych Sounds, whose expanding roster over the course of this year has made it one of the most up and coming heavy rock imprints in the US or Europe, even if the albums are just starting to materialize from the likes of Ape Machine and Isaak. The momentum will continue in Feb. 2016 with Banquet and Duel, and in March, it’s Holy Grove and Deadsmoke, who’ll be making their self-titled debut late in the month.

A teaser trailer has been posted for the record that’s basically just 50 seconds of a riff, but it says plenty about the band’s mindset and tonal density, and about the largesse of groove that will be on offer at least somewhere on the album when it arrives. Other details, presumably, are forthcoming, but here’s the announcement from the label, who can’t seem to let a week or two slip by these days without adding a new band to the roster:

deadsmoke heavy psych sounds

HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS RECORDS is stoked to announce a new band in the roster: *** Deadsmoke ***

Deadsmoke is a doom sludge Italian band sounding like deep entombed amplifiers and downtuned monolithic guitars scraping the soil down to the core of the sphere. Slow hypnotic not-harmonic cadences refresh the eternal need of isolation and the atavistic fear of nothingness. Sub lowered frequencies corrode the one last trace of human cognition, apprehension and judgment. Your soul already burned, smoke is what remains.

They already played at the mighty Duna Jam last summer and you will have the chance to see the band live at the HPS Fest Vol 2 in Rome December 12-2016!

Deadsmoke are:
Maurice: Drums
Matteo: Guitars
Gianmaria: Bass

HPS Records will release the Debut Selftitled album “Deadsmoke” late march 2016 in vinyl,cd and digital. European Tour to follow!

Be a fly on the wall while Deadsmoke prepares material for their new album, due out in spring 2016 on Heavy Psych Sounds…

Deadsmoke, Self-titled album teaser

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