Visual Evidence: David D’Andrea and Arik Roper Release Limited Sleep Poster

Posted in Visual Evidence on July 7th, 2012 by JJ Koczan

Set the controls for the heart of Iommi. Acclaimed artists David V. D’Andrea (interview here) and Arik Roper (interview here) recently collaborated on a special edition poster for Sleep‘s gig June 5 at the Fox Theater in the band’s native Oakland, California. The Fox, heralded as a centerpiece of Oakland’s purported renaissance (or so I’m told), seems the perfect spot for Sleep to mark a homecoming, and though it would be just days after that guitarist Matt Pike entered rehab (and of course all best wishes to him for his recovery), having seen Sleep in April, I can honestly say it was a revelation.

It also works on the level of D’Andrea being intimately involved over the last several years with the visual side of bassist/vocalist Al CisnerosOm, and Roper having provided High on Fire‘s most epic album covers. As Cisneros and Pike (as well as Neurosis drummer Jason Roeder) have stepped back into their roles in one of the most pivotal stoner metal bands since Black Sabbath, it’s only fitting that D’Andrea and Roper should join forces to mark the occasion as well.

The poster went on sale this afternoon. Below, you’ll find the specs, availability info and where you can buy it, as well as images of its weedian splendor, any of which you can click to enlarge.

Arik Roper, David D?Andrea and Monolith Press have teamed up to commemorate earth re-entry and final destination of Sleep flight mission II (surface harvest of domiciliary biodomes), June 5, 2012.

Fox Theater, Oakland California (37.8044° N, 122.2697° W), vector resolution and common holy ground, welcomed Cisneros, Pike, and Roeder upon surface re-entry.

Setlist: Dopesmoker/Holy Mountain/Dragonaut/Sonic Titan/…and Sagan/Antarctican?s Thawed/Aquarian/The Druid/From Beyond/Cultivator/Morris II

The visual depiction of Marijuanaut lore is a collaboration between scribes Roper and D?Andrea. As told in Sleep scripture, the Marijuanaut race escaped earth to cultivate long ago. Now that the Iommic era is upon us, intergalactic biodome harvest has begun.

Artist edition release date will be Saturday July 7, 1PM Pacific time (4PM Eastern)

First come – first serve. The edition will remain online until sold out. Orders will ship from the River, Portland Oregon via USPS Priority mail. Limit one per customer please. Over sales will be refunded.

Please visit for more details.

24 x 35.5”
Cougar White stock
4 color
Signed (both artists) and numbered edition of 100
+ 8.50 shipping US and Canada
15.00 International

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Interview with Artist David V. D’Andrea: Drawing the Keylines

Posted in Features on June 9th, 2011 by JJ Koczan

Framed and hung up around the 013 venue at this year’s Roadburn festival, the artwork of David V. D’Andrea is among some of the most distinctive surrounding heavy music today. His use of deep tones, rich colors and transparency in line-drawn images stands him out among his peers, and his dedication to and connection with music is essential to understanding his work.

The Roadburn series was just the latest installment in a distinguished list of contributions. Cutting his teeth working with Sleep and the label Life is Abuse in the Bay Area in the ’90s, D’Andrea — since relocated to Portland, Oregon — has done poster and album designs in just the last several years for Angel Witch, Shrinebuilder, Wino, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and many others. Perhaps most recognizable of all, though, are D’Andrea‘s designs for Om.

Om bassist/vocalist Al Cisneros (also formerly and once again of Sleep) is quoted as saying of D’Andrea that his “work is his spiritual path,” and looking long at D’Andrea‘s visual creations, the time, effort and passion that are poured into making them is as clear to see as are the birds, tall grasses and spiritually or naturally-themed figures that comprise the images themselves. It’s not just about being a fan or taking inspiration from a band’s songs, it’s being able to absorb something subconsciously as well and being able to translate that in a medium.

It was the clarity of vision in D’Andrea‘s pieces that led me to approach him at Roadburn and ask if he’d allow me to send him some questions for an interview for this site, and I was thrilled when he was up for it. Aside from wanting to know his origins as an artist, the hope was to get a sense of his connection to music and where that passion comes from, as well as finding out more about how the actual work is done. D’Andrea was honest and open, and with a perspective as unique as his visuals, discussed what went into his choosing the bands he wanted to work with for the 013 series, his relationship with Om, and much more.

Please note: I’ve made a point to include as much artwork as possible with the interview. Click on any image (such as that above) to enlarge it and get a more detailed look.

The complete Q&A is after the jump. Enjoy.

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Official Roadburn 2011 Poster Unveiled

Posted in Whathaveyou on February 2nd, 2011 by JJ Koczan

You’ll probably see this a bunch of places, but it rules, so I thought it was worth posting here as well. Art is by David D’Andrea:
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