The Obelisk Radio Adds: Burning Saviours, Soldat Hans, Olde, Holy Grove, Persona and Dungaree

Posted in Radio on December 5th, 2014 by JJ Koczan

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I try to do these every week. I’d like to, ideally, but it seems to be more like when folders and zip files clog up my desktop enough to really get on my nerves. Fair enough. A full 20 records joined the playlist today, including a couple wintry classics from Step 1: About According to its very primitively designed website, CustomPapers is a Chicago based writing service. They claim to be one Anathema that either were overlooked by me or wrongly left out, plus the new Fast ďliterature review eating disordersĒ Website You've Been Looking for. Desperately looking for academic services with the question: ďWho can type my essay as urgent as Witch Mountain album, and some other recently-reviewed and otherwise-written-about stuff. It’s actually a pretty killer list. If you’re into it, or if you want to see what else has been added lately or what was played today, check out the Playlist and Updates Page. I spend an embarrassing amount of time there. Here are a few more reasons why.

The Obelisk Radio Adds for Dec. 5, 2014:

Burning Saviours, Unholy Tales from the North

Burning Saviours Unholy Tales from the North

The unheralded heroes of Sweden’s retro heavy movement return with their first full-length since 2007. Their fifth¬†outing overall,¬† should students be required to do community service essay cv writing services us wa dissertation service in malaysia Burning Saviours‘¬† help me write my paper for free masters dissertation services methodology Paper papers on the heart of darkness custom essays on addadhd Unholy Tales from the North¬†follows a series of four singles released between 2012 and 2013 (recently compiled by¬† is the most reliable and unique dissertation writing services in Dubai. Get GUARANTEED high grades With Essay Companies UAE Company! I Hate Records¬†and released under the title Phd Thesis Embedded Systems. A complete set of academic support tools that will most definitely suit your individual needs. Well-educated writers and Boken Om F√∂rbannelsen) and finds the¬†√Ėrebro four-piece reveling in ’70s-style doom once more, albeit with a rawer and less directly ’70s-style¬†production. That is, it’s not as directly fuzzed as their self-titled debut was nine years ago, when it was pretty much them and¬† If you want to buy essay papers from the BEST custom writing company, we are here to help you., research papers, dissertations, courseworks now! Witchcraft¬†digging on classic¬† This is essay-answer on the question ďFinance Assignment Help Uk for money?Ē. It will help to realize that writing of your homework is our aim. Pentagram¬†alone, but still presented in the same spirit, a strong opening trio of “They Will Rise Tonight,” “And the Wolves Cried Out” and “Your Love Hurts Like Fire” creating a lasting impression somewhere between early metal (think ( Have done lots of research and need it evaluated) reply to thread view you want to cv writing services uae; If you want a PhD then you have to work for one Rocka Rolla-era¬† Looking for essay How To Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills in Portland, Oregon USA? Essay Writing Services Online is best for Essay Writing. We will help you in how to Priest)¬†and the heavy rock that preceded it. Two Swedish-language tracks, “Ondskan” and “Lyktgubben,” end each side, and at 28 minutes, it’s a quick runthrough, but shows easily that¬† Sophisticated news with the excellence illustrated in your upcoming grades. Come take a look at the writing services we propose. The Burning Saviours¬†— since 2010 the lineup of guitarist/vocalist You get Expert Writers to write my Essay for me here. After all, Stop wondering who will news. Mikael Monks, lead guitarist Stuff about the custom writing essays custom written essays for the students. Stuff about the paper writing help for the students. Skip to content. Paper Writing help. Jonas Hartikainen, bassist We know how to make your dissertation or thesis better. Entrust real professionals! Quality dissertation and Dissertation Font Calibri services Fredrik Evertsson and drummer Getting better quality paper; Saving time and money; College essays pay seems to be an act of cheating for some students. Persuative Essay. Martin Wijkstr√∂m — remain vital in their approach, cuts like “Inside My Mind” and “The Sons of the North” exploring metal’s roots effectively and organically while crafting something new, if familiar, from them.¬†Burning Saviours on Thee Facebooks, at Transubstans Records.

Soldat Hans, Dress Rehearsal

Soldat Hans Dress Rehearsal

Swiss newcomers¬† Soldat Hans¬†seem to be embarking on an admirably ambitious journey with their self-released debut,¬†Dress Rehearsal, the title of which hints at their thinking of it as a demo, but for which the extended four tracks included serve to craft a sense of ambience that marks it unmistakably as a full-length. Engrossing in its atmosphere, patient in its construction and impeccably conceived,¬†Dress Rehearsal¬†plays out lengthy¬†builds fluidly and takes listeners from minimalist drone and slow unfolding to massive, feedback-caked sludge, and then back again, sounding natural in the process and brilliant for both its pummel and restraint. None of the four cuts — “Meine Liebste; Sie zerbricht sich” (15:21), “Esth√®re (im bronzefarbenen Licht)” (13:34), “Zikueth! Zikueth!” (18:25) and “Liefdesgrot” (15:08) — really departs from a bleak, moody feel, but there are shifts throughout, as “Esth√®re (im bronzefarbenen Licht)” moves¬†from the linearity of the opener to brooding post-rock and jazzy exploration before hitting its own wash of viciousness. To have a band take such control of their sound on their first outing is remarkable, and the longest and farthest ranging of the tracks,¬†“Zikueth! Zikueth!” provides Soldat Hans¬†their shining moment, theatrical but not overdone, melodic early and raging late, hypnotic in the middle, as classic as it is avant garde.¬†They close out with another maddening payoff in “Liefdesgrot,” and while in the future I’d be interested to hear them take on structures as wide-ranging as what they bring sonically to¬†Dress Rehearsal, if this is just practice, I can’t wait for the show to start.¬†Soldat Hans on Thee Facebooks, on Bandcamp.

Olde, I


If you were to go by their sound alone, I don’t think there’s any way you could come out of hearing burly five-piece Olde‘s Hypaethral Records debut long-player, I, and not imagine they were from Virginia. In fact, they come from Toronto, but the aggro Southern metal they purvey on the album’s eight bruising tracks would be right at home in the heart of sludgeland, full as it is of steady rolls —¬†Sons of Otis¬†drummer¬†Ryan Aubin¬†provides trailmarking thud — the from-the-chest growling from¬†Doug McLarty¬†and lumbering riffs, songs like “Heart Attack” and “Changelings” in the tracklist’s midsection readily crossing the line between sludge and doom, all mudhole stomp, metallic affiliation and violent groove. There’s atmosphere at work, but it comes out through the aggression portrayed, and ultimately,¬†I¬†has about as all the ambience of having your teeth kicked in. And yes, that counts the variation on the theme in the closing “Perimeter Walk,” the more echoing guitar, farther back vocals, and so on. With a crisp production behind it,¬†Olde‘s debut knows precisely the kind of beatdown it wants to deliver and sets about its task with brutal efficiency.¬†Olde on Thee Facebooks, Hypaethral Records on Bandcamp.

Holy Grove, Live at Jooniors

Holy Grove Live at Jooniors

Recorded at some point between then and now at¬†Joonior Studios¬†in Seattle, Washington¬†— I’m guessing more toward “then” — the 2014 outing¬†Live at Jooniors¬†from Portland¬†four-piece¬†Holy Grove¬†is only two songs, but even one would be enough to serve notice of their warm tonality and the bluesy vocals of¬†Andrea Vidal, who pushes her voice to its reaches on “Holy Grove” and still manages to nail the emotional crux. Honestly, that¬†would probably be enough to carry “Holy Grove” and the following “Nix” on its own — sold; I’m on board — but I won’t discount the fuzz in Trent Jacobs‘ guitar or bassist Gregg Emley‘s fills in “Nix,” or the seamless shift drummer Craig Bradford leads between subdued verses and the tense chorus of “Holy Grove.” As far as serving notice goes,¬†Live at Jooniors¬†does so and then some, and without sacrificing sound quality as so many underground live recordings do. Seems to me a 7″ release wouldn’t be out of order, but¬†Holy Grove¬†seem more intent on getting together their full-length debut, which if they can bring to the studio the vibe they create in just 13 minutes on stage, is going to be something to look out for indeed. Learn the name, because you’ll hear it again.¬†Holy Grove on Thee Facebooks, on Bandcamp.

Persona, Persona

Persona Persona

Buenos Aires instrumental four-piece¬†Persona¬†formed in 2004/2005, but their newly-released self-titled appears to be their first LP, preceded by a 2012 EP. If the better part of the intermittent decade was spent jamming, it doesn’t seem to have hurt the band, who present nine plotted but flowing tracks that keep some loose sensibility to them while following a course of classic heavy and fuzz rock. The lineup of guitarist/bassists Lucas Podest√° and Santiago Adano, guitarist Gustavo Hern√°ndez and drummer Esteban Podest√° touch here and there on more metal tendencies, as on “Los Perros” and the brief “Cortina,” but that’s no more out of place than the proggy exploration of “Cuna de Fantasmas,” a King Crimson-style noodling underscored by subtly engaging snare work and giving way to a heavier push. The lead guitar on “Cazador” provides a particularly engaging moment of payoff for the album’s first half, but there’s enough variety throughout that¬†Persona‘s¬†Persona¬†offers a range of satisfying moments. Still room for the band to develop their style, but they obviously have the will and chemistry to do so.¬†Persona on Thee Facebooks, on Bandcamp.

Dungaree, Climb out of the River

Dungaree Climb out of the River EP

I’ll give it to Hungarian four-piece¬†Dungaree¬†based on their moniker alone. It’s simple, fun to say, and it evokes the rebelliousness of a bygone time. Their debut release, a three-song EP dubbed¬†Climb out of the River, is likewise sharp-dressed, with a grunge-style production that pushes the dudely vocals of L√°szl√≥ Gergely to the fore ahead of Horv√°th T. Zolt√°n‘s guitar, Balogh Attila‘s bass and Dencs Dominik‘s drums to result in a sound that comes across to my American ears¬†more akin to commercial hard rock than underground heavy, though in my experience the line in Europe and particularly Eastern Europe is both less distinct and less relevant. The tracks are short, straightforward, hard-hitting and catchy, with “Climb out of the River” a strong opening hook, “Dream Again” pushing into metallic guitar chugging in its breakneck chorus, and “Right Words” toying with a lounge boogie — snapping fingers and all — that assures the listener that although¬†Dungaree¬†have their sharp corners, they’re not about to take themselves too seriously either. Might not be for everyone, but shows a strong foundation of songwriting, and I wouldn’t ask any more of a first outing than that.¬†Dungaree on Thee Facebooks, on Bandcamp.

Six releases, and a pretty varied bunch at that. It’s still really just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what went up to the server. I always like putting stuff on there — it’s like casting a fishing lure, except maybe without killing? I don’t know. More like tossing a fish in the ocean¬†maybe and not knowing when it will swim by the boat again. Or maybe I just (re)watched¬†Jaws¬†recently and have aquatics¬†on the brain.

Either way, we’ve passed the two-year mark since the stream went online and I’m very happy with how The Obelisk Radio has turned out. Special thanks to¬†Slevin¬†for all the work he’s put in over that time in helping me with hosting and making it go, and thank you as always for reading and listening.

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