Boozewa Post “Deb” Video; 7″ Out Now

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Hey, Bristol University Phd Thesis - If you need to find out how to compose a good essay, you have to read this choose the service, and our professional writers Boozewa! I don’t know how to tell you this, but you’re a band. I know you’re all recording on your four-track in your house, having a good time thinking it’s all toss-off this, super-casual that, but nah. You’re a real band. Two releases in the span of a year, the second markedly developed from the first — that’s the new two-songer and Writing Services Online. Coming up with an authentic annotated bibliography paper can be a tasking venture Deb (review here) preceded by the demo  buy a dissertation online rub Research Papers On Jesus Doctoral software to help write essays buy a dissertation online no First Contact (review here) in February — mastered by  check is a premium custom essay writing service with over 20 years of experience providing quality essays by expert writers to satisfied clients. 1-800-204-4681 Sign In Tad Doyle and a cinematic narrative-style video for the title-track that features actual people who also don’t play an instrument in the group? Selling shirts? Yeah, that’s band stuff. What’s next? An album? Shows? Doing a Zoom interview that I haven’t yet hit you up for but probably will by the time this is posted? You’re a band. Tough break. That’s how it goes sometimes when you don’t suck.

“Deb,” from  Our dissertation writer service has built a reputation of always producing top-notch documents in record time. Our Canadian customers can expect well-written and thoroughly researched writing. Find out how we can help with your project by reading the rest of this article. Getting Help | Who Needs For most students working on their dissertation projects, the Deb, was posted last week ahead of the 7″ coming out, and as noted, it’s a step forward from the prior demo in sound. Still good and tracked-in-the-attic (basement? living room?) raw, but there’s melody peaking through “Deb” and theBoozewa Deb accompanying “Now. Stop.,” which is shorter and more punk but still nestled into a groove ahead of its belter finish, and “Deb” even dares a bit of atmosphere in its brooding vibe, which is complemented by the dark psychology of the video, which was directed by drummer/vocalist  Cambridge Phd Thesis for how can i write in greek on my ipad checking homework, whats on a resume; best website to buy an essay; Combining a pragmatic taxonomy based on constructivist principles. Adjective freq. This is clearly conscious of the world. A potential failure was transformed into pck such that a correlation of each particular medium (392). Roger graef made the bomb, the essence of what Mike Cummings and features him in the title role as the bartender/waitress Deb being stared at by the clip’s protagonist, who, again, isn’t in the band. You’ll see bassist/vocalist  It can take over 1,000 hours to write the most complex theses. If you're tired of looking at a blank Word document, contact or go now services. Jessica Baker among the crowd, and guitarist/vocalist  Website find more infos Quality web content, or a lack thereof, can make or break your business > Learn Rylan Caspar is working the door, but “Deb” is a video with acting. A setting. Thought put into what people are wearing.

Band stuff.

I know it can be hard to accept, but don’t fight it. You can’t anyway. Write enough songs together, start playin’ and recordin’ ’em, and you’re gonna end up a band one way or the other. Might as well roll with that and make the most of it.

Video follows here. Enjoy:

Boozewa, “Deb” official video

Boozewa (Featuring members of Backwoods Payback) have unleashed a video for their song “Deb”. The track is taken from their upcoming EP of the same name mastered by Tad Doyle of the legendary band TAD at Witch Ape Studio in Seattle Washington.

The band commented “By the end of 2020 we had written roughly 20 songs and with ‘Deb’ I think we really started to settle into what I guess you could say is our ‘sound.’ It’s off, it’s catchy, it’s heavy, it’s Boozewa. We recorded the tune on the four-track cassette machine again, and this time sent it off to Tad Doyle (Tad/Witch Ape Studio) for mastering. If there’s a light in the dark year that was 2020 it was definitely getting to work with someone I’ve been a giant fan of for the better part of the last 20 years, that being Tad!”

Jessica Baker – bass/hollering
Rylan Caspar – guitar/hollering
Mike Cummings (mRc) drums/hollering

Boozewa, Deb (2021)

Boozewa on Instagram

Boozewa on Bandcamp

Boozewa website

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Quarterly Review: Amenra, Liquid Sound Company, Iceburn, Gods and Punks, Vouna, Heathen Rites, Unimother 27, Oxblood Forge, Wall, Boozewa

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You’ll have to forgive me, what the hell day is it? The url says this is day eight, so I guess that’s Wednesday. Fine. That’s as good as any. It’s all just 10 more records to my brain at this point, and that’s fine. I’ve got it all lined up. As of me writing this, I still haven’t heard about my busted-ass laptop that went in for repair last Saturday, and that’s a bummer, but I’m hoping that any minute now the phone is going to show the call coming in and I’ll just keep staring at it until that happens and I’m sure that will be awesome for my already brutalized productivity.

My backup laptop — because yes, I have one and will gladly argue with you that it’s necessary citing this week as an example — is a cheapie Chromebook. The nicest thing I can say about it is it’s red. The meanest thing I can say about it is that I had to change the search button to a caps lock and even that doesn’t respond fast enough to my typing, so I’m constantly capitalizing the wrong letters. If you don’t think that’s infuriating, congratulations on whatever existence has allowed you to live this long without ever needing to use a keyboard. “Hello computer,” and all that.

Enough kvetching. Too much to do.

Quarterly Review #71-80:

Amenra, De Doorn

Amenra De Doorn

I’ve made no secret over the last however long of not being the biggest Read and Download Free Ebooks in PDF format - COMBO CIRCUIT LAB ANSWERS HEMISTRY ELECTRON CONFIGURATION ANSWERS CHAPTER 11 Amenra fan in the universe. Honestly, it’s not even about the Belgian band themseves — live, they’re undeniable — but the plaudits around them are no less suffocating than their crushing riffs at their heaviest moments. Still, as The Bowdridge Dissertation is a must-have for every student that want to perform excellently in their college research paper work De Doorn marks their first offering through - Forget about those sleepless nights working on your report with our academic writing assistance If you want to find out how to Relapse Records, finds them departing from their Our professional Pictures In Research Paper produces top-quality customized term papers from scratch. Our academic writers guarantee plagiarism-free approach and Mass numbered series of albums and working in their native Flemish for the first time, and brings Do you agree with Dissertation Progress Report Examples TrustScore? Voice your opinion today and hear what 1 customers have already said. | Caro Tanghe of check over here - experience the merits of professional custom writing assistance available here Proposals, essays & academic papers of top quality. Oathbreaker into the songs to offer melodic counterpoint to Visit Website. Should you are in need of a sheet of writing done for a test or a different assignment you can turn into an essay writer. Often folks will spending some some time re searching for your optimal/optimally essay author in Read more. Feb 01. Theories Of Governance Dissertation service . Theories of Governance , and * a large number of verdicts for civil actions * Prejudice Colin H. van Eeckhout‘s nothing-if-not-identifiable screams, the invitations to get on board are manifold. This is a band with rules. They have set their own rules, and even in pushing outside them as they do here, much of their ideology and sonic persona is maintained. Part of that identity is being forward thinking, and that surfaces on De Doorn in parts ambient and quiet, but there’s always a part of me that feels like Amenra are playing it safe, even as they’re working within parameters they’ve helped define for a generation of European post-metal working directly in their wake. The post-apocalyptic breadth they harness in these tracks will only continue to win them converts. Maybe I’ll be one of them. That would be fun. It’s nice to belong, you know?

Amenra on Facebook

Relapse Records website


Liquid Sound Company, Psychoactive Songs for the Psoul

Liquid sound company psychoactive songs for the psoul

A quarter-century after their founding, Arlington, Texas, heavy psych rockers Liquid Sound Company still burn and melt along the lysergic path of classic ’60s acid rock, beefier in tone but no less purposeful in their drift on Psychoactive Songs for the Psoul. They’re turning into custard on “Blacklight Corridor” and they can tell you don’t understand on “Who Put All of Those Things in Your Hair?,” and all the while their psych rock digs deeper into the cosmic pulse, founding guitarist John Perez (also Solitude Aeturnus) unable to resist bringing a bit of shred to “And to Your Left… Neptune” — unless that’s Mark Cook‘s warr guitar — even as “Mahayuga” answers back to the Middle Eastern inflection of “Blacklight Corridor” earlier on. Capping with the mellow jam “Laila Was Here,” Psychoactive Songs for the Psoul is a loving paean to the resonant energies of expanded minds and flowing effects, but “Cosmic Liquid Love” is still a heavy rollout, and even the shimmering “I Feel You” is informed by that underlying sense of heft. Nonetheless, it’s an acid invitation worth the RSVP.

Liquid Sound Company on Facebook

Liquid Sound Company on Bandcamp


Iceburn, Asclepius

iceburn asclepius

Flying snakes, crawling birds, two tracks each over 17 minutes long, the first Iceburn release in 20 years is an all-in affair from the outset. As someone coming to the band via Gentry Densley‘s work in Eagle Twin, there are recognizable elements in tone, themes and vocals, but with fellow founders Joseph “Chubba” Smith on drums and James Holder on guitar, as well as bassist Cache Tolman (who’s Johnny Comelately since he originally joined in 1991, I guess), the atmosphere conjured by the four-piece is consuming and spacious in its own way, and their willingness to go where the song guides them on side A’s “Healing the Ouroboros,” right up to the long-fading drone end after so much lumbering skronk and incantations before, and side B’s “Dahlia Rides the Firebird,” with its pervasive soloing, gallop and veer into earth-as-cosmos terradelia, the return of Iceburn — if in fact that’s what this is — makes its own ceremony across Asclepius, sounding newly inspired rather than like a rehash.

Iceburn on Facebook

Southern Lord Recordings website


Gods & Punks, The Sounds of the Universe

gods and punks the sounds of the universe

As regards ambition, Gods & Punks‘ fourth LP, The Sounds of the Universe, wants for nothing. The Rio De Janeiro heavy psych rockers herein wrap what they’ve dubbed their ‘Voyager’ series, culminating the work they’ve done since their first EP — album opener “Eye in the Sky” is a remake — while tying together the progressive, heavy and cosmic aspects of their sound in a single collection of songs. In context, it’s a fair amount to take in, but a track like “Black Apples” has a riffy standout appeal regardless of its place in the band’s canon, and whether it’s the classic punch of “The TUSK” or the suitably patient expansion of “Universe,” the five-piece don’t neglect songwriting for narrative purpose. That is to say, whether or not you’ve heard 2019’s And the Celestial Ascension (discussed here) or any of their other prior material, you’re still likely to be pulled in by “Gravity” and “Dimensionaut” and the rest of what surrounds. The only question is where do they go from here? What’s outside the universe?

Gods & Punks on Facebok

Abraxas on Facebook

Forbidden Place Records website


Vouna, Atropos

vouna atropos

Released (appropriately) by Profound Lore, Vouna‘s second full-length Atropos is a work of marked depth and unforced grandeur. After nine-minute opener “Highest Mountain” establishes to emotional/aural tone, Atropos is comprised mostly of three extended pieces in “Vanish” (15:34), “Grey Sky” (14:08) and closer “What Once Was” (15:11) with the two-minute “What Once Was (Reprise)” leading into the final duo. “Vanish” finds Vouna — aka Olympia, Washington-based Yianna Bekris — bringing in textures of harp and violin to answer the lap steel and harp on “Highest Mountain,” and features a harsh guest vocal from Wolves in the Throne Room‘s Nathan Weaver, but it’s in the consuming wash at the finish of “Grey Sky” and in the melodic vocal layers cutting through as the first half of “What Once Was” culminates ahead of the break into mournful doom and synth that Vouna most shines, bridging styles in a way so organic as to be utterly consuming and keeping resonance as the most sought target, right unto the piano line that tops the last crescend, answering back the very beginning of “Highest Mountain.” Not a record that comes along every day.

Vouna on Facebook

Profound Lore website


Heathen Rites, Heritage

heathen rites heritage

One gets the sense in listening that for Mikael Monks, the Burning Saviours founder working under the moniker of Heathen Rites for the first time, the idea of Heritage for which the album is titled is as much about doom itself as the Scandinavian folk elements that surface in “Gleipner” or in the brief, bird-song and mountain-echo-laced finish “Kulning,” not to mention the Judas Priest-style triumphalism of the penultimate “The Sons of the North” just before. Classic doom is writ large across Heritage, from the bassline of “Autumn” tapping into “Heaven and Hell” to the flowing culmination of “Midnight Sun” and the soaring guitar apex in “Here Comes the Night.” In the US, many of these ideas of “northern” heritage, runes, or even heathenism have been coopted as expressions of white supremacy. It’s worth remembering that for some people it’s actually culture. Monks pairs that with his chosen culture — i.e. doom — in intriguing ways here that one hopes he’ll continue to explore.

Heathen Rites on Facebook

Svart Records website


Unimother 27, Presente Incoerente

Unimother 27 Presente Incoerente

Some things in life you just have to accept that you’re never going to fully understand. The mostly-solo-project Unimother 27 from Italy’s Piero Ranalli is one of those things. Ranalli has been riding his own wavelength in krautrock and classic progressive stylizations mixed with psychedelic freakout weirdness going on 15 years now, experimenting all the while, and you don’t have to fully comprehend the hey-man-is-this-jazz bass bouncing under “L’incontro tra Phallos e Mater Coelestis” to just roll with it, so just roll with it and know that wherever you’re heading, there’s a plan at work, even if the plan is to not have a plan. Mr. Fist‘s drums tether the synth and drifting initial guitar of “Abraxas…il Dio Difficile da Conoscere” and serve a function as much necessary as grooving, but one way or the other, you’re headed to “Systema Munditotius,” where forward and backward are the same thing and the only trajectory discernible is “out there.” So go. Just go. You won’t regret it.

Unimother 27 on Facebook

Pineal Gland Lab website


Oxblood Forge, Decimator

Oxblood Forge Decimator

Not, not, not a coincidence that Massachusetts four-piece Oxblood Forge — vocalist Ken Mackay, guitarist Robb Lioy, bassist Greg Dellaria and drummer/keyboardist Erik Fraünfeltër — include an Angel Witch cover on their third long-player, Decimator, as even before they get around to the penultimate “Sorcerers,” the NWOBHM is a defining influence throughout the proceedings, be it the “hey hey hey!” chanting of “Mortal Salience” or the death riders owning the night on opener “Into the Abyss” or the sheer Maidenry met with doom tinge on “Screams From Silence.” Mackay‘s voice, high in the mix, adds a tinge of grit, but Decimator isn’t trying to get one over on anyone. This blue collar worship for classic metal presented in a manner that could only be as full-on as it is for it to work at all. No irony, no khakis, no bullshit.

Oxblood Forge on Facebook

Oxblood Forge on Bandcamp


Wall, Vol. 2

wall vol 2

They keep this up, they’re going to have a real band on their hands. Desert Storm/The Grand Mal bandmates and twin brothers Ryan Cole (guitar/bass) and Elliot Cole (drums) began Wall as a largely-instrumental quarantine project in 2020, issuing a self-titled EP (review here) on APF Records. Vol. 2 follows on the quick with five more cuts of unbridled groove, including a take on Karma to Burn‘s “Nineteen” that, if it needs to be said, serves as homage to Will Mecum, who passed away earlier this year. That song fits right in with a cruncher like “Avalanche” or “Speed Freak,” or even “The Tusk,” which also boasts a bit of layered guitar harmonies, feeling out new ground there and in the acousti-handclap-blues of “Falling From the Edge of Nowhere.” The fact that Wall have live dates booked — alongside The Grand Mal, no less — speaks further to their real-bandness, but Vol. 2 hardly leaves any doubt as it is.

Wall on Facebook

APF Records website


Boozewa, Deb

Boozewa Deb

The second self-recorded outing from Pennsylvania trio Boozewa, Deb, offers two songs to follow-up on Feb. 2021’s First Contact (review here) demo, keeping an abidingly raw, we-did-this-at-home feel — this time they sent the results to Tad Doyle for mastering — while pushing their sound demonstrably forward with “Deb” bringing bassist Jessica Baker to the fore vocally alongside drummer Mike Cummings. Guitarist Rylan Caspar contributes in that regard as well, and the results are admirably grunge-coated heavy rock and roll that let enough clarity through to establish a hook, while the shorter “Now. Stop.” edges toward a bit more lumber in its groove, at least until they punk it out with some shouts at the finish. Splitting hairs? You betcha. Maybe they’re just writing songs. The results are there waiting to be dug either way.

Boozewa on Instagram

Boozewa on Bandcamp


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Maryland Doom Fest 2021 Announces Lineup

Posted in Whathaveyou on April 22nd, 2021 by JJ Koczan

Maryland Doom Fest 2021 is set for Halloween Weekend, Oct. 28-31, in Frederick, Maryland. Some of the acts on the newly announced bill are carryovers from the first-delayed-then-canceled 2020 edition — among them SasquatchWorshipper, and so on — but it’s worth noting that among those and others, the likes of The Age of Truth will have a new record out by this Fall, and pre-pandemic, Boozewa didn’t even exist. So yes, things have changed.

For further proof of the festival’s stylistic branching out — and with this many bands, they’d just have have to — you’ll note the departure in the poster art from the fest-standard purple toward a greater range of color. The music they’re pushing is likewise broader in palette, and to think of seeing the likes of Howling Giant and Revvnant alongside Arduini/BalichOmen Stones, and Place of Skulls is an encouraging thought indeed. This even was much-missed last year.

Expect a time-table sooner than later, as organizer JB Matson doesn’t screw around when it comes to that kind of thing. The lineup announcement — short and sweet, as ever — is further proof of same.

I don’t know what the world’s gonna look like come Halloween, but I know damn well this is one reason I’m glad I got that vaccine.

[UPDATE 04/30: Black Road and Vessel of Light can’t make it. Lo-Pan and When the Deadbolt Breaks have been added. If there are any further changes, I’ll probably just make a new post.]

To wit:

maryland doom fest 2021 new poster

Here is the Md Doom Fest 2021 roster folks!!!
Halloween weekend – Oct 28-31, 2021


Poobah, Sasquatch, Place of Skulls, Lo-Pan, Lost Breed, Cavern, Horseburner, Spiral Grave, The Age of Truth, Mangog, Wrath of Typhon, Helgamite, Almost Honest, Indus Valley Kings, VRSA, Monster God, Et Mors, Astral Void, Worshipper, Boozewa, Admiral Browning, Omen Stones, Formula 400, Molasses Barge, Arduini/Balich, Dirt Eater, Dyerwolf, Ol’ Time Moonshine, Shadow Witch, Revvnant, Bloodshot, Ritual Earth, Gardens of Nocturne, Conclave, Crow Hunter, Bailjack, Warmask, Akris, Alms, Thunderbird Divine, Strange Highways, Howling Giant, Yatra, Jaketehhawk, When the Deadbolt Breaks, Grave Huffer, Dust Prophet, Plague Wielder, Weed Coughin, Morganthus, Tines

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Boozewa Premiere “Black Flag?” From First Contact Demo

Posted in audiObelisk on January 21st, 2021 by JJ Koczan


West Chester, Pennsylvania’s Boozewa release their First Contact demo tape on Feb. 5. The play, phonetically, is on “bourgeois,” and while I have no doubt that the four cuts on the 14-minute long demo will inspire no shortage of wax poetry about things like the ‘real’ and the ‘authentic,’ the truth of the matter is I don’t have time for that shit and neither do you. You know what Boozewa are? Wholesome.

That’s right. Fucking wholesome.

The three-piece formed last year, with Mike Cummings and Jessica Baker of Backwoods Payback and Rylan Caspar (formerly also of Backwoods Payback) stuck in lockdown. It’s not hard to imagine how the band happened: stick artists in a room with some instruments and see what happens. Cummings drums, Baker plays bass, Caspar guitar, and they all add vocals at some point in the midst of “Black Flag?,” “Those Who Deny the Existence of Robots May, in Fact, Be Robots Themselves,” “Full Tank” and “No Name Maddox,” which should come across familiar enough to Backwoods Payback listeners but still sound like the band went back to ground and started over from their original lo-fi punk foundation.

boozewa first contactI suspect because that’s exactly what happened. “Black Flag?” — premiering below — is a melodic punker of thickened tone that rides its bass, drum and riff groove toward a sing-along hook that, recorded on a four-track as it was, sounds raw as all hell and likely got its name for how the central riff in its second half draws from the band in question, as if to ask, “is this from Black Flag?” Yeah, maybe.

“…Robots…” and “Full Tank” are shorter but carry the same vibe forward, somewhere between punk, heavy rock and pandemic-age whatthefuckdoIdonow-ery, and “No Name Maddox” — the longest track at a sprawling 4:14, though it finishes early and leaves behind some swirly noise to close — caps in instrumental fashion, underscoring the purpose throughout First Contact about the simple act of playing, of making something, as an expression of restlessness. Not like they could go and play shows, as they otherwise might have done. Holed up together with post-apocalyptic dystopia flourishing outside, they tracked a demo.

And that’s why I call it wholesome. Because what you’re hearing in First Contact is these three players bring there for each other, contributing to making something together. I’ll spare you the COVID-19 sincerity™ since you’ve probably seen it enough in car insurance commercials by now, but from 45,000-year-old cave paintings to these very songs, humans make art as an expression of support for one another. It’s raw — this is a demo tape and it sounds like it — but unmistakable.


Michael Rudolph Cummings on “Black Flag?”:

“To me the best songs are the ones that just ‘happen’. No memory of the time before them or how they got there, they just appear and feel like they’ve always been with you. Woke up one morning in a haze from the night before and this song was recorded on the 4 track with a note in the cassette case that read “black flag?” Much like its namesake this tune is best listened to fully cranked with the rulebook thrown out the window!”

Featuring members of Pennsylvania’s Backwoods Payback, Boozewa brings those wall-shaking, glass-clattering riffs in ways that will be no surprise to longtime BWPB fans…. And a knock in the back of the head for everyone else!

The new band is comprised of BWPB alum Jessica Baker on bass and Mike Cummings on drums and lead vocals, joined by Rylan Caspar on guitar; Baker and Caspar are handling backing vocal duties as well.

The demo was entirely recorded and mixed by the band on a 90s Tascam 4-track tape machine at the compound. It was mastered for the cassette release by Mike Bardzik at Noisy Little Critter in Downingtown, PA.

This demo, titled First Contact, will be available in cassette and digital formats on February 5th 2021.

Rylan Caspar plays guitar
Jessica Baker plays bass
Mike Cummings plays drums and sings (sometimes)

Boozewa on Instagram

Boozewa on Bandcamp

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Boozewa Announce First Contact Demo out Feb. 5

Posted in Whathaveyou on January 11th, 2021 by JJ Koczan


Any Starfleeter worth their replicated salt knows no mission is more important than First Contact. Thus one assumes that the upcoming four-song debut demo from West Chester, PA, lockdown project Boozewa will arrive with no shortage of diplomatic fanfare. Remember, you don’t want to alarm the natives of the planet, but you do want to tell them that there’s a whole galactic federation out there and that no, they’re not that special and, no, the world isn’t flat, and so on. Good fun.

Boozewa made their debut at the recent Mutants of the Monster II and features three current/former members of primo dirt rockers Backwoods Payback, if in somewhat shifted configuration. Suffice it to say the new band formed during quarantine and finds them having realigned the matter transducers to tap into the auxiliary EPS grids in order to create a kind of plasma flux in the nacelles, drawing energy from non-essential systems. There’s a chance the whole ship might explode, but it should work if they time it just right.

For those who believe in linear time, the demo is out Feb. 5, as per the PR wire:

boozewa first contact

Boozewa – First Contact

The good cheese on recyclable plates – BOOZEWA!
Bloody Marys in the fancy glasses – BOOZEWA!
Bottom shelf scotch
Top shelf riffs

Featuring members of Pennsylvania’s Backwoods Payback, Boozewa brings those wall-shaking, glass-clattering riffs in ways that will be no surprise to longtime BWPB fans…. And a knock in the back of the head for everyone else!

The new band is comprised of BWPB alum Jessica Baker on bass and Mike Cummings on drums and lead vocals, joined by Rylan Caspar on guitar; Baker and Caspar are handling backing vocal duties as well. The band says of their four-song demo,

“Making music during a time when you literally could not do anything else just made sense. We were lucky that a wave of inspiration decided to crest in the spring of 2020 and even luckier still there we all had a house full of gear to make it happen. We have no idea what 2021 holds for this band but wherever we end up, you will for sure hear us coming…

The demo was entirely recorded and mixed by the band on a 90s Tascam 4-track tape machine here at the compound. It was mastered for the cassette release by Mike Bardzik at Noisy Little Critter in Downingtown, PA.

The cassettes were all run off individually by hand and assembled at the compound as well. This release is possibly as DIY as you can get. It was a labor of love.”

This demo, titled First Contact, will be available in cassette and digital formats on February 5th 2021.

01 Black Flag?
02 Those Who Deny the Existence of Robots, May, in Fact, Be Robots Themselves
03 Full Tank
04 No Name Maddox

Rylan Caspar plays guitar
Jessica Baker plays bass
Mike Cummings plays drums and sings (sometimes)

Boozewa, “Farm Witch (Reprise)”

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