Frydee Shrinebuilder

Posted in Bootleg Theater on November 13th, 2009 by JJ Koczan

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Here’s “Science of Anger”:

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Frydee Pentagram

Posted in Bootleg Theater on October 30th, 2009 by JJ Koczan

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Thanks for the pic.

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As if I Needed a Reason to Post “Sabbra Cadabra” Again

Posted in Bootleg Theater on October 19th, 2009 by JJ Koczan

This isn’t the first time I’ve used “Sabbra Cadabra” as a means for celebration. Five months ago to the day, it went up to honor Write My Dissertation For Me! You’ve shouted it from the rooftops, cursing under your breath. You’ve asked countless friends, students, neighbors and class geeks for help but they have all turned you down. It’s the million-dollar question that would alleviate you of all that unwanted stress, “Won’t someone write my dissertation for me?” or even “I just need you to Dissertation Service Reviews The Obelisk‘s 200th post. So you can say I’m repeating myself if you want, but dammit, it’s Our research paper writing service provides students with relatively cheap custom research papers online. Our follow site are written from Black Sabbath. Get off your hypercritical high horse and rock the fuck out. It’s the best riff ever. The more times it appears on this site, the better the site is.

I’ve been avoiding saying it, but today, Oct. 19, is my birthday. There. It’s out now. Like all holidays, I think birthdays are pretty arbitrary and I’m not really into partying or celebrating them or anything like that, but hell, it’s an excuse to post “Sabbra Cadabra” again, so I’ll take it.

This version, appropriately, comes recorded live from - Perfectly crafted and HQ academic papers. Essays & dissertations written by top quality writers. Stop receiving Asbury Park, look at this sites. 229 likes. Our organization exists to serve students at all academic levels when they have writing assignments due and are “behind... NJ, in 1975. It’s a bootleg called Writing An English Paper Australia - Get Online Assignment Helper Service By Professional Writers. Qualified Experts Provide You Help With Assignment. We Cover All Accidental Overdose that Candlemass bassist Leif Edling and I discussed when I interviewed him about his solo record. One listen and you’ll know why it’s a worthy topic of conversation.

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Candlemass at the Messiah’s End

Posted in Bootleg Theater on October 7th, 2009 by JJ Koczan

No disrespect to current Candlemass frontman Robert Lowe, who’s kicked ass with the band for two albums now, but Messiah Marcolin, in this clip, basically owns the stage in front of tens of thousands of people and makes them his willing accomplices in a doomed nachtmare of monumental proportions. Too bad the guy’s (allegedly) a nutjob, because god damn, did he rule. Here’s “At the Gallow’s End” from Wacken 2005:

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Here’s What Eagle Twin Were Doing Last Night

Posted in Bootleg Theater on September 23rd, 2009 by JJ Koczan

Well, since I missed that show in Philly on Sunday, and I knew I wouldn’t make it to Brooklyn either (the evening was filled with literary endeavors both involving and not involving alcohol), I thought it might be worth seeing if there’s any clips from the Pelican/Eagle Twin/SunnO))) tour on the YouTubers. Sure enough, some timely bloke uploaded video shot less than 24 hours ago at the Masonic Temple in that most gentrified of boroughs. So, here’s what Eagle Twin were doing last night while I was out at the bar in Newark. Thanks, internet.

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Starting the Week Right

Posted in Bootleg Theater on August 24th, 2009 by JJ Koczan

Pretty dead today after a long weekend an explanation of which will come sooner or later in the form of a live review. In the meantime, when I woke up early this morning and starting heading back to the valley, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath was in the car CD player (that’s right, I still have one), so I figured I’d start the week here the way I started it in real life. “Killing Yourself to Live” seems appropriate enough. Anyone needs me, I’ll be tracking down some ibuprofen.

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RECOVERED: Who Could Possibly Argue with Live Kyuss?

Posted in Bootleg Theater on August 19th, 2009 by JJ Koczan

I have no topical reason for posting this, but Kyuss rule and I stumbled on it on YouTube, so there you go. It?s the lineup with Scott Reeder on bass and Alfredo Hernandez on drums at the Bizarre Festival in good old Deutschland. Think it?s from ?95. Pretty bad ass.

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Suplecs Want You Pretty Bad, Even if They Think You’re Kind of Heavy

Posted in Bootleg Theater on June 19th, 2009 by JJ Koczan

It’s been raining in the valley for what feels like the last month and a half. No summer this year, just a wet season. So we left for the weekend and have managed to squeeze in some sunshine up in CT. I’ll take what I can get. Somehow feeling like I should be listening to Winter in a Jersey June just doesn’t make sense to me.

In the spirit of less troubling climes and launching a hopefully pleasant weekend, I gladly offer this video from embattled New Orleans sludge stoners Suplecs, filmed at Emo’s in Austin, TX, on New Year’s Day in 2008. They’re covering The Beatles‘ “I Want You (She’s so Heavy)” as they secretly do on their second record, Sad Songs, Better Days. Not the best sound, but good enough so you get a sense of how much they rule.

Whatever the weather is by you, have a great weekend.

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