Holy Fingers Release Endless Light / Infinite Presence EP

Holy Fingers

A sorta-new two-songer from Baltimorean atmospheric heavy rockers Holy Fingers is welcome news from where I sit. The folk-informed, richly melodic and spacious four-piece wanted nothing for exploration on their aptly-titled third album, III (review here), and while the pieces that comprise Endless Light ∞ Infinite Presence — which I’d have listed a ssich in the headline above if I could get the little infinity character to show up in WordPress; not just being lazy — were recorded in 2018 during the sessions for the prior album, that same year’s II (discussed here), they nonetheless offer a convenient glimpse of the depth in the band’s sound and their ability to move between heavy vibes and post-rock float.

“Endless Light” starts out with amplified buzz and a quiet intro of guitar that reminds of King Buffalo and is duly tense as Tracey Buchanan arrives on vocals over the strum and begins the verse as the noise dissipates into a more fluid march. Layering in Buchanan‘s voice adds to the dimensionality building to the release of the chorus, and “Endless Light” hits a payoff that’s vibrant in chug without giving up the foggy swirl from which it emerges en route to the drums dropping out and the wash of noise capping for the last minute or so, hypnotic in the going. To follow, “Infinite Presence” calls to mind some of the sparse open spaces Ides of Gemini conjured, but is exploratory and folkish and feels intentionally searching. It becomes engrossing as it moves through the second half, and seems to be where the standout repetition of the title-line in “Hunted” from III sourced its delivery, and fair enough.

Loud, quiet, minimal or maximal, Endless Light ∞ Infinite Presence relates some of the patience and presence that makes Holy Fingers‘ work in general so striking to hear. I can think of at least three labels off the top of my head who should be putting it out on tape, but don’t let that stop you from getting the download if you’re feeling that. You’ll find it linked through the player at the bottom of this post, naturally.

Please enjoy:

Holy Fingers Endless Light Infinite Presence

A note on the text:

HOLY FINGERS – Endless Light ∞ Infinite Presence EP

Endless Light ∞ Infinite Presence EP – Very excited to share these songs, recorded back in the HF II sessions. Available now on Bandcamp, coming soon to Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Let us know what you think in the comments.

1. Endless Light 06:19
2. Infinite Presence 08:53

Holy Fingers:
Tracey Buchanan
Dave Cannon
Theron Melchior
Josh Weiss


Holy Fingers, Endless Light ∞ Infinite Presence (2024)

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